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  1. Absolutely. Hopefully only as an observer.
  2. Like me setting people on fire!
  3. Feel free to start a thread for the comprehension challenged.
  4. http://epilepsytoronto.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/EFS-Photosensitive1.pdf Given the potential for a rotating spiral to actually cause harm, I think it's entirely reasonable for LL to remove or alter such images. The moment you accepted LL's terms and conditions, you gave them that right. It's 100% your responsibility to understand what you agreed to. That said, not everyone understands epileptic photosensitivity, and you might be forgiven for selecting a triggering profile image. I've posted rotating spirals and other potentially triggering optical illusions in the past, and have become more careful about doing so as I've gained awareness of the potential harm or distress they may cause. But, those have been one-time affairs. Your profile image is presented each and every time you post. Were I to unintentionally post imagery that could cause distress, I'd be thankful there's someone watching to rectify the error before any distress is caused.
  5. I've lived in the US for all of my 50 years and have never encountered the behavior you describe.
  6. So, I finally met Pearl Sextoy ( @Bagnu ) in-world today. Shortly after she arrived, she was called away to RL. While she was AFK... Pearl Sextoy (bagnu): Sorry, RL call. Back in a bit!!! Madelaine McMasters: /me gets out a Sharpie and starts drawing a mustache on your face. Madelaine McMasters: /me adds handlebars to your mustache. Madelaine McMasters: /me takes snapshots and posts them on every social media site she knows. Bagnu Resident: Lol!!!I want to see the pics!! I loved chatting with you!!!. So sorry I had to leave!!! As promised, and requested...
  7. I needed two, even though they found me in a cabbage patch.
  8. I routinely reveal information about my real life. For example, I think most forum regulars are aware I had a mother and a father. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  9. ...imagines her dream scenario. If it happens, ashtray sales are gonna skyrocket.
  10. When I'm angry, I go out in the woods and swear at the wildlife. The realization that they don't give a damn puts things in perspective.
  11. Shhhhh! I actually realized that after I posted. I don't generally pay attention to thread titles, but rather post content.
  12. My dashboard friends list is down as well. There was a status message indicating back-end maintenance earlier today, but that's no longer active.
  13. It's a bit more complicated than neck size. If she can see the sliders, I'll just have her screen shot them to me.
  14. Hi Kids, I'm trying to precisely fit something to a friend's head. She's wearing the Maitreya Lara Body with system head, just like me. I figured I'd have her send me a copy of her shape, so I could do the fitting (she's unfamiliar with editing) but her shape is "no transfer". She has identified it as "Maitreya Mesh Body Lara - Shape 3" and shows "Onyx LeShelle Feb 09 2018" in Properties, so it really is a Maitreya shape. I've searched the marketplace and find nothing. Does anyone know if/how I might purchase a copy of this?
  15. In think your characterization as "convert windows games to Metal" is inaccurate. As I read it, Apple has simply ported the Metal development environment to Windows. Game designers must still recode DirectX (or whatever they're using) to Metal. That's the heavy lifting.
  16. You're right Silent, let me rephrase. Only the friendless can be invulnerable here. Hugs.
  17. I should have crafted my scenario more carefully. An abuser needn't necessarily target my friends because they are my friends, sometimes their scattershot asshattery hits everyone and my friends are included. To the extent they feel pain, I do too. This was the case with your friend. There is no tool in the SL arsenal that could have saved you from the pain you felt for your friend.
  18. There's another angle to victimization not being discussed here. Let's use me as a potential example. I've been in SL for a dozen years and have many dear friends who's company I enjoy every day. Imagine someone decides to make my life miserable in-world. I TP away, block, ignore, log out... problem solved. Then they come after me in the forums. I believe I've got a solid enough reputation to weather such a storm, so I don't worry about that. Now imagine they determine who my friends are and harass them. Here's where my resolve starts to crumble. It's not me who's now being harmed, it's my friends. And my empathy for them makes me vulnerable, just as Bagnu felt her friend's pain and did what she could to help. Big girl pants don't work here. Want to get to me? Go after my friends. Want to destroy me? Take them away. Only the friendless are can be invulnerable here.
  19. For hardware protected by software, as much of it is these days, you are actually revealing defective software, thereby breaking perfectly working hardware. It's often not possible or practical to design intrinsically safe hardware.
  20. Here's an incomplete list of malware exploits that can damage hardware: Disable fan control software and run the CPU/GPU at full load, causing thermal excursions beyond safe limits. This should be prevented by good control system design, but sometimes isn't. Disable battery management software, causing improper charge and/or discharge, reducing cycle life. This happened accidentally in the NT based system I mentioned earlier. Excessively cycling of non-volatile storage elements (EEPROM/Flash/SSD). I've seen this happen accidentally in a small microcontroller where bad code caused a nonvolatile parameter setting in a write cycle limited portion of memory (10,000 cycle guaranteed, 1million typical) to be written once per millisecond instead of once per parameter change (usually no more than a few times during the product's life). Those systems failed during production burn-in. The worn-out components had to be removed and replaced, at significant rework cost. There have been malware attacks on SSDs. Those get harder as systems become more sophisticated. Hard drive thrashing - I've read of malware that causes hard drive head assemblies to swing to their maximum excursion continuously, causing premature failure. I imagine drive manufacturers look for this sort of behavior now. Overvoltage - if the variable voltage power supply control software of a modern PC is compromised, excessive voltage can be supplied to things like CPUs, GPUs and memory, causing hardware failure. Corruption of boot settings to an unrecoverable state. I've had this happen to me in the past and presume it's far less likely to happen in modern systems. I've designed with microcontroller chips that have startup settings that are set using a special hardware debugging port. One of those settings was for the configuration of the chip's operating clock. The factory default setting was to start from the chip's internal clock, which was guaranteed to be present and operating. If you changed that setting to use an external clock, and that clock was not present, the chip simply stopped operating. The only way to get it started again was to either provide a clock source (not possible if the pin on the device was being used for something else) or replace the device. I had a PC motherboard scrapped because the BIOS was corrupted to an un-bootable state and reprogramming it was more expensive than replacing it. CRT overdrive. Video cards could be (and were) programmed to generate timing that could cause damage to CRT electronics. Override screen burn-in protection - in systems with display technology subject to objectionable burn in, malware can defeat built in safeguards Some years back, I purchased a 3D printer. At that time, there was malware in circulation that could damage the hardware in two ways, either by exploiting faults in the control software to ignore limit switches or temperature sensors, causing mechanical damage, or by cycling the stepper motors in unanticipated ways, causing them to overheat. As manufacturers of computer systems become more savvy, they'll close vulnerabilities. Still, the belief that hardware cannot be damaged by software is founded in considerable ignorance.
  21. Yes, Stuxnet defeated safeguards in the control systems, destroying the centrifuges (Contrary to Nick's considerable miscomprehension of the Wiki page, removing malware from a system before does harm says nothing about the harm caused to the systems from which it was not removed.) Liken the centrifuge to a PC's cooling fans and you have a direct analogy to the vulnerability of modern desktop/laptop computers. I designed patient monitors and defibrillators during my career, all of which could suffer hardware damage if the software malfunctioned. To ensure that wouldn't happen, all safety critical software was sequestered on separate microcontrollers that were not accessible to the field updatable system software. That safety critical software was purposely kept simple to ensure it was thoroughly testable. Other teams in my company placed their safety critical software under control of Windows NT Embedded, because they wanted field upgradeability for those functions. They had at least one field recall I'm aware of to address hardware failure (overcharged batteries, reducing cycle life) as a result of a bug in NT. I never had a recall. Modern computers, laptops in particular, should be impervious to malware or software malfunction. My Macs sequester important system management functions in a separate controller chip (SMC) , accessible to MacOS under only the most secure of circumstances (OS update). My experience has been that this works well, but I have heard of compromises in years past. I have yet to see a software error on my Macs result in any sort of thermal overload. I have seen software cause the fans to spool to 100% and the GPU to start throttling (SL does that all the time). That's expected behavior.
  22. Iran would disagree. Malfunctions or vulnerabilities in the OS can cause software to fail to protect the hardware from overheating. Malfunctioning or compromised thermal control software might disable fans or fail to throttle the CPU/GPU, resulting in thermal excursions sufficient to cause damage. In a properly designed, properly functioning, invulnerable system this should never happen. Not all systems are designed properly, not all systems function properly, not all systems are invulnerable.
  23. I never take portraits at the standard FOV because of the distortion. Here's me doing the same thing... ETA: I think the right is standard FOV, the left is minimum FOV. You can see my glasses have gone low LOD because the camera is so far away.
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