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  1. Just got the newest update on the default viewer, for whatever reason my arrow keys, wasd, the numpad and even my mouse don't actually make me walk or move at all. Interestingly, I can still control the camera just fine with my mouse/arrow keys and with my xbox one controller. The keys that would otherwise move me to the side by default, just make me rotate in place. It's not a connection issue, and I've cleared my cache. Not entirely sure what's going on, but I know it's not me. Even the onscreen movement prompts don't really function aside from the left and right buttons which spin me right round, baby right round, and still do bugger all besides that.
  2. Fairly new user looking to become a personal or shared artist and editor. Can make and edit small item and accessory textures, as well as occasionally voice act. Jackoff of all trades at your service. I don't take long to edit or draw most of the time, and I'd enjoy pricing advice. For personal reasons, I might take a one time hiatus to get my monitor's display cable fixed due to extreme color glitches and contrast problems. Eitherway, my work schedule should be fairly consistant. I do; Nsfw within reason, thumbnails, simple edits, advanced edits, et cetera. I don't; Cub, Loli, shota, or extremely overcrowded backgrounds. When you purchase my work, you own the rights to the character/object/clothing in the work. Not the work itself. It may be redistributed to other websites and third parties with minimal credit, and may not be copied/renamed/recolored in any way. I consider myself to be friendly, and open to anything within reason. I do seek to normally bond with clients for the sake of keeping transactions civil, safe and quick for us both. Thank you. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
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