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  1. Ardy, where are these regions with zoning restrictions? Any easy way to search for them? Or a list of them all?
  2. Seconds Skins - they disappeared more than a decade ago. I never really liked their skins, they were too 'realistic' for me. But they made the best eyes. I wore them forever - (or at least until mesh heads started to really take off) and would get lots of comments about how they looked 'alive', how they were mesmerising and hypnotic - but they were just being normal eyes, no weirdness involved. Of course, the time came when I got a better graphics card and monitor and everything began to get better, higher resolution textures, all of that, and the Second Skin system eyes had to be put out to p
  3. Thanks everyone. I did lots of logging in and out, but eventually some more coalesced items turned up and one of them contained everything - hundreds of items including all the gacha stuff, land formations, trees etc as well as various boat demos that I didn't even know were rezzed on my land and must have been hiding somewhere. (So that's where all the prim allowance went!) Crisis over. If something similar happens to you, keep checking the lost and found folder and every single coalesced item - they're the ones with the funny multiple box icon. Rez them somewhere friendly - a good
  4. Thanks for advice. I did investigate the coalesced objects - nothing doing there. I realise I should have cleaned up first, but it was my home, I was still living there, and I didn't really expect it to sell that fast.
  5. I recently put my land up for sale. It sold immediately, taking me very much by surprise. The buyer has cleared the land by returning everything of mine. But all my lovely houses - an entire extended Gacha collection called 'Primavera in Toscana' is not in my inventory. It's worth around 8,000 to 9,000 Linden in total, because of rarity value. I'm not very experienced with Gacha because I'm not all that keen on the whole concept but I love that particular set of buildings, so I made an exception. Now it's all gone, however. Has anyone had similar experiences? Or can anyone suggest anything tha
  6. I think flexibility is important. There's a time and a place for longer, considered emotes but nothing can beat a rapid fire conversation where both are in the zone with it and ideally having fun - and being funny. Long sometimes, short sometimes. Novels that are all long paragraphs tend to be a hard read. But if they are all single lines of dialogue, that gets choppy - and dull too. Mix it up, I say. Some people INSIST that all RP must be done their way. I tend to avoid them.
  7. Seems like AvSitter doesn't use the UUID but keeps using the username you had when you bought the item. So that's going to be annoying, and confusing. Now I'll have three names in use: my old username; my new username; and my display name (which admittedly I can get rid of)
  8. So, the solution is here: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/copying_per_account_settings_between_accounts Doing that - a simple cut and paste, restores stuff like block lists and derendered items as well as chat logs.
  9. I was only joking. I didn't think LordPeter would ever suit your avie. 'So' is cool though.
  10. LordPeter Whimsy has a ring to it 😀 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord_Peter_Wimsey)
  11. Boy, do I feel stupid. I was so excited to be able to change my name I plonked down $40 and picked one of those last names that seemed to suit me best. All went well. Then I checked my email.... and discovered I was one of the people who had won a free name change! And I didn't even realise! Plus, I didn't choose the name I had suggested, didn't even remember putting it forward. And just for the record, it was me that suggested 'Vanilla'. So now you know who to blame. I've asked the Linden's for a refund but maybe I'll just have to store it up and change my name again sometime.
  12. Most combinations of bodies and skins end up with some kind of neck line, often depending on the lighting conditions. Some people think they don't have one - but if others are using a dawn or sunset windlight setting, they might see a neckline even if you don't. Skell is right to mention the gloss / shine / environment settings. I have them turned off for both body and head, which is a shame in some ways, but getting the two to match with 'materials' active is too painful. Neck lines have been a problem for as long a there has been mesh heads and bodies. I can offer a solution though ...
  13. They both sound classy. See - middle names is a good idea. If they had done that from the start it would have made it much easier for people to create the names they wanted when they were creating their avatar. But I do take your point about not delaying things for 3 years... or more. Still, February is almost gone, so surely name changes will be coming 'soon'.
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