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  1. I've done this with a script and specifically using a youtube playlist. There are a series of little addons to the link you can add to ensure it loops forever. Video can't be adult either as those are restricted to being viewed on the website only. I should add I made the video myself so not sure if that impacts it either. Ultimately I had a floor at a gallery run a video non stop for a month.
  2. what resolution are you baking at? 4096? 2048? Send me a copy of the material.
  3. well the Pino 1971 sim has rain so go check it out
  4. I think what you notice though is that all the textures are very stylised. Which is great if that's what you want. Substance Sampler now has a text to texture tool in beta which is just about ok.
  5. I think you can use a udim workflow, though as I recall it was a bit complex.
  6. Legacy is good one. They give you a devkit for their old body. Your task is to make one item and put it for sale on marketplace and then they will grant you all their other devkits. I got Reborn and I don't even have clothes in my shop - just textures! I can't recall exactly but I'm sure you can add stuff to your applications .
  7. https://gyazo.com/e79600ec8bb7fb2f24d7aadfabf30444 I made the materials in SD. but a good friend took the lighting next level and helped improve the look of the water. It's my attempt at recreating Hammam Al Andalus, though my version is much bigger in scale.
  8. I thought most heads - eg AK, Lelutka etc already used these tools. There are loads out there already, just google Face Transfer and Daz3d and there are some fun videos. I'm sure it's not as easy as they make it look but you get the general idea.
  9. ah sorry I don't check this forum much. I already wrote a nice guide! my forum name is my inworld name!
  10. Are there not any builder discord groups? Builder's Brewery is ok, but the group has a massive slant towards scripting. Fiesti Studios discord does a bit of blender stuff and is quite fun at times,
  11. oh this one is fun https://gyazo.com/1ce5a9495c22832ed66706e56a8980cd but I think that water was set to opaque as oppsed to blending.
  12. yes I made them all myself, the only ones I didn't are the floor and the ones inside the pool and the columns is just SP - though I did have to combine two sets of textures in substance designer using the Tile Random node. https://gyazo.com/2b685864c3ba6575cf7c519c36d718ef is the water Essentially if you go in Substance Designer and get a perlin noise or gaussian noise disorder 0 and 1 are identical. Therefore I made 16 frames by dividing 1 by 16 to get 0.625 and then you feed 16 of these into the tile generators with first set to 0, second 0.0625 etc etc as that creates the texture for a gif to import to SL. Got to play with blur on the normal. It has a caustics generator too and that looks super with a bit of warp to make it less perfect and feed that into emission and it looks pretty good. Islamic tiles are amazing to make - esp as pbr as they tend to be glazed and can't really get that with non pbr. Some you can do by eye, but some are very mathematical - so got to get busy on Illustrator and make some images to import to SD. And if you want some gold paint on them, well pbr is nice for that.
  13. https://gyazo.com/c01037ec16b527ecb7b35e9309f3d67b water! https://gyazo.com/734431f8216c98d6a19260273e85b299
  14. One could argue making textures has never been easier. Blender has its nodes - saw a great video the other day where somebody made a knitted texture and the image was knitted in as opposed to just overlayed. Substance painter is super - has so many generators. Substance Designer/Sampler comes with Substance Painter on with Adobe subscription and both are superb - check out the video on the Embroidery maker. And not forgetting there are 4 trillion videos on how to! None of this is easy at first of course, but I'd argue it is easier than the current texture system.
  15. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Akamai/220/166/316 I updated my spa to pbr - well 90% pbr. Water is ok, but probably needs less opacity. The steam particles annoy me as they looked subtle on regular Firestorm, and terrible on SL browser and as seen here on FS Alpha. Anyway have a look.
  16. given the physics mesh is stretched my suspicion is that on the actual house model you uploaded there is a stray item floating at the front - and thus the physics is stretched to meet it. Ah maybe not. Had a second look and maybe it is just mis-aligned. No idea then.
  17. So what are the fundamental changes? I see there is now a reflection probe ambience as well as hdr. Feels like if I reduce the reflection probe to zero it's like how it is on the current browsers.
  18. ok there is a way you could do this, but it will be glitchy with more than a few avis in the room. I have a script that changes the image in a projector and the image is displayed on the projector face as we know. i've seen this used on disco floors and seemed pretty cool but they had it set to changing every second or two. I used it to make a caustics projector for a swimming pool. 10 images and the rate of change set to 0.0625 (to give you 16fps). So you could do this. The problem I had was it was glitchy as each image loads (esp at 0.0625) so somebody in these forums suggested using a prim with the images on. I made a prim with 10 texture spaces and loaded each image on and hid it in the floor. it works fine! It's a problem when more than a few avis show up and it will be jumpy in those circumstances. Here is the projetor in action. I've moved it higher up and made it visible https://gyazo.com/254f96a00402d25324e0cc1dfdc7d898 i action https://gyazo.com/398aa699b25f6522377bb6b659d1606e
  19. cica ghost I think does a sim once a month that is stylised. Rachel Breaker does stylised stuff too.
  20. I wish the newer bodies would add the clothing layer that Maitreya had. It was so useful to go on websites, get a t-shirt for example and make it a clothing applier to wear under a leather jacket - just using the front. I know you can do BOM but they fit so tight they look stupid. The clothing layer was amazing and you could add materials. Please adopt it Legacy or Reborn!
  21. did you ever sort this out? There are tutorials on how to add an opacity layer, but think you could also just export with alpha and then set the pixel edge to 0.
  22. Hello chaps! So I made a few things lately mostly jumpers and some vest tops. What I'm observing is my shoulders poke out on every model. On one vest I solved this by moving the straps up a bit in blender. hurrah with a few goes I got that right. But is there something fundamental I'm doing wrong that is resulting in the shoulders poking out? Using Avastar for rigging on Reborn and Reborn Waifu dev kit and, yes I asked avastar discord. https://gyazo.com/35c3fe6323d5081fe28f4fc6531f8d5a https://gyazo.com/cb7563e39839da02cd7fe152b0fa455d https://gyazo.com/e389a53f027eb2b35876e0b6de91716e
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