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  1. Any idea when they will fix it? This is a big issue as me and I imagine a lot of other people can't test upload some meshes (like rigged mesh) to see if everything is correct. 10L upload fee (for 0 LoD) may not be much for experienced creators, but for us who are starting and uploading a different model for every minor detail it adds up.
  2. Forgive me if this question has been asked a million times. Is there a way to force update inventory on beta grid? I searched and found that changing password help, well I changed my password 3 days ago but inventory didn't update at all. Thanks.
  3. @OptimoMaximo said in another thread when I had issue with the fingers similar to you and it fixed it: 'Make sure that translate keyframes aren't set on the fingers AND that you're not exporting with use translations checkbox' Not sure if it will help with the attachment. Edit: Nevermind I think, it's late and missed the part where you mentioned you used the bone translations. Can't you make the attachment an animesh with its separate skeleton and animation? Will keep my comment if someone replies for future reference.
  4. Well, I'm glad I waited to buy the body because I wasn't in a rush. I did ask in store on Friday whether they will have a sale or not, but the Maitreya rep said they weren't planning a sale. Pleasant surprise to save L.
  5. I was planning on getting the lelutka head all along and 50% off is nice, but now I'm afraid after reading some replies that I won't even be able to get into the sim at all.
  6. Hi, I'm sorry if this is a weird question but I can't get in world at the moment, and I've been wondering if anyone knows which brands are/will be having black Friday sales? I'm mostly interested in mesh head, bodies, skins. I've got everything demoed out but have been waiting for possible black Friday sale to save L. Thank you.
  7. Thanks Fairre, first time hearing about Flickr. Will check it out.
  8. Does anyone know of any website where basically people post their looks with details of what they are wearing? Like skin, hair, which head, eye applies, eyebrows, clothes, etc etc. I'm in a phase where I'm completely demoed, but I think I could propably find a different skin that I would like more. And I'd rather be 100% sure that what I'm wearing I like before buying everything then going back to different stores and use more Lindens on things I should have bought in the first place. I have lelutka evo head. Thank you!
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