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  1. Completely true, without a solid foundation in low poly and subdivision modeling you're going to be banging your head against a wall. These are the fundamental basics all other techniques follow on from. For example distorted meshes will make distorted UV maps, which will give distorted shading, likewise bad loopflow will mess with rigging. But it is very multi disciplined like I said in an earlier post, if you create everything from scratch, you'll be doing the work that would be delegated among several people in a game studio.
  2. I could speculate a lot of content creators end up creating by accident and don't follow a more traditional path into 3D modelling. Often if people wish to be 3D artists, they start out at school and go onto to do a degree. There's probably not a lot of those types of folk in SL because they're working in their chosen field. I think my skill level is OK, but it took a lot of work to get there. It's so multidisciplinary, and of course I was blind to how rubbish my initial output was. I've had to learn everything from sculpting high detail meshes, retopology, UV mapping, texture baking, texture creation, LOD creation, etc. It's a lot of hard work, and second life isn't the most user friendly platform to create for. There's 10 zillion tutorials out there for game dev model creation to get people started.
  3. I'm really excited with this release. I make a lot of meshes in zbrush and bake normal maps onto low poly for in-world. I've often found that data from the normals is lost in second life. They seem to have a greater fidelity now. Both images are taken with midday light settings. There still seems to be a problem with gamma though, the vanilla plywood texture blows out under the standard midday setting.
  4. I'm on Graff region. I was really lucky with the first house I got, it's got a lovely view with an open front yard going down to the water. The minor problem is I'd love to have somewhere to rez a boat. I think all coastal regions need a boat house!
  5. This is out of touch with the reality of the engineering behind our beloved ancient game. It's up to the creators to optimize the mesh avatars and clothing for the second life system. A single avatar can contain 100,s of 1000s of triangles when you account for the mesh bodies, head, feet, hands, clothes, hair, eyes, jewelry, etc. You're wanting the system to be modified to cope with streaming and you rendering more data than an average block-buster video game. Really it's a miracle any of it works at all given that a lot of content looks like it came straight from Zbrush or with subdivision applied. Part of the problem lies with there being no incentive for creators to optimize their meshes for the grid. Why spend time baking a normal map or making LOD when the land impact is going to be identical or less in some cases. Plus there isn't anyway of accounting for object count on avatars like there is for land with the 'land impact' settings. Perhaps if avatars were given a kind of land impact setting that they couldn't go above creators may take some time to look into optimizing their items more and using materials to display creases rather than modelling every one.
  6. I lucked out and got a nice waterside property with a view, been having fun decorating http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Graff/35/238/28
  7. Is there a problem with the sun? Only a white disc works for me. Anything else becomes very dark. Am I missing something?
  8. The bright lips, I think this might be down to it being an alpha layer? I've noticed that the colours are more sensitive with EEP, which is a good thing. I've often been frustrated with the rendering in second life because everything is a bit dark.
  9. Baked lights are directional and make items look odd in-world, try ambient occlusion instead.
  10. use the 360 viewer to take a shot of your city region then use a free app to convert to cube map
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