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  1. Haha amazing. If there isn’t a club for whale noise masturbators, we need to start one. Call it “Wailing Whales”. Mascot is a sperm whale
  2. I’m pretty sure she means it could get weird as in if you’re laying about your intentions and then you divulge “oh you’re married, hiding from your spouse and like masturbating to whale noises while crying”. That kind of weird. No one is here for that. Don’t get your panties twisted over it.
  3. How did your search turn out? I was about to post looking for other Poly people or groups when I found your post.
  4. My last will and testament was drafted up after I suffered a stroke at 21 out of the blue (I was a personal trainer, martial artists and nutritionist in peak physical shape...but genetic predisposition to thrombosis doesn’t give a s**t lol) The first thing I put on there was a “Cleaner”. Someone to wipe my hard drive and search history, as well as clean out my closet of any adult toys I wouldn’t necessarily want friends or relatives to find post mortem. The toy chest is vast. lol
  5. Invite me any time!! I’ve been trying to get a CaH game going for months!
  6. I’m an ordained Humanist officiant and could definitely RP a wedding scenario. What is your budget?
  7. Onsu "Maple" style Skybox apartment with private beach now available for rent (300 land impact allowance). - Two bedrooms - Large bath - Living room - Dining room - Kitchen - Entry way All with gorgeous city views thanks to skybox surround. Private beach is accessible at ground level. http://maps.secondlife.com/sec.../Hundertwasser/110/137/2999
  8. I have two projects I had previously hired another scripted for but unfortunately they have been very ill and unable to complete the task. I am looking for someone with a lot of scripting experience who is able to write and optimize scripts for traffic boosting games. Scripts will be exclusive to me. Please contact me with your prices and portfolio of previous works. Thank you
  9. *Edit because I confused Sassy Kenin* I offered to give the OP my tarot reading set that I made in world. That was like a week ago and because of RL I haven’t been able to log in and send it yet - hence the below message: Rat Love I haven’t forgotten about you! I’m sending the tarot set to you in world this evening. What is your in world name?
  10. I have an in world tarot set-up that draws the cards in a celtic cross pattern. I’d love to send you a copy in world (with the caveat that you read my tarot!)
  11. Hello there; Please message me in world (Mowri Panache) as I think I have exactly what you need - including land.
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