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  1. Rain thanks for being conscientious but please feel free to post the name of the group here as well! If Polyamorous groups can’t share, they’re not very polyamorous lol
  2. I can’t be of much help BUT you had me at steampunk and I would love to be kept in the loop on your project ! There is a beautiful theatre interior by Budoir (I think) but it’s a skybox. Not sure sure if that helps
  3. There’s a handful of us now Loelia. Check out the Poly-Amore group and hangout space. Can’t wait to meet you!
  4. What style of landscaping? Tropical? Forest? Grasslands? etc
  5. Come Meet & Mingle with other couples and singles who are interested in Consensual Non-Monogamy and Polyamory. You can Dance, Flirt, Swim, Lounge, Play pool or Darts and more at Poly-Amore....A private gathering place. This is an open house event which means you do not have to be a member of Poly-Amore to enjoy it. Blues music and conversation await you. Bring a friend and explore the mansion. CLICK HERE 5:30pm SLT - 7:30pm SLT *This is not an "adult" event or sex party. It's a meet and greet social*
  6. Would love to see you around! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dakhanavar/29/51/3999
  7. Hi there! Just a few posts down from yours you’ll see that I’ve written something similar. It prompted me to start a group and host a mansion where poly people and others interested in consensual non-monogamy can meet eachother and hang out. it’s a moderate rated parcel and not a nude beach or sex club lol. Look up “Poly-Amore” in groups or land search. We’d love to see you around!
  8. Thanks Amanda. I've been poly my whole life and living a wonderful Polyamorous relationship with my wife of 13 years in RL, but I have to agree that many don't really understand what it takes or really means to be polyamorous. Most people seem to miss the mark and assume it's swinging or cheating or Polygamy. 😅 My hope is to find or provide a place where people can learn more about Consensual Non-Monogamy, meet others of a similar inclination and grow together...or at the very least, have a support network for those inevitable growing pains.
  9. Yea that’s been our experience too. People tend to hear “poly” and think “meaningless sex” instead of trying to find and build upon an actual connection with another person or persons. I can’t tell you how many people i’ve met that claim to be poly but immediately get jealous when you talk to someone else as well. lol Hopefully we can get a good group going with time
  10. I've reached out to you in world Cookie. :) I'm going to go ahead an make a group and a hangout spot for discussions, meetups and mingling.
  11. Putting myself way out there here, but Are there any *active* polyamorous groups around? I’m not talking about a place where people just digitally hook up; I’m meaning a place where those living the poly lifestyle in RL or SL can get together and talk about experiences, decompress, make friends etc. When the majority of the world is Mono, it can be alienating to be poly minded and not have a support network. If this doesn’t yet exist, would there be enough interested people to start a group and maintain a place (on my land) for this sort of thing?
  12. I was working with a scripter just over a year ago and he quite suddenly got sick. He was offline for 3 months and then briefly came back and then was sick again and I haven’t heard from him since. Full radio silence on SL and discord. His name was Cid Jacobs. Does anyone have any info about his well-being?
  13. I have a beautiful 8192sqm parcel for sale at only L$3/sqm. This parcel is a perfect mix of gentle slopes, flat terrain and beach front; facing a gorgeous lake and surrounded by wonderful neighbors and empty land. Come and walk the perimeter and see for your self why this parcel would be the perfect spot for you or your client. Click here to visit
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