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  1. There was, but I thought better of it. lol I have someone helping out in world now thank goodness. :)
  2. The Panache Beach Club is so new, you can still smell the varnish on our teak wood floors...but that doesn't mean it's not worth a look! We're a beautiful, Moderate rated, beach themed club on the Mainland - looking to fill the schedule with energetic DJs and Host(ess)es. Open to all genres of music but definitely a preference for Classic Rock, Alt-Rock, Blues, and EDM for those wild parties. Currently looking for people willing to help draw a crowd! The goal is to have a club that runs semi-autonomously. Where DJs use the provided scheduler to book themselves in when they want, as often as they want - and just start spinning the tunes and building the client base. Pay for both positions is 95% of tips (5% goes to the club for overhead expenses) Swing by sometime soon, take a look and drop off a resume on one of the notice boards - or message Mowri Panache directly. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hundertwasser/96/138/22
  3. Balls. WEEEELP...anyone wanna make some lindens on a scripting project? lol (Seriously fire me an IM). Ill keep tinkering by making a new script from scratch or cannibalizing parts of open source scripts, mashing them together and hoping that works :P
  4. I love the conversation this started! :) Unfortunately as a new scripter, I'm still whacking my head against the desk trying to add this simple feature to a pre-existing [mod] item. I can't get in to the pre-existing script as it is non-mod itself, but I would think have a separate script in the item that checks when the last time an avatar used the item was, and denies them more than X number of uses per Y number of hours, would be easier than Im making it. I dont even have anything written other than on paper yet haha.
  5. Set them on fire. I love that idea haha! FLOOF!
  6. Hello scripting gurus; I'm wondering if it's possible to make a script that limits an avatar to sitting on a specific item / prim / chair etc to once per set amount of time. Examples: - A prize chair that allows them to sit in it once a day only - A dance pole that only allows one 'shift' - A once a day teleporter etc Can anyone help with this idea or is it a pipe dream?
  7. Interested in doing s few sets as DJ Plesse contact me in world (Mowri Panache)
  8. I am working on a few projects that are outside of my scripting abilities. I can describe what I want the script to do, but need someone talented to make it happen. If that sounds like you, please post here or send an IM with your contact info, a rough idea of what you charge for a custom script and any pertinent information you feel is important. Thank you
  9. I can definitely help. Are you looking for 3D mesh or a flat texture?
  10. Come join me at the Beach Club while I spin some electro-swing tunes TODAY at 9:30am SLT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hundertwasser/97/138/22
  11. What kind of music / atmosphere is your club looking for?
  12. Penthouse has been rented. Walnut 1 - Furnished: Available Walnut 2 - Unfurnished: Available Maple 1 - Unfurnished: Available Maple 2 - Unfurnished: Available
  13. SOLD! Thank you for your interest. Be sure to check out other Panache Properties for quality land at cheap rates.
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