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  1. That is already a nightmare cause everyone would try their best to avoid a closed parcel. But even worse than that is, if you crashed into those ban lines and the plane got stuck so unluckily that you can't even delete it. I had that happen a few times to me. Not what anyone wants because, of course, no one would enjoy getting their parcels littered, nor do I enjoy littering someone else's home unintentionally.
  2. While @DevinKnights84gave you an answer in regard of the covenant already, let me assure you that you don't need to worry, mainly for these reasons: Aviators are most likely focused on their plane instruments to correct their height or destination because region crossings and texture loading lag can be a nightmare. Texture loading lag is the reason why most would turn down their draw distance anyway and keep it so low that chances are high that they'd be already on the next region before your avatar turned from a blob into fully rezzed. The plane is most likely way too fast to let your avatar rez at all; it takes a only a brief moment to pass over a 1024 sqm parcel. Flying over mainland is tricky already, so most aviators will be fully focused on the joy being finally able to fly without obstacles. Last but not least, if you want to get an idea how it looks from up above to see yourself that you don't have to be worried, and can fully enjoy nudism in your home despite any plane randomly passing over it, you are cordially invited to join me on a flight.
  3. It is known that a certain group of "business" people is readding people without their consent again and again and again to their subscriber lists, for their events and some of the participating stores. I have been ARing them forever. Nothing happened yet, sadly. Each time, I have to look for the object again which spams the unsolicited adverts. Let's see how often that kind (and similar) spam has been mentioned lately:
  4. Who are we? A small store called [KuddelMuddel] with 2 people who work together since 2018. Currently into TMD, Anthem and Happy Weekend event. We create from scratch (mesh models, texturing, animations). What are we looking for? A scripter with whom we can work consistently as our main scripter (long-term). Experience/Skills for Animesh/animations/sound+particle effects/texture change scripting. Willing to work in close collaboration with us. For example, if we have a (more complex) product idea, we would like to talk it through with you before we start/continue creating so we can prepare all assets as optimized as possible, and manage our timelines accordingly. In general: Availability every 3 to 5 months for script work (we can not create faster at the moment due to RL responsibilities; if RL things settle down more, we plan to increase releases to every 2 months). Not mandatory but Voice/Discord availability would be preferred to make communication easier when discussing the idea or going through the final tests. What else do we offer? The position will be paid, of course. We will take care of the tedious job of copying&pasting UUIDs beforehand so you can focus on the fun part of scripting, and have an easy workflow. We have previous custom scripts ready but are open to suggestions if there is room for optimization. We understand basic scripting so when you discuss your approach to the project with us, we might not understand every detail but the overall picture, e.g. if for some reason, the idea cannot be realized in a certain way due to this or that sl limitation. We expect the scripts to be full perm so that we can adjust them later if needed, e.g. changing/adding texture UUIDs. Access to free product copies. Hanging out with us while working, if you want to (we like the peaceful "busy bee" atmosphere when everyone is focused on their part of the job). Random team excursions to go racing or drifting, if you want to join (great way to get our minds free after work, or if we need a break). Additional info / Application To get an idea what we create and are looking for, please visit our Flickr to check out our past products: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kuddelmuddelstore/ We would need someone who is able to work with us asap since we also have a product close to be ready that needs scripting (Animesh attachment). If you have any questions before considering to apply, please don't hesitate to ask. An application via Notecard inworld is preferred. Please add your name, your rates and references, and all info that you find necessary. On that note: We are aware that not everyone is perfect with (written) words, so feel free to go freestyle. Rather the visual arts marketing person? Then bring on that Powerpoint presentation. Rather the quirky social media type? Give us the meme references. Rather the cost-benefit ratio expert? Drop that 3-bulletpoints keyword list. You get the idea
  5. Why Mainland? As it was pointed out already, and which is the same reason in my case too: access to roads, water, and being able to fly for hours over all continents. Also the freedom of decorating the place the way I want it without restrictions. While there are indeed some terrific downsides to be considered with Mainland as well (like the notorious big walls and similar), there are also many people and communities on Mainland putting quite an effort into making tiny and huge spots looking fabulous. If and what spot you would choose, also depends on what kind of surroundings you would prefer. Foresty, beachy, coastal, snowy, mountainous, etc etc, you can find all of that on Mainland. If I were you, I would visit a few of the popular communities on Mainland so you can get an idea. My personal recommendations for that purpose would be (in no particular order): Campbell Coast, Hiraya Town, Mount Campion National Forest, Moorcroft, Bay City, Winter Cove, Santosha Islands. (I know there are many more but it's so much, I am not even aware of all of them) While Bellisseria is not Mainland but Linden Homes, it is, however, connected to Mainland. Since you need Premium to buy Mainland, you would have 1024 sqm for free which you could either use for Mainland or a Linden Home, and maybe you would enjoy Bellisseria as well. If people choose Bellisseria over Mainland, the main pro reasons I hear are: a strict convenant (so no crazy walls etc.), infrastructure/landscaping is ready and within theme, no hassle with houses since you can choose from prefabs within the theme that don't count against your LI (351 prims on 1024 sqm). Take your time to explore the various options, and once you took a decision in what kind of surroundings you would want to have your home, take also your time to find the right spot. As it has been mentioned, if you want to buy a spot on Mainland, you can either buy directly from someone who sells (and the prices can vary a lot; e.g. double prim spots at Bay City or Horizon cost a fortune), bid on a parcel in the land auctions, or if you find a suitable abandoned spot, you could also file a ticket direclty to LL and they might sell it directly to you (usually at 1 L$ per sqm). If you want a Linden Home spot, you will not be able to choose the exact location but you can choose from the different house themes, and if the spot doesn't suit you, you could try your luck again until you get assigned to one that you like (I think, it's 5 tries per day or week, I am not 100% firm with Bellisseria Linden Homes procedure). In regard of cost calculations, others have given the hint already how to do that. Good luck!
  6. In addition to what @Rolig Loonmentioned already, if you want to understand more, you could for example sneak a peek into this thread here:
  7. I wouldn't agree that SL is that empty or inactive. I think though that nowadays, you just need to put a bit more effort into finding the communities/people that match your interests. There are many active and creative people around, and depending on your personal interests, here are a few examples where you could start: If you are into vehicles of all sorts, you could start in any of the interest groups. Those host usually regular trips around the grid, and if you don't have a vehicle ready, you could ask if someone lets you join them. I am sure that quite a lot wouldn't mind to take you with them on the journey. Such groups are for example: Drivers of SL, Friday Knights, Leeward Cruising Club. There are many more, of course. If you enjoy sailing/boating especially, you will always find people around Blake Sea. There are also various communities who meet for regular trips, events & more, such as the Fisher's Island Yacht Club or the Second Life Coast Guard. If you enjoy horseback riding or visiting related events like showjumping, you could visit the Moorcroft community. They are a very active community, and I have been to a "Mythical"-themed show of theirs not too long ago. It was fascinating to see how much effort they put into the appearance of the horses. They are also currently organizing a huge horse show where they will also showcase communities, and provide information how you can join. You can find more information in the link below. If you haven't been exploring Bellisseria yet, you may want to start by joining the Bellisseria Citizens group. They inform about ongoing events, fairs & more around this continent. Even if you haven't a Linden Home at Bellisseria, I never heard anyone chasing you off, the contrary, they welcome everyone. The same applies to the Bay City community. You will also find many creative people there, from builders to scripters to everything-that-is-related-to-SL-code and more. They are an incredible source of knowledge, also for anything related to SL history. Whenever I have been to any of their meetings or events, they have all been very welcoming and helpful. If you enjoy a rather slow approach to communities, you may also want to check out Hiraya Town or Campbell Coast. Both places are on mainland and have access to LL road, to airfields, to the SL railway (Hiraya) or Blake Sea (Campbell). At Hiraya Town, you can also find a kart circuit, and at Campbell Coast, you can touch a horse rezzer to explore the landscape. Of course, both places offer a lot more than that. Both venues offer also various events. If you enjoy speed, how about car racing or drifting? There are quite a few communities around as well where you could join a team / events to show off your skills. Some examples: GearHead Car Club (racing), Grand Prix 1 (racing, see info here: https://www.slecracing.com/ ), Tokagoya (drifting), Daikoku (drifting, see info here: https://www.sl-ddc.com/ ) If you want to get back into building, I suggest to join / visit Builder's Brewery. I always met many helpful people there. Since you mentioned that you are currently into real estate selling mainland, you may be interested in establishing contact with various groups that share an interest in protecting and improving mainland, such as Mainland Appreciation Society, Operation Mainland or the Linden Road Community. If you are interested in arts & culture, there are many groups around as well, e.g. the Second Life Book Club. In case you haven't heard of that one yet, you may totally want to go on from there visiting Drax' Youtube Channel and find out about more interesting communities / activities, for example machinima or music making, to join within Second Life: https://www.youtube.com/c/Draxtor Last but not least, you could also join a roleplay community. There are so many different ones around, from casual to urban to fantasy and more, it would be too much to name them. But you can just look that up in the search and find out what sparks an interest. I probably forgot many more options from where you could start but I hope this can help. Good luck!
  8. About giving the money instead gifting: I once got an item gifted which was never delivered. It didn't appear in the delivery system either. Reaching out to my friend bothering them to look up and send the transaction data to the store owner whom he then had to remind 3 times during several weeks was pretty annoying for both of us. Maybe this person had a similar experience and that's why she preferred the money instead the gifting process.
  9. This was a topic here a few times already. There is a certain "business group" who keeps adding people manually to their many event subscribers as soon as you put a foot at the door step of any of their participating stores. I don't waste my time anymore pointing out to them that unsolicited spamming is clearly forbidden by LL ToS. I just AR them. The more people AR them, the higher the chances that they get some much needed help in understanding the ToS.
  10. And here is my suggestion for a few modest clothes ideas:
  11. A lovely way to entirely misunderstand what I said. We can sort it out in private message if wanted. I won't discuss on such a level though. Not cool.
  12. I am confused about the headline of this survey, especially in combination with the picture being used. "Gaming habits - Second Life (2003)" ...is this refering to the year 2003?
  13. I don't necessarily disagree with your points but also, different people have different points of views. I have friends who would send me a message or TP right away when I log on. But they know me closely, and they would never bother me instantly if it wasn't for a good reason. And in 99,9%, they do have a good reason. Also, most of my friends are just happy individuals frolicking in the SL sun who don't think "Oh, the business woman got online, I have to let her accommodate" but who think "OMG OMG OMG my good friend is online, we see us rarely, and I am here at a gorgeous location / having an exeptionally funny party with other people / discovered something extraordinary, I want to share the joy with her NOW because I care for her, and she needs some goddamn socializing from time to time before she vanishes in her bubble of work again and becomes depressed" (I exaggerate, of course). I myself tend to take care of any kind of business related tasks first as well, and I sometimes feel slightly annoyed if I am bombarded right away. But if an instant message or tp comes from any of these friends, I would always be willing to tolerate it because I know that their motif was nothing but genuine care. Any slightly annoyance is a hundred times outweighted by all the other reasons why I consider them my friends. And in general, I would say that the most important basic etiquette rule for any kind of friendship, be it SL or RL, should be communication. Now if it comes to people who added me only to increase their "contact card collection" for whatever reason, chances are, that they won't stay on my list for a longer period. I am not a fan of a long list anyway, and if they wanted to contact me once a year, I don't mind to share my contact card for that one ocassion.
  14. While I cannot speak for the US but at least do a quick Google research, this information seems to be not fully correct. I read that for small businesses, which would obviously apply to most SL creators, the average time span to keep such records like receipts or transactions was 3 years (tax income etc), maximum about 7 years. If and how law applies here already when it is about transactions with a currency that is not real money, or if it only applies from the moment on when a creator is actually transfering L$ to US$, would need to be answered by an expert. And chances are that depending on the country, different law interpretation is to be expected. Apart from that, while some may disagree to what Alwin said, he actually has a point there. It is thanks to the courtesy of SL creators to make a redelivery available at all. We are used to it for years now, so we expect it, and think that it was standard. But actually, it is not. Back in the days of SL when we did not have such systems that included a redelivery option, in most cases of having deleted accidentally an item, the only thing you could do is: buy again. For the OP, of course, I hope you can get (most of) your lost items back.
  15. I am excited to announce that the tour has a little twist this time! Everything evolves around the topic of "vintage": historic vehicles, historic places, historic backgrounds, and hopefully, you come in historic, vintage-inspired outfits to enjoy the full immersion. (Note: It would be awesome if you followed the dress code of 20s/30s/40s/vintage aviation apparel but I will not deny you joining the tour if you don't.) On West Corsica, we travel in a bus along Route 11. A well-known and historic figure of Second Life is the name patron of the famous Magellan Pass: Magellan Linden, the intrepid grid explorer who has been involved in a number of new continent discoveries. From Magellan's Landing, a lovely hangout to start exploring, we will have a sneak peek at the Space & Time Museum and Gallery that documents the history of the american Sci-Fi magazine which roots go back to 1966. We will then head to Bogatanta Bay from where we take a flight in a historic plane starting at the Paradise Airfield to fly directly to the Live Concert by and with Cranston Yordstorm (Start: 11am SLT) who performs for the grand opening of Campbell Coast Aerodrome. About the Grand Opening of Campbell Coast Aerodrome: various people who are involved in exploration-appreciated projects have joined forces to gather for this event. In no particular order, a few honorable mentions: Boo Rojyo is not only the manager of Campbell Coast Aerodrome, he is actually the founder of the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureacracy which brought us the popular passports and visa-alike location stamps. The BBB is regularly collaborating with Linden Lab / Linden Department of Public Works / the Moles, or such well-known projects like Drivers of SL, to support grid exploration, be it by air, by sea or by land. Cranston Yordstorm is a passionate aviator, and you can find him often flying and exploring all over the grid in his historic "Tante Ju" plane to report about locations worth visiting. He is also a keen singer and has a secret "crush" for Frank Sinatra. During one of his exploration tours, he surprised his viewers with an impromptu interlude. Gemini Ravenwood is another avid adventurer who offered a few lovely flight tours around the Bellisserian time stamp locations, and who will be on location as well to .... wooooops... I have to stop revealing more here because I may not tell yet what surprises they have up their sleeves to make this event exciting! Meeting Time & Location Saturday, August 21, 9:00am SLT @ Catmosphere Kitten Cafe, Continent: West Corsica SURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Muskeg/182/56/48 Requirements & Hints Since this tour is a Vintage Special, it would be awesome if you dressed up accordingly (theme: 20s/30s/40s/vintage aviation). It is highly recommended to strip down avatar complexity and scripts to avoid region crossing issues. We don't want you to end up being stuck at a region border You can always leave the tour earlier, or join at a later point. All you have to do for joining later, is to send me a message / TP request. The tour info HUD is also available at the Mainland Tour Office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bay City - Barnstable/41/29/26
  16. AsteroidBox was already mentioned, just wanted to add that they have currently a 50%off sale going on. So if you want to take advantage of that, now would be a good time.
  17. I cannot answer your main question, and probably your only option is indeed to reach out to their manager and ask if they would let you know what you could do to be approved for the actual legacy kit. It could as well be that maybe it was just an unintentional mistake on their side. In regard of "creators getting the kit when it seems they haven't made mesh before", it might be a case of someone starting a subbrand on a different account. Or, they have created before but it were commissions that weren't offered to the public. I would guess that instead of showing an existing store, they might have shown a portfolio of previous work, or of clothing they started to work on already.
  18. This is actually the best advice if you are indeed still new to SL. A mesh head/body (~ 3,000 to 5,000 L$ each) are quite an investment, and you also have to consider purchasing for a skin (~ 1,500-2,500 L$). Shapes are, in my opinion, the easiest thing to create, however, if you don't have a clue at all, you will have to put that on your shopping list as well. Plus, any other sort of enhancement, like hair, facial/body hair, and of course, clothing that is actually rigged for the specific body. While some bodies may look good at first look, they are actually producing quite some lag. So you may also want to consider this for your own performance. There are many posts all over the forum where these things are explained in detail, and where various bodies have been compared in such regards. Understanding how all of that works can be quite overwhelming for beginners, and you wouldn't be the first one regretting to have invested quite a budget too early.
  19. Only 1,5 hours left until the journey starts once more! I snapped a quick little sneak peek! In the background, you can see the characteristic red building of Harvey Rez Zone. It is the location where our trip will start. The boat that I use here will be shared for the tour. It is actually a freebie provided by @LiliSquibb (thanks for your help!) who offers many boats for free and even full perm to support the community of (soon-to-be) sailors and boaters. Last but not least: Don't be as forgetful as me and put on those life safety vests!
  20. If you don't find answers here, I recommend to join the "Drivers of SL" inworld group. They might be able to help you even faster and with more details since not everyone reads the forums. Good luck!
  21. Trying to figure out this concept gave me a sleepless night. Apart from that, might want to consider the community guidelines about adult content to avoid trouble.
  22. Again, I hope you aren't serious. It is not LL's job to take care of potential criminals, that's the job of judiciary, executive and legislative authorities. SL is neither an unlegislated area for potential lynchings outlaws. That also means that victims and (possible) abusers alike have a right of privacy, because first of: in dubio pro reo. If there is a will, there is a way. Not even in RL did any sort of ban ever hold an obsessed stalker back from trying to get their way. If being stalked, get in touch with authorities as well as support groups. Everyone has something to hide; it could be a simple, harmless thing they just find too intimate to share with others, and it is their right to feel like that about it. You, I, and everyone else have no right to judge if they should or should not feel afraid about sharing it.
  23. @Bree GiffenI really hope you aren't serious.
  24. Mainland Tour is back! Our destination is Micronesia which is a part of Sansara. Starting at the L-shaped Lake, we will travel along the outer side to the Particle Laboratory by boat where we continue our way along the GSLR by train. From the Periwinkle Train Station, we head over to the SLCG Station and the Coasties' Hangout. For the last leg of this first tour part with vehicles, we will hop into cars and ride along the coastal roads. The second part of the tour will be by foot only. Along the inner lake of Micronesia, we will stroll along its coast to visit Gion Kobu, Point West Waterfront and Santosha Islands. Meeting Time & Location Saturday, July 24, 9:00am SLT @ Harvey Rez Zone, Continent: Sansara SURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Harvey/72/141/22 Requirements & Hints It is highly recommended to strip down avatar complexity and scripts to avoid region crossing issues. We don't want you to end up being stuck at a region border Free vehicles (boat, train & car) are available but you can bring your own! You can always leave the tour earlier, or join at a later point. All you have to do for joining later, is to send me a message / TP request. The tour info HUD will also be available from tomorrow on (July 15) at the Mainland Tour Office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunstream/46/253/65
  25. Those places that have the 30-day-restriction are usually owned by individuals, and it is their right to decide who may visit, and who not. Be it "no newbies" or "no group members" or "no payment info on file", or any other reason. Obviously there was a misconception in understanding how things work in SL, at least in this regard. This scenario could have been easily avoided by taking a deep breath first, and reaching out to more experienced users secondly to ask for help.
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