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  1. From my experience, that is sadly a characteristic behaviour of people who don't want to cooperate but just protect their parcels at all costs, and aren't willing to reach out to their neighbours for a little talk so everyone could enjoy the surroundings. At one region, I have a neighbour who was excited right away when I suggested to work together to make the landscape of our parcels blending in. We have a really nice neighbourly friendship now which I appreciate a lot. If there is any issue, we just let each other know, figure it out and suggest each other a solution we all can benefit
  2. There are still spots left for our Beginners drift lesson event. It is free, and cars will be provided. To give you a visual idea what D2/the DDC events are about, here are some little videos from our previous seasons with a few highlights:
  3. Have you always been curious about D2 scripted cars and the Daikoku Drift Championship but been hesitating so far? Do you love cars, speed and a good challenge but have no idea what drifting is about but got curious because it says "fast cars" and "competition"? Then this event is for you! We offer a D2 scripted car drift lesson for beginners on Saturday, June 5, 1:45pm SLT, including some theory and, of course!, practice surrounding the DDC events. Our aim is to help you getting started, and that you can hopefully make your first (tandem) drifts at the end of this lesson. 10 spots a
  4. It certainly is possible, it depends on your budget though, as Rowan already mentioned. I saw prices starting at 5000 L$ for one animation only, and it might be even more, depending on how complex (e.g. extensive finger animation) it is supposed to be.
  5. This! Once the Bellisseria project is done, I hope that mainland gets some love and improvement in that regard again. Pretty please
  6. The tour will start in 1 hour! I also found a backup train conductor so we should be safe and have enough seats for everyone! For the horseback riding tour around Mount Campion, a horse rezzer will be available. So all you need is yourself!
  7. My personal favourite for meeting new people is exploring, and joining events of activities that I enjoy. And usually, everyone I have met had at least one good recommendation where I could explore more, join a community, find out about more events, and so on and so forth. In case you enjoy exploring, too, maybe the upcoming event hosted by BBB/Drivers of SL will be the right thing to start from for meeting new people while having a fun time. Information can be found here: https://lastditch.typepad.com/bbbgazette/2021/05/bbb-stamp-rally-in-association-with-drivers-of-sl-22nd-may-2021.htm
  8. Well, you might not like it but she had a point there. On Topic: It doesn't matter how close your neighbours were building to the border. As long as they are still on their own parcel, they can put whatever they like along said border even if it makes you feel claustrophobic. On a sidenote: There was another thread not too long ago where someone wondered why she got her item sent back when she could not see it intruding her neighbour's parcel. It turned out that it was the bounding box that was a lot bigger than what she actually saw (a tree). Just a hint to keep such things in mind, too,
  9. If the parcel with the orb is close to a sim border, it can happen that with the delay while crossing the orb has already detected the avatar but the avatar/plane was not able yet to pass by within that time frame. So no, it is not always what they chose to happen.
  10. This is the most important if you want to find a place you love on mainland: take your time, and find out what you want. It has been mentioned already that land can also be bought as a group which gives the group 10% bonus land. I met quite a few people who would hold a small private parcel, and donate the rest of their available land to a group-owned community. I do that myself as well. If you intend to join a community, they can vary a lot depending on their goals. For example, residential living communities which are not only selling plots around their community area but offer var
  11. @Nalates Urriahalready mentioned a few things to consider but I would like to add something to it. If you are flying around and run into an orb, some really annoying things can happen, and I experienced them all: You just crossed a region border, the orb detected you already but you are not fully rezzed in yet so you are not able to cross within 10 seconds, and get ejected what feels like a 0 seconds warning. You get ejected out of your plane, the plane is stuck at a parcel border, automatic return to your Lost&Found folder doesn't work, so you have to manually delete it
  12. Mark your calendars! Only about 1,5 weeks left until it is time again for the monthly Mainland Tour! We will travel along the SLRR Main Line on Heterocera Atoll. Our starting point is the headquarter of Virtual Railway Consortium (VRC) where every information you may need is offered if you wanted to become a train conductor yourself. We will have a quick look around, and then take a train ride along the SLRR Main Line. Exiting at the end of the Great Wall, we will be horseback riding along the public bridleway of the High Mountain Road. "High Mountain" is a promise because our next l
  13. The 3 or 4 times I experienced similar issues, were always due to a windows update and the antivirus programme restarting to scan SL. If not done yet, check your Task Manager once more to figure out if and what is interfering.
  14. Visit the Virtual Railway Consortium at Tuliptree where they offer lots of info but also freebies, one of it being a track kit. SURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tuliptree/89/155/30
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