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  1. You could go on a flight trip. There is a group called "Passengers of SL" (secondlife:///app/group/14cc8a34-8df1-5c5f-fb4c-bfed7debbfc9/about) where you could ask about scheduled flights, or find someone who would be willing to fly you around at a particular time/date.
  2. If you want to learn meshing, I highly recommend going through the beginner's tutorial episodes by the Blender Guru on YouTube
  3. Nice place! Checked it out today. And some interesting places not far from there to go exploring on Mainland
  4. You are not alone with that. It happened to me, and a few friends as well. After a clean un-/reinstall, everything was working smooth again. Didn't experience or hear of issues anymore after that.
  5. Just like in RL, being around a location where you could be exposed to nudity, you wouldn't necessarily assume you may run around naked yourself. Or are you going into a red light district and expect that people are okay with it if you hopped around naked in the streets just because adult activities happen around the area? In conclusion: Not sure if serious, or just trying to provoke.
  6. I'd say it depends on the tone. If a stranger messaged me out of the blue with "Fix your alpha, I can see your legs" or "Hide your Maitreya feet", I would assume that they missed their etiquette lessons
  7. While I am not aware of an active Scuba diving group, maybe ask in the communities around Blake Sea if they have a hint for you? Like, the sailing clubs, or the SL Coast Guard? I could imagine that they know active groups. Good luck!
  8. Funky, yet chill. Flamingosis is one of my favourites to listen to while working
  9. In older days, I used to roleplay a lot. It was common in the scene to differ roles with different accounts, for the sole purpose of making the immersion easier. Nowadays, an alt exists for business reasons. Testing perms, scripts, etc. Important to know what it looks like on the customer's end if customer support is needed.
  10. Are you wearing a shoe base? It looks very much like that. If so, go into Edit mode and turn the texture to transparent. If this particular shoe base is no modify, you can create your own shoe base and adjust the texture, and the height.
  11. I use that very same HUD, too. And if you know some basics in editing, you can swap the animations with some you like better.
  12. Welcome, new neighbour 😊 If you didn't yet, join the Campbell Coast group, too, so you can stay informed about upcoming events. On topic: I was exploring the Snowlands the other day and stumbled over a residential community that is currently still a WIP. LL road leads just between it. Approximate opening is in March. I wanted to know more about it in case it was interesting for one of my upcoming Mainland Tours. I will meet up in a few days with the owner so once I know more, I will drop info here. I spotted so far residential homes, shops/stores, activity sites for families like a kids p
  13. It takes some time until the map updates. Now for orbs at Campbell Coast, I am only aware of 2 lots so far that use one, and they are actually owned by individual residents. If I was to decide, I would forbid banlines and security orbs on all Mainland in general because it is a nightmare when you want to travel. The majority of people I saw and met exploring Mainland, are usually very friendly and polite, and would never intrude a building or place that is obviously private. And if not obvious enough, they would check in the About land description. The ones who are intruding, are a redundant n
  14. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have some exciting news for you about the upcoming Mainland Tour: LCDR Coralie Foggarty, Commanding Officer of District 3 where the Second Life Coast Guard Station of Byron Bay (our start/meeting location) is situated, just came back to me and announced that they will not only be on location to give us a little introduction about their project but will also have a little surprise ready. I heard rumours, it might include a 🛥️ and/or a 🚁 You better don't miss this, and be there on time!
  15. Roughly said, it depends on the complexity of the item, the quality of dev kits, the number of bodies/variations (e.g. original, petite, flat) and of course, personal skill. From what I have seen and heard from other creators so far, rigging alone can vary between a few hours to 2 days. However, you actually have to count in all the preparation for rigging as well, such as retopology. Plus all the tests to make sure that everything fits fine, and hopefully no technical issue comes in your way Thumbs of rule, I would say, the average for a not too simple item is round about one working week if
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