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  1. When the World Map tiles update as they should, how frequent are the updates?
  2. I decided to rent instead of purchase. I wanted that specific plot because it was within view of the political activity near there. I wanted to answer that political activity with a satirical statement of my own. That statement is on display there now. I decided to rent because after the USA presidential inauguration there is no difference it would make anymore, and there is no other purpose it would be useful to me for. If I change my mind later, I will make an offer. I am interested in knowing how to know where lag is coming from in a region.
  3. How frequently are the World Map's thumbnail images of regions updated?
  4. Your replies are appreciated, thanks. I got the region name wrong. When I posted this question I failed to notice I had crossed a region boundary. The parcels I am looking at are actually in the adjacent Arket region. There is lag in Arket also. I experience low FPS, and when moving my avatar in Arket it frequently rubber bands. There is a large adult RP sim in this region, which might have something to do with the lag. The parcels are on an invisible protected roadside. It looks to me like someone has subdivided a lot of land in this region, and is attempting to profit by selli
  5. I consider purchasing a small parcel in the Tariah region. In this region I see on the World-Map everywhere the red, and green, $ icon. This raises the concern that the parcels in this vicinity are being offered at too high a price sell easily, and whether I would be able to recoup the purchase price in a reasonable time should I decide to sell it some day. How can I determine a fair price for a parcel? Are there property appraisers in SL?
  6. agentronin


    Would any group I create, and own, count against the maximum number of groups my account is allowed? See in this webpage: that when a group is disbanded, no one, not even the former owners, can ever have the same group name again. Is this really forever? I foresee a time far off in the future when most, or all, of the good group names have been used, and disbanded.
  7. Thank you for your reply. It was helpful. I found the page you described in my dashboard, and tested various scenarios. It appears the minimum additional tier I can pay for is for 512 sqm or $4/month. So if I acquire 28 sqm beyond my premium membership allowance, I have to pay for an addtional 512 sqm in tier fee. This would leave me with an unused 512 sqm that comes with my premium account, plus an additional unused 484 sqm from that minimum increment. According to this: A group can hold up to 110% of the sqm contributed to it. So now I consider creating a group that would own
  8. I am a premium member who owns a 512 sqm Linden Home. So I have 512 sqm remaining of the 1024 sqm no tier fee allowance for premium members. I am looking at purchasing a 540 sqm mainland parcel. What would be my monthly tier fee on the remaining 28 sqm?
  9. Can objects be created in the Unreal Engine for use in SL, just as they can be in Blender? About the Unreal Engine: https://www.unrealengine.com/
  10. Is LSLForge able to simulate the dataserver() handler which responds to the llGetNotecardLine(), llRequestUsername(), and llRequestUserKey(), query functions? Can the avatars in a simp file be given usernames, and UUID's, that can be looked up by the above?
  11. SL is computer memory intensive. You might be crashing because you do not have enough. If you are using the Firestorm Viewer please navigate to Help => About Firestorm. Please copy into this thread everything you see from "CPU" on down.
  12. I do a lot of combat in Gorean sims. My weapons I use there have the option to be set to a private communication channel. The idea is that my weapons would get the command faster if a channel is used that is not the default one (channel 1) used by many other fighters. Right now I am using a number that requires I lot of decimal digits to represent. So the weapon commands in my gestures look something like this: /1234567890 draw great axe That is not my actual channel number, but the actual number has the same number of digits. In combat, the ability to get such commands execute
  13. In the Firestorm Viewer at "Avatar => Preferences => Move & View => View (tab)" there is a "View angle" slider. Sometimes the upper limit on this slider is 1.64, and other times it is 2.29. On what does this upper limit depend? I have looked for what this depends on, but was unable to find it. I do not know if this the same for the Second Life official viewer. I suspect it is.
  14. I currently have animations running at 24 FPS in Blender Avastar. Would there be any benefit to smoothness if I changed this to say, 48 FPS?
  15. Can an excessively large Inventory effect my avatar's performance? I am most especially interested in any effects it would have on Gorean combat, both how, and why.
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