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  1. After as region has gone offline due to nonpayment of tier, can SL bring it back after being paid? If so, for how long after taking the region offline will they do this?
  2. Are there any characters that are not allowed to be in a group name? I am asking because I am writing a script that does, as one of its functions, read in a list of group names from a notecard's line. I need a character to use to delimit the group names. This character must be one that never appears in a group name.
  3. Which of these two command string prefixes is the correct one to use: @clear=attach,attachallover:<folder path>=force @clear=attachallover,attachallover:<folder path>=force ? On this page: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_Protocol/RestrainedLoveAPI#Clothing_and_Attachments I see many commands suffixed with "=force". According to the Backus-Nauer notations given for these commands this is not an optional suffix for the commands that have them. What is the meaning meaning of this "=force" suffix?
  4. That is just what I was hoping to avoid having to do.
  5. I have seen in the RLV documentation here http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_Protocol/RestrainedLoveAPI#Clothing_and_Attachments the commands that attach all in a given folder. It is not clear to me if there is also a command that will attach a specific item in a folder, and nothing else in that folder. Is there?
  6. This concerns RLV scripting: I strongly suspect the command "@attachallover", and other RLV commands like that which attach, or detach, Inventory items are triggering attach events for the attach() event handler. In my application this is undesirable. Is there a way to prevent this happening? Or at least detect in the event handler that the event was triggered not by direct user action, but by that RLV command? I would like to avoid using counters that I would increment with every such command, and decrement when the change() event handler is called. The script is meant to run inside
  7. For what it does, to be useful, its permissions would have to be copy, no modify, no transfer. There is no similar product.
  8. I have written a script I want to offer for sale on the Marketplace. There would be, I expect, a lot of demand for this script because it meets a need I see. There is nothing else like it available anywhere. The question is how to determine a fair price for it. I had thought of asking someone to appraise it, but I am concerned about giving away the idea to what would be, I expect, a skilled scripter. So what are other ways to determine a fair price?
  9. Thanks for your reply. Your suggestion worked. Putting that clothing layer somewhere inside the #RLV folder worked to get it to disappear from the avatar when removed in Inventory. Doing the same solved another problem I had regarding mesh objects that are also part of the outfit. They were very often only partially rezzing, or not rezzing at all. Forcing rebake, or refreshing attachments, would not work to make them appear. Yet they were attached, and when the item was right clicked in Inventory and Edit selected, it would fully rezz. I have created an invisible #RLV subfolder named
  10. I wrote a script that attaches a list of #RLV subfolders when the prim the script runs in is attached, and detaches that same list when that prim is detached, on my BOM mesh body. In the list's subfolders are two clothing layers that attach as expected. When the prim is detached, I can see the layers disappear from the system "Current Outfit" folder as expected, but they do not disappear from my avatar. Nor do they disappear from other people's viewers. In the Firestorm Viewer's "Avatar => Avatar Health" menu I tried "Refresh Attachments", and "Force Appearance Update (Rebake)", to no effe
  11. I am looking at the document at: https://davrosharkness.wordpress.com/2018/01/31/rlv-folders/ . Is it necessary that the .core folder be a subfolder of the .outfits folder to prevent detachment of items that should never be detached? Should it also work for the entire #RLV folder if it were a direct subfolder of #RLV?
  12. I have solved this problem. Instead turning toenails on upon detach, I had to have the script RLV attach a prim with a script that turns the toenails on. So now there is a system of two scripts. Here are the two scripts:
  13. According to: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Attach The code: llGetAttached() == 0 is necessary as explained in that wiki's first caveat. That the message "toenails on" appears in Firestorm's Nearby Chat shows the script had to have enough to time to get to the point of executing: llSay(15,"toenails on") because the line that sent the "toenails on" message to Nearby Chat is executed after this.
  14. default { attach(key AvatarKey) { if (AvatarKey) { llSay(15,"toenails off"); llOwnerSay("toenails off"); } else if ((llGetAttached() == 0) { llSay(15,"toenails on"); llOwnerSay("toenails on"); } } } The above code is intended to turn off toenails on a Slink Physique Redux BOM body when the prim it is in is attached, and on again when detached. It is needed because the alpha layer, that is needed when shoes are attached, does make the feet disappear but not the toenails. This code is inserted in a prim that is attached to the avatar
  15. When the World Map tiles update as they should, how frequent are the updates?
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