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  1. Is LSLForge able to simulate the dataserver() handler which responds to the llGetNotecardLine(), llRequestUsername(), and llRequestUserKey(), query functions? Can the avatars in a simp file be given usernames, and UUID's, that can be looked up by the above?
  2. SL is computer memory intensive. You might be crashing because you do not have enough. If you are using the Firestorm Viewer please navigate to Help => About Firestorm. Please copy into this thread everything you see from "CPU" on down.
  3. I do a lot of combat in Gorean sims. My weapons I use there have the option to be set to a private communication channel. The idea is that my weapons would get the command faster if a channel is used that is not the default one (channel 1) used by many other fighters. Right now I am using a number that requires I lot of decimal digits to represent. So the weapon commands in my gestures look something like this: /1234567890 draw great axe That is not my actual channel number, but the actual number has the same number of digits. In combat, the ability to get such commands executed quickly is crucial. Will using such ten digit channel numbers take more time for the server to process than shorter ones? How are these channel numbers in the stored in the server? Is it converted only once into a 4 byte signed binary number and stored that way when the gesture is saved? Or is it stored as decimal ASCII digits that have to be converted every time the command is sent?
  4. In the Firestorm Viewer at "Avatar => Preferences => Move & View => View (tab)" there is a "View angle" slider. Sometimes the upper limit on this slider is 1.64, and other times it is 2.29. On what does this upper limit depend? I have looked for what this depends on, but was unable to find it. I do not know if this the same for the Second Life official viewer. I suspect it is.
  5. I currently have animations running at 24 FPS in Blender Avastar. Would there be any benefit to smoothness if I changed this to say, 48 FPS?
  6. Can an excessively large Inventory effect my avatar's performance? I am most especially interested in any effects it would have on Gorean combat, both how, and why.
  7. I tested a borrowed USB keyboard, and found that with it I can do the backward diagonal movements in crouch. So today I placed an order for a black Ergodox EZ glow keyboard.
  8. It has occurred to me this problem might have something to do with my use of a PS2 keyboard. I would like to know if anyone using a USB keyboard is able to move diagonally backwards while in crouch.
  9. I am using WASD keys to move my avatar. I enabled this in the Firestorm Viewer by checking the checkbox at: Avatar => Preferences => Move & View => Movement (tab) => Pressing letter keys affects movement A combination of WASD keys can be used for diagonal movements with respect to the direction the avatar is facing in mouselook. These directions are: W & A: forward left W & D : forward right S & A: rear left S & D : rear right Because I use these in Gorean combat I have done what most combatants do, and edited Firestorm's keys.xml file so I can use my thumb to crouch, and thereby be shielded, using the spacebar. This was done by changing the element: <binding mask="NONE" key="SPACE" command="stop_moving"/> to <binding key="SPACE" mask="NONE" command="push_down"/> (The attributes in the above elements might not be in the order as given above. This order is not important) In the two places it appears there, which are under the elements: <first_person>, and <third_person>. I find that in crouch by spacebar I can use WASD keys to move diagonally forward left, and forward right. But while in crouch the movements to rear left, and rear right, do not work. My avatar does not move at all while attempting these rearward diagonals. Why will this not work? Is there a solution to this? Is this expected, or a Firestorm Viewer bug? In crouch the S key alone does work to move to the rear. Using the arrow keys I am able to move on the rearward diagonals while in crouch. But this is not an acceptable solution.
  10. I did not ask for, or expect, anyone to write code for me. I started this thread to hear about the best ways to know if a cage door toucher is in the door's cage in general terms. llGetBoundingBox() is what I needed to know. Also I do not need to hear about ways a cage can be defeated. I know that SL is designed in way that ultimately user can escape anything, so what keeps an avatar confined are the rules of the game. Just as when two people sit down to play a game of chess. A game of chess is possible only because two people have agreed to be subject to the game's rules. In CARP sims cages are everywhere, and are a very common sight. Anyone entering those sims knows what they are getting involved in. Anyone who turns on RLV in their viewer, and attaches an RLV relay, know, and want, the potential danger. What I create has to work in both SL and OpenSim.
  11. Too complicated. A simpler way would be for the person to simply TP out of the cage, or find something, or rez something, to sit on outside the cage. The door could be made lockable with a key that can be taken. If the avatar has an RLV relay attached the confinement can be made more real by RLV restricting TP, and sit. Logging off and relogging elsewhere can be defeated by using RLV regrab on relog. There is this real fancy script that does all this and more offered here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CC-Genesis-Cell-Build-System-Personal/2582395 There are those that want restrictions as real as possible, and they are the ones that use RLV relays. RLV can be cheated by turning it off in the viewer, so ultimately there is not a way to really confine an avatar. Ultimately it is just all roleplay with the restriction means being self imposed, and always revocable. I cannot use the above script offered in the MP because the need is for a cage script that can be used in an OpenSim gorean grid.
  12. I need to be absolutely sure. So knowing which of the door's faces was touched alone will not be useful. The method must be generalized for a cage having an arbitrary global rotation. So if it is to be done with vectors it looks to me like it would have to be done by using a cross product with a vector representing the door's orientation, and a vector representing the direction to the avatar. A dot product with the llDetectedTouchNormal() output should also do it. Then whether or not the touch was from within the cage would be determined by both which face was touched, and whether the dot product result is positive or negative.
  13. Suppose I have a cage with a door. What is the best way for the door script to know whether the door has been touched by an avatar inside the cage, or outside it?
  14. In the Firestorm Viewer I have successfully changed the key used to crouch with from the C Key to the space bar because it is easier to use when WASD keys are used to move an avatar in gorean combat. The crouch is necessary in GM metered combat for the shield is to be effective. Now there is a left handed person I know who uses the mouse in her left hand, and instead of WASD, she uses the arrow keys on the numeric key pad. For the right handed the space bar is convenient to use with the thumb while the three strongest fingers in the middle of the left hand are used on WASD keys. This left handed person wants similar convenience and so wants to crouch with the numeric keypad's 0 key using her right hand's thumb. To change the crouch to a space bar I made these XML element changes to Firestorm's keys.xml file: Under both "<first_person>" and "<third_person>": was: <binding key="SPACE" mask="NONE" command="stop_moving"/> is: <binding key="SPACE" mask="NONE" command="push_down"/> Where the key, mask, and command, attributes might not appear in the same order as above. The information I am seeking is what value to assign the key attribute so that for the numeric entry pad's 0 key the command attribute is set to "push_down". Elsewhere in the keys.xml file I see it is likely this value would have the prefix "PAD_". But I did not see a "PAD_0" or "PAD_INS" anywhere in the file. Is there a value that can be assigned the key attribute that will enable the couching function for the numeric entry pad's 0 key? Is there any other way to do this?
  15. I have seen in Gorean raid rules in every sim that a combatant may not use self made weapons. Does that include shields? I am wondering because unlike all other weapon types a shield's script is required to be the proprietary one provided by the GM Meter developers. This is a cheating preventive, and so there would not be a way to cheat by making one's own shield.
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