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  1. Thank you for the helpful replies, I thought I had tried everything but clearly not! All working now 😀
  2. Hello, I've been meaning to try to find out about this for a while but it's really bothering me now. I use 'show friends only' from the world menu quite a lot when I'm tp-ing around from event to event or shopping in general. What's weird is that on my other avatars the setting stays ticked, on this one I have to re-tick it every time. I've been through my setting in prefs and cannot see what is different. Firestorm 6.4.12 (62831) Dec 3 2020 22:34:49 (64bit / SSE2) Any advice would be great, Thanks
  3. they don't pay those server hamsters enough, and there should be at least 2 more!
  4. Nothing on grid status page for 14th Dec as to why!
  5. I can't even move in world, after several logins and yes I do have enough ram for 64bit version, Help please? Anything I can switch off that's been tacked on to this version??
  6. already done this, and submitted a ticket.
  7. Nothing has changed with my ISP/hardware or my broadband connection. I have contacted them in the past regarding other issues but they were unable to resolve those.
  8. So this has been going on for a few days now, try to log in to last location - fails, try to login to home location - fails! intermittently but happens a LOT!
  9. That skin looks very reminiscent of the Vogue skins by Starley Thereian of Celestial Studios circa 2007/8. They were very popular back in the day. Sharing the same sim as Last Call, sadly long gone but not forgotten.
  10. Hi, I tried to wear some eyes from a starter avatar with my mesh head. They don't react to me clicking on 'wear' or clicking them, the system eyes I am wearing stay the same?!! Any idea what's going wrong please?
  11. What's going on today? I log in and nothing on my avatar seems to be working (yes, I know it's Tuesday in SL!) , I have crashed out 4 times and all my scripted items aren't working. I load up my other avatar and it's working fine.
  12. 'Is SL really anit-older men?' IMO yes, SL is still Barbie's & Ken's / supermodels.. samey. To me, the skins pictured above, none of them look much over 50, if that. 50 isn't a mature age anymore since on average we're all living longer, and progressively healthier lives. The Dante skin on the avatar screenshot, I know a guy who looks a lot like that and he's 46! Majority of younger guy skins in SL look androgynous at best. 😏
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