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  1. 'Is SL really anit-older men?' IMO yes, SL is still Barbie's & Ken's / supermodels.. samey. To me, the skins pictured above, none of them look much over 50, if that. 50 isn't a mature age anymore since on average we're all living longer, and progressively healthier lives. The Dante skin on the avatar screenshot, I know a guy who looks a lot like that and he's 46! Majority of younger guy skins in SL look androgynous at best. 😏
  2. So, saying I choose to not log into SL for more than 12 months, I am charged an inactivity fee from my card on file even though I do not sell anything in SL?
  3. Um, Rich? What about rich in character, soul, compassion, life learning & heart? This kind of snobbish play has been done to death SL! As already said ..why would somebody wealthy / rich be even playing SL! Probably IM a few of the top creators see if they want to join the circle. Pfft!
  4. Yup, they just won't 'frig off' will they?! Kind of like virtual athletes foot 😡 Some people just seem to keep falling for the same scams over and over, forgetting the past and paying through the nose for *****e because it's wrapped in a pretty box!
  5. even if they use an illegal viewer? I had no rezzed anything and it is worn not on my avatar yet they send me a message with exactly what the hud is! It was worrying moment and I teleport away.
  6. This happened to me earlier, I suspected something strange but moved to another sim. This hud was NOT worn on my avatar!
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