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  1. Hi, me again but this time I'm not going to ask about lindens again but I have a question which case my computer memory currently full so I have to decide to uninstall Second Life viewer instead Firestorm, its because I always using the Firestorm one I seems like I never going to open the original one, so is okay to uninstall Second Life viewer? Do Firestorm need a Second Life viewer?
  2. I agree, but like a person who dislike or hate the things better not to say but she wasn't, she was speak out with her voice call in front of me. I don't think she was joke because she called me ugly and didn't had to greeted me, so I left the Alantori store and teleport to home. I leaves her alone
  3. Oh yes she didn't ask the manager but she called my avatar ugly although I wear Asian avatar, like if someone really don't like it but why is she use her voice call and call me ugly she sound rude
  4. Yeah, I have tell her and block her but I can see her typing but didn't receive my message. She is so rude
  5. Oh, sorry I didn't know, but I had block her but can she able to check my profile even I block her?
  6. I was just wear demo mesh head and mesh body, I will buy soon as possible, well every demo products that must have a logo around the body, right? However, at that time, the Karen was appear at Alantori store is because I was there first before she head however she uses with her voice call and called me ugly in the public although she was nude, is because she is a newbie doesn't know how to wear the clothe on, then I left the Alantori store. I don't know where is she come from?
  7. I thought this is very helpful so that's why I asking question. Are you trying to arguing with me in this community?
  8. What do you mean hijack? I just asking questions, also why I can't allow here to ask? is this something problem?
  9. I understand now, sorry I was trolled and I really don't understand what are these two option, I understood. So that means if I use limit buying whatever I can speculating price? So I can get lower price to buy?
  10. I recently saw there is two option to buy lindens, "instant buy" and "limit buy" so which one should I get?
  11. I am not going talk about mesh body now but I want to ask what is difference between "Limit buy" and "market buy"?
  12. Wait, what is difference between "Market buyer" and "Limit buy"?
  13. Wait.. wait what is going here right now? I blow my mind now... I really don't understand, is this should buy or what?
  14. Lol, I am 8 months old in Second Life and I am 18 years old in real life, I just want to say how much should I buy for mesh body and head? I know meshbody is freaking expensive so that's why I ask how much amount should I buy?
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