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  1. Good question, the answer is homes, as my figures were the 512m home parcels and excluded the common areas "Protected Land - Park". For example using another random region Watanabe: 14 Linden Home parcels owned by Govenor Linden plus the parkland (15 parcels, 48640m² combined area) with 33 resident owned 512m home parcels.
  2. Following up my sample in my OP I have gone to Premium South 1 and looking in a random Japanese region the occupied homes are only 6 with 50 vacant and owned by Govenor Linden so maybe use is very different in different locations. (On another random region 6 also occupied and 50 vacant.)
  3. Interesting and in line with what I had read. It remains my view though that it would be a real shame to erase everything as while much of the old Linden continents are very 'cookie cutter' with dense housing there are some lovely features that I really hope they can relocate. Maybe a few regions could be saved and relocated next to the Linden staff regions in north east Sansara as a museum of what once was.
  4. A topic in the Mainland forum in which I posted some interesting landmarks from the old Premium East continent got me thinking about how much space in Bellisseria will be needed to relocate everyone in one of the four old Linden Home Premium continents. Based on the first 8 regions with homes in the north east of Premium East (the largest old Linden home continent) I was surprised how many of the Linden homes are taken - 229 out of 411 (55.7%). My impression is many look empty walking past but many are still resident owned so would need relocating. Does anyone know how many old Lind
  5. I should get out in my submarine more, here is a view under the water in Hiwa and nearby above the water in Hamachi:
  6. Happy to share the landmarks I took, these are all from Premium East. Visiting again I really hope that these features and builds can be relocated to the expanding new areas in Bellisseria: Orville Airport Cape Ekim Park Canard Resevoir Racers Gulch Seaplane Ramp Tahoe Infohub Shareta Osumai Infohub
  7. I totally agree with this. Due to lockdown in UK I've spent a lot more time in world exploring and that has included wandering round the largest old Linden homes continent. I loved the little features and unexpected finds created by the Moles and really hope many can be moved to Bellisseria.
  8. Thanks for sharing your experience and insights. I admit, shamefully, this has reminded me why I gave up running my smaller scale rentals business. It particularly resonated that folk seem to have no concept of real life $ per day/week/month and how little reward it is for all these desired bespoke changes. Then inevitably they end the rental the following week. I have the utmost respect for those with the scale or patience to offer rentals for the many who do not want premium.
  9. I agree with this 100%. I say this as someone who flew my avatar along the entire easily sailable connected coastline of Satori, Nautilus and Corsica a week ago. I was surprised at the low number of parcels for sale on the water and the very high cost of those I did find. Obviously sale price may not be achieved but generally as someone who spends time in SL sailing my boats and exploring I think we have a two tier mainland, masses of abandoned land away from Linden roads, rails and water and a premium market for those interesting plots with something extra like someone to rez a boat and sail
  10. And your dog Flycan seems to be hovering Nika, keeping an eye on things?
  11. Action was taken and the encroachment removed. Glad I reported it and pleased with the Linden Lab response
  12. I am sorry that I didn't change the picture to sunlight as it is less clear than it should have been. The encroaching pier was not phantom, was impassable and went right across the Linden waterway on the region edge. I have never seen a clearer encroachment and I am delighted to say that Linden Lab clearly agreed as the encroaching items have been fully removed and the channel is now passable.
  13. Over recent days I have been bidding on a few plots up for auction and then seeing what happens next. This has prompted me to ask a couple of questions that intrigue me: 1. A 1024m plot in Nautilus - Shalim sold for L$117,030 (114.29 L$ per M²) and so my question is why, in such a high cost area, didn't the previous owner sell it rather than abandon? I assume the only other possibility is that for whatever reason the previous owner ceased to be premium and therefore no longer qualified for land ownership? 2. A 10752m plot (link and picture below) in Snout on the north east tip of Het
  14. I agree 100% regarding void regions, anything could go there at any time. Or it may stay void forever. In this regard I am fascinated in which direction, and to what extent the continent will grow - is it north east toward Satori or who knows. I'm guessing that may drive void ocean to become something else as they create the increased landmass. All interesting stuff
  15. None of us know, we can only speculate. I would say that regions laid out as sailable water would stay that way as it creates the for the residents in the nearby homes, and anyone who visits, the ability to sail/fly, enjoy the water and get around easily. I am not aware of any example of such a region subsequently being developed for housing. I think the vision for Bellisseria is enhancing the new continent visually and enhancing the inworld experience. So my answer is 'yes'
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