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  1. Having a look round at recent developments I am amazed to see what looks like an underground tunnel from Windsurfers Solitude to Brady Stream. Moles were busy at the north end so I didn't hang around and leave them to work their magic in peace.
  2. Sailing along Bingo Strait in recent days I have watched as the land formerly part of a mainland land rentals business has been handled by LL. Firstly massive thanks from me and I am sure many other sailors and explorers for Linden Lab maintaining the the former 'Brenda's Channel' which was a open waterway between Linden water regions, marked yellow below: Initially owned by Guy Linden it is now renamed Quagmire Channel and owned by Govenor Linden maintining it as a useful cut through for everyone. I have been impressed by the efficiency of the auction process while being astoni
  3. That is an epic journey and thanks so much for sharing the details and the map. I love travelling around the grid in one of my boats and exploring, seems like time to get a hovercraft to go even further!
  4. I dream about having exclusive access to extra sailing regions in those locations where that would aid navigation or allow travel that currently just stops. For example Bellisseria to Sansara, Bellisseria to South of Satori. A network of VIP sailing regions as a reward for paying LL for an additional membership tier. Not very likely, but I can dream...
  5. I love my boats and exploring the waterways in SL. The Bandit 280R and 380R are fabulous but for Bellisseria I'd give a special mention of the lovely Marlin catamaran by Rubber Bunny.
  6. This has the benefit of certainty, and I have found the Linden land team very responsive and helpful when they get to your ticket. Another alternate, though a gamble, is to ask Linden Lab to set the land for auction. If you are the only bidder you will get it for 0.5L$/m but clearly it could attract other interest and so you may regret not paying 1L$/m.
  7. I've revisited the south east coast of Satori to check what would be needed to connect the new Bellisseria river to the eastern continents. Via narrow protected channels you can get to Stromberg where ban lines prevent progress southward: The next region south Carver is almost all ban lines then Orlov is not accessible. Next up southward is Khan where there is land right to the void in one location. In the next region one of SL's mysteries a region Blofeld with a protected water in the Linden maintenence group along the eastern edge so that is sailable. Same protected strip in Klebb so th
  8. Just out in my boat along the new river from the rez zone near Satori toward the houseboats to see if anything had changed since my last expedition and sure enough a new island has appeared in Bergheim. I'm sure this wasn't here the other day, many commented how wide the river is so maybe the moles are adding some features for us to navigate.
  9. I thought I counted 18 water regions would be required so very feasible if LL want that lovely new wide river to lead onward into mainland. The other question is when/if onward connections are provided into Sansara rather than hitting the southern tip. I realize these topics have been debated recently but we can surely dream of possibilities after the massive new areas to explore released in recent days
  10. Walked over to the next region to the west, Muesli and I'm among chalets, looks like where I was in the last post is a placeholder.yet to be developed. The Moles have even placed a rez zone for us to explore, how cool! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Buffalo%20Springs/160/99/22
  11. I've been super excited to explore following the recent postings in this thread and cannot believe that you can already look back at the south east coast of Satori from the new Bellisseria land. How awesome is that? Quick pic and map vew of where I am.
  12. I thought I'd get one of my alts to come along for the boat ride but he can't access the region I am in and to him I appear to be in mid air. Second picture is how I appear to myself, sailing happily. I guess the perils of visiting regions still in development.
  13. Thanks so much for spotting and sharing this development @Nika Talaj As I have a HB nearby I went out in my boat and thought I'd share how the mini-map looks at the moment.
  14. Only Camper and Log at the moment, shows how much demand there still is, all good for LL's finances!
  15. Useful information, thanks for sharing. Another option I and others have mentioned is one region to the west of the link regions that lead south to Bellisseria there is an existing protected parcel leading to the Linden road in Alcona.
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