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  1. But you shouldn't lump them all together because there are also very committed Lindens who really work for the user and i would like to bring them in front of the curtain. Above all, TJ Linden , who is hard to beat in terms of expertise, especially when it comes to Region issues, and whom we trust for over a decade. Followed by Derrick Linden , Kat Linden (even if she is no longer active but in a very good memory), Rider Linden , Brett Linden , Theresa Linden , Vix Linden , Gordon Linden , Whitney Linden , Bugsly Linden and a few more that really helped us whenever we had problems with a helping hand. My wife and I would like to thank you all.
  2. The Problem got fixed and the Chat bubble is now also available with other Languages set in the Support profile than English. Thanks a lot to Kit Linden and the engineers from the Live Chat Provider.
  3. @OptimoMaximo : Nice that you find it laughable but I understood it so that it is about the state of the sun at a certain time of day and it changes from day to day from the horizontal as well as from the vertical level. The actual peak of the sun also changes by a few minutes depending on the date. See https://www.suncalc.org/#/47.5554,13.5135,15/2020.02.11/17:18/1/2 . You can only adjust this manually to show the actual status. So save yourself your laughter and inform yourself about the facts.
  4. RC Magnum got https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/simulator/2020-01-30T23%3A51%3A10.535702.html today and that with a very good and customer friendly downtime of the Region.
  5. Since the sun is not always in the same position, but the position of the sun changes slightly every day, e.g. at the height of the sun above the horizon it is easier to change the position as it is now and to estimate the grading approximately. The position of the sun also varies e.g. Midday by + - about 20 minutes to longitude.
  6. I am pleasantly surprised. This time the word all RC regions really includes all RC regions. Almost a miracle after over a month without an update.
  7. Thanks for the hint. If you are supposed to recreate yourself, you won't notice it as if someone else sees it.
  8. Thanks for the good advice. Now I come much closer to my RL appearance in SL. Except for the hairbase. Unfortunately, this is the only one I have found with a high forehead.
  9. As we all know, it is more than difficult for us, who belong to the 50+ generation, and also in Second Life we are not afraid to show our age, to find suitable skins or hair, etc. What would you think of a subsection 50+ in the corresponding marketplace sections, or whatever you would like to call it, to set up articles that make it easier to find suitable articles faster? At the moment it often takes days until you accidentally find something that would really fit.
  10. I also wrote it via IM. You are very welcome to come to our regions with your friends and just relax and chat here as in the old days.
  11. Our´s witch are on RC-Magnun are once again the Stepchilds. Nothing happend for us.
  12. We´re not on Mainland and dont know whats going on all around our 2 Regions.
  13. Thanks. When Blue Steel is running right now in the Restart it wont be that Magnum will get any Update today cause Magnum normaly starts before BS.
  14. I asked via Live Chat for more informations. All i got is the Information that it should affect all RC´s but noone knows if that also meens that we get a new Code also on all Regions. Maybe we on RC Magnum are the Stepchilds again and wont get a new Code ……………… or we get one.
  15. It's not just about skins, it's also very simple, e.g. a hairbase with a high forehead. You can see everything there is in the photo. There are gray beards in "real hair" more than enough, but that somebody does the work also a correspondingly good looking real hair base ................ you run from Pontius to Pilate and return and try to run only closed doors. The hairbase that I have is actually a white standard layer that I had to colorize gray afterwards via HUD .............. and how does it look compared to the beard? Well certainly not.
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