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  1. I took a closer look at the technical specifications of this device. Seen in this way, the "PC" cannot do more than a tablet. Well, the processor data etc. make you happy at first glance, but a maximum of 64GB hard disk capacity, and that only with a flash card show me that this device is intended purely for office work where the data is transmitted over the network, and there too saved again. Thus this silent "miracle device" is nothing more than a simple network workstation for e.g. Inquiry stations in a call center. For me it is almost a miracle that SL can be operated on this device for a
  2. This is an early autumn morning over the Austrian Dachstein massif in Gosau, recorded with the Firestorm public beta. I don't think the quality leaves much to be desired.
  3. As usual i would like to know what happens today on Main Chanel. If we get a rolling Restart or not and what will be the Content of that.
  4. Last but not least .................. Main chanel got the Version 2020-07-31T15:02:15.545966 https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/simulator/2020-07-31T15%3A02%3A15.545966.html .
  5. @Lillith Hapmouche I only went from the current standards for standard consumer PCs and the level is between 6 and 8GB graphics RAM as the standard. @Gabriele Graves I don't think so either since I tested a competitor to Firestorm that has flexible graphicram usage. The differences are significant depending on the region.
  6. Well ... this is the status from 8 years ago or even longer. And what about the present? In the meantime, 6 to 8GB of graphics ram are available and that at affordable prices. Firestorm should slowly consider doing justice to modern systems and flexibly approving the use of graphics instead of regulating them. We live in the year 2020 and not at a time when you still messed around with weak graphics cards and had to be happy to let Second Life run so halfway smoothly. Please wake up slowly and keep up with modern technologies instead of always paying attention to the outdated systems.
  7. We know something will happend on Main chanel today but not what we can await from the todays Rolling Restart.
  8. @Extrude Ragu and @Stevie Davros The quick run-through of the daily cycle can be done in the editing tool, see picture, with the marked button and the 2 more mouse clicks will not break your fingers 😉 .
  9. @Mazidox Linden Thank you for the information. In this way we can start the work we have planned in our regions that are on the main channel.
  10. An Information from Linden whether the 2nd problem see https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/rwnk7c5pjjlr also only affects the RC channel or the main channel too would also be helpful to plan our day.
  11. It looks like it is becoming a habit that regions are down indefinitely during the rolling restart. Gosau Dachstein West has been down for more than 1 1/2 hours now and it looks like the same thing happened as last week where our main region was 3 hours down. So I wonder for what there was an update a long time ago that rolling restarts should make it more pleasant and shorter for the customer. The region went down at 04:12:07 and now it is 05:40 and it is still not back. After 2 1/4 Hours the Region is back now.
  12. It took more than 3 Hours until one of our 2 Regions came back. Thats the worst rolling Restart i ever saw since nearly 10 years.
  13. These texts, which come in the black field, are standard texts that have been entered in the viewer since the beginning of SL and are imported depending on the situation. These messages do not come from the server but from the viewer. Sure, it is always easier to blame the user even if they don't have it, instead of simply saying "The region has a problem, please try logging in again and contact support if the error persists." etc. It is the American, but also the German mentality that you don't admit your mistakes, but pass them on to the customer. Actually a shame that should have been chang
  14. 2 Hipp and 1 Hurra ................... The Login is available again. From my point of view, it was acted in an acceptable time and the problem was solved. In about 1 hour, with such errors, there is an acceptable amount of time to repair the damage. Thanks to the Linden server admins for the fix.
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