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  1. In theory, the servers would not have to have any names at all. Even knowing the version number is n.e. not really important. It is sufficient to have the region name, or for advanced users, the estate ID and the date and time of the incident, in order to be able to access all relevant data in the database. Since not all problems are due to the region software, but often only affect one region, it is better to continue after this new procedure. Thus, it can first be checked whether it is a "local" error and this can be fixed immediately from the 1st level, or whether this is a bigger problem that must be assigned to the 2nd level. In this case, the opening of a ticket is necessary anyway. The main problem, however, is the user himself who either does not, very late or only gives very vague information about the region. It is important to sensitize the user so that, if he notices a problem, he immediately reports the problem, either in the form of a ticket, a jira or in live chat, notes down the name of the region and makes the time and a concise indication of the problem. Information like "in a sandbox where I was 3 weeks ago goes nothing" is absolutely incomprehensible and in reality unusable for support. That would be the same as saying, "In China, a bag of rice has fallen over." From adults one should actually be able to assume that they are able to describe a problem at least in such a way that it is also understandable for the other person, in the case of 1st Level Support. Well, you can't expect every user to be an IT professional, but most of them are in SL long enough to at least provide more precise information than "there's nothing" or "there's a problem you're to blame". When I look at some regions and then look at the statistics bar to see, for example, why there are such massive delays there, I usually realize why it is. However, the problem is not always with the region itself, but with the user who is located in the region. Scriptlag is not only generated by objects, but is also primarily burdened by the visitor of the region with 6 , 7 , 8 or even 20MB script load per person. Therefore, it is necessary to act as I described it above.
  2. @Aishagain Every week the same spectacle with you. The only troll is yourself. You've now been told by several people what it's all about. Obviously, this doesn't go into your skull as the situation is. In the future, please let your frustration sit down, that not everything is as you imagine in your seemingly sick brain, go somewhere else and get on your nerves from me with your neighbors or anyone else. Get away with the existing facts or let it stay at all, but don't get on our nerves all the time. It's not your head, it's about logical and systemic facts.
  3. It MUST not!! 2019-10-03T01:12:11.531528 is the long and wide declared version number with the time stamp of the compilation and the date below is a date automatically generated by the system that shows the date of the posting and can not be changed. Everyone knows when the respective rolling restarts will take place and, in addition, it will be announced again in the grid status. In this post here the start date of the respective week is assumed to be relevant and not the date of the respective rollout.
  4. I know that our 2 Regions are both on RC-Magnum so it was smple to find out witch Version we got. 😉 Even if the server information is no longer officially displayed, nothing has changed in the server version on which the region is located. It is simply no longer displayed, but generally only displayed as an SL server. @Whirly Fizzle I'll even give you it right. It used to be easier for the simple user, but once you realize that only the last sequence of numbers, which is already familiar, is relevant then you also drive well with the new system. As I said. The timestamps have only relevance for the defs. For laymen, the last sequence of numbers counts entirely. For more informations About the ISO-Timestamps read https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/version_numbering.html .
  5. Last Week: Second Life Server: (No roll) Second Life RCs: https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/simulator/2019-10-03T01%3A12%3A11.531528.html https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/simulator/2019-10-03T01%3A23%3A43.531529.html 531528 was on RC-Magnum last Week and this Week it got released on Mainchanel. This Week https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/simulator/2019-10-11T18%3A12%3A36.531693.html comes on all Second Life RC-Regions so it can be released on Mainchanel next Week if there are no Bugs. The Timestamps shows that Time when the Version was done local and went into the first Testing on SL-Betagrid before it comes on the RC-Chanel. For normal User the Timestamps are not important cause they are only important for the Defs working on it. Important to knwo for normal User is only the last number. In that case 531693 for the RCs this Week.
  6. And now we turn on our brains and think logically ............. One version number indicating Second Life RCs can only mean that this time all RCs get the same version. If there were different versions for one or more RC versions, Caleb would have written it for sure.
  7. Oh my God calls the ambulance. She has broken her finger by using the scroll wheel. You're soooo poor. I will regret you if I have time .......................... only I don't have time for it.
  8. @remi Enersly Press Alt+R -> Region -> Version .
  9. Have Fun and enjoy the new Technology and all the new Features you can learn how to use. 😉
  10. Thanks, than lets see what happens 😉 and better nothing than something wrong.
  11. @skylarmalone Read that Informations http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Environmental_Enhancement_Project and learn how to work with EEP .
  12. @Oz Linden Maybe 2 or 3 Minutes it was slower than usual on "Magnum" but that wont let the Earth go down 😉 . Better a bit slower but working good so we dont need Rollbacks or other Changings. Work needs Time and if someone wont understand it he should come to you and see it live and in Color how much Work it is keeping SL alive.
  13. For one it is too dark, for the other too bright and for the next this or that does not fit. Linden's standard settings are a compromise to make it so good for everyone. But it should be clear that it can never and will never be possible for everyone to do it right. For this you can create your own personal setting and experiment e.g. with the gamma fader. For this purpose, for example, the manual on http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Environmental_Enhancement_Project . All in all, however, it has nothing to do with the actual functionality of EEP, but purely with personal feeling and Linden can hardly do anything about it, because it is different for everyone. Linden can hire 100 Graphic designer but they never can make it right for thousends of User. Some of them allways will find something in the Default Settings and handle it to Linden insted of making an own and for themself perfect Setting.
  14. Than write a Jira so Linden will know it and test it out.
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