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  1. Miller Thor

    Deploy Plans for the week of 2019-02-04

    My wife and I spend about $ 4,600 a year just for our 2 regions plus the premium account, and if you wait a long time and hear from a lot of other very high paying SL customers that they are also waiting for EEP for example to set real 24 Hour long day cycles or to use 2 or more levels, you get angry at some point. Only announce that EEP also comes on Magnum RC and then a short time later say "I'm sorry, fallacy, it will not be this time" annoyed paying customers and you feel endlessly crazy. This is a fully legitimate reaction from people who think not only in SL stereotypes but by real rules and requirements that clients direct to a company that they pay for services. The idea, requesting a server changing we had by ourself but at this time there was only 1 slot free witch doesnt make much sense when you own 2 regions.
  2. Miller Thor

    Deploy Plans for the week of 2019-02-04

    First you post that EEP also will get released on Magnum and made a lot of People happy with that. Now you´re turning back? That really cant be! Slowly al lot of Customers owning a Magnum Region and who all pay yours and all other Lindens daily Bread and Butter with their Landfee get very angry about that. We all want EEP on Magnum as providet in the first Posting!! And that NOW!!! And dont forget who pays your monthly Income.
  3. How about reintroducing 24-hour support and providing qualified staff in their own language for users who do not speak English, or only to a limited extent? For example, There are always users from Germany or other countries in Europe, who feel abandoned with their problems because they do not speak English and their spelling due to various weaknesses, such as. a spelling weakness, not even by a translator such as Google Translate are translatable. This could be remedied by the use of external staff in European, Asian, African etc. call centers who have adapted their support time to the respective time zones and are also able to decipher the worst style flower of their language. Thousands of non-US citizens and not English speaking user would like to thank you and also recommend Second Life because you also think of their needs.
  4. Miller Thor

    Estate Access Management: Project Viewer

    It's a nice review of the existing features with some new features that don't really make me break out in enthusiasm. The only good thing is the display of the last login so that you can clean the ban list a bit. Otherwise my enthusiasm after 10 years as a estatemanager is rather limited. What I consider to be more important would be the possibility to ask for a parcel ban if it is to affect only these, or all other parcels in group ownership. This would also allow parcel owners to protect others from any unwanted persons without having Estate permissions.