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  1. The problem is from what I have been told if you are hit with the group chat issue that are also in the grid statues it effect ALL of your groups and not just as in my case Two groups.. Also since the group issue on the gride status page (Sep 1, 10:41 PDT) Are after my issue started all the way back in Jun.
  2. So I have a weird issue on only TWO of my groups and have been for MONTHS! Two of my groups I can't send chat or receive group chat from.. I get notifications but not chat. I don't get an error when I try to send them in them the text just never appear.. I am told (By friends in the groups) THat my messages ARE send and that people reply to them. But as I said I never receive the chat.
  3. Soo my Sl partner is being spammed out of hell from payments I made to her MONTHS ago [07:40:54] Second Life: Amiti Dismortalis (misser.swee*****er) paid you L$4600. [07:40:54] Second Life: Amiti Dismortalis (misser.swee*****er) paid you L$1400. [11:26:55] Second Life: Amiti Dismortalis (misser.swee*****er) paid you L$4600. [11:26:55] Second Life: Amiti Dismortalis (misser.swee*****er) paid you L$1400. She keeps getting these messages (as shown) Multiple times a day without me actually giving anything.. Nor have her l$ amount changed. Its getting a tad annoying for her
  4. Hmm the parcel media texture could be it.. Though it would have been set by mistake XD my Partner was as perplexed as me about it.. She pulled the window out and replaced it with a new one.. With no problem XD
  5. Sooo my partner is busy busy building us a new home.. She's using non scripted mesh windows for the house... Today I noticed one of the windows had turned into a screen with internet browser and everything.. When inspected it still didn't have any scripts.. Anyone else had encounter this glitch?
  6. Just looked up that place Beth.. Its Sadly Nudist and I do love wearing sexy clothing while sailing
  7. Ohhh thanks alot!! I will be checking that out as soon as I return from a short RL shoping trip
  8. Soo I recently bought myself a lovely boat and have been enjoying my time sailing and i am wondering. Are there any other seas then Blake Sea ? (Like any adult seas since Blake is only Moderate)
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