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  1. That was my big question. Why on earth would I care how prolific or popular some poster is? When I read someone's post I'm reading and evaluating based on the content presented in the post. Yeah, I get it that some people do care. Good for them. I hope that's a very small minority.
  2. Fair points (all). So if we wish for clubs to post their full line-up in events every single day (along with likely duplicates from the DJ's themselves, then what you've got is the current scenario.... and endless sea of DJ events and anyone looking for anything other than that is basically hosed. Which gets to the part I quoted, structuring the events better and providing better sorting/filtering options. I'm at work now but in order to really have an intelligent thought on that I'd need to take a close look at why, exactly, I find the events list nearly useless. I suspect that statement is too broad. Almost certainly, there are some sections which work better than others. So then the obvious question is, what is making the information overload problem in those that do not work well? From there, thoughts about how to provide a more useful structure to that information would make sense. I think I'll take a closer inspection when I get home.
  3. OK Bridget. I'm in Muddy's pretty much every single night. I'm curious what sorts of events you would post to the event calendar? I've never looked and can't imagine why I would. I go to Muddy's because it's a great music club. I don't need to know that there's a DJ there.... there is ALWAYS a DJ there. Nor do I need to know what DJ is there. If I am a fan of a particular DJ I'll be in their group so I'll know where they are. If I'm not, then it's "just another DJ" to me. If you post other events there... real events.... I would never know because just as everyone says, the events calendar is something approximating useless. The only value I get out of it is live music and even then it's a pain. I should think it'd work in your favor to have your actual events be actually usable to people. You seem to think otherwise. Can you clarify what sort of "events" you are talking about and how you expect me, a Muddy's customer, to take advantage of those listings?
  4. My graphics settings are manually tweaked but largely "ultra". My max complexity for various graphics presets are: Club: 125k Normal: 350k Photo-Pre: Unlimited I regularly walk around in the photo mode without issues but in busy clubs (I'm looking at YOU Muddy's), I simply can't afford to let the heavy hitters eat into my FPS so they get jelly'd. Unfortunately, none of that really means much until we get arctan. Avatar complexity, to my knowledge, bears little resemblance to the actual load borne by the graphics card.
  5. I am quite comfortable in either mode. If I'm at a club and there's a public conversation going on I'm almost certain to join in unless I'm with a date in which case I tend to just be absorbed in private IM with that person. But if I want to address a serious statement to an individual rather than the crowd, then I use IM, for instance, "Would you care to dance". I honestly don't see much of a difference between the two and I don't separate them in terms of "effectively meeting people". I meet people how I do. Sometimes it's in public chat. Sometimes I address them in private. Sometimes they address me in private. *shrugs* They are all paths to the same end point.... me meeting them.
  6. My SL body is as close to my RL one as I can make it given the massive limitations of the Gianni body (LOL, and "massive" is certainly the right word there). In general my SL avatar is me and I want it to look that way. I even liked how my hair and beard looked in SL so I grew out my facial hair in RL and then took a trip to a good barber shop to get a similar RL look. Predictably, my SL avatar is taller than my RL body, but I made sure I was height proportional to my girlfriend. The same is true of my wardrobe.... some of which I had to make myself. I treat SL more as another place than as a fantasy reality.
  7. I've never gone to a single shopping event. My general understanding is that they are too crowded to get into which means almost certainly my FPS would plummet meaning I can't actually look at anything I might want to buy. No thanks. I find stuff I like on MP and from there I get brands I like. What I buy is fatpacks not outfits as a general rule. So this whole scheme is a complete miss for me.
  8. Thank you so much! Yeah, that was what I was looking for. And for my purposes, I hardly need fine grained control. I just have a build with baked lighting textures for day and night. I need a way to set the sky to match the current state of the build for myself and guests. So if I can can any reasonably pretty sunset, moonset, noon, and midnight then I'm golden.
  9. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Yup, sure enough, that got me my experience box in Firestorm. Next up, trying to code the experience in question. It seems like a simple matter of iterating through the llGetAgentEnvironment list and then presenting it to other avatars in a llSetAgentEnvironment list. I could've sworn that I saw some function to use environmental assets from EEP but now I can't find it. But at least now I have the basics of being able to write experience code.
  10. Hi everyone. I thought I'd tackle a "simple" experience task to get the hang of experience coding. All I want to do is change windlight on my parcel for all visitors. I don't need to "force" the issue, a suggestion they can override is good enough. So I ran into my first issue right out of the gate. In order to get access to the EEP stuff, I needed a beta viewer. But that viewer doesn't have the compile for experiences option in the script editor, neither does firestorm. So, the question... What viewer do I need to compile the script? Is there a better option than llSetAgentEnvironment? It seems pretty cumbersome to have to iterate through a list to get all the individual details when I already have an environment setting in inventory that would do the job nicely? Any other thoughts on best way to set a visitor's windlight (other than RLV)
  11. Interesting point. I'd figured on twice the budget meaning more flexibility on where I skimped and where I lavished attention. It was honestly getting the weather system installed that made me rethink how badly I wanted a new linden home. That would absolutely be not in keeping with the overall theme (a thunderstorm over just one house LOL). But where I'm at now, there is only ever me and one other person 200m away on the radar. So there's no neighbors to annoy. It does make me wonder about finding an isolated mainland plot somewhere though. I've never bought or even researched mainland land sales so I'll have to figure out how to even find the thing.
  12. Here's my classic Linden Home. I'm pretty pleased with what I managed on the 175 prim budget. And me, out on the back deck in the rain... yeah, it rains at my house and I used a fair bit of my prim budget to make that true. Man, I wish I had the double prim budget of a new linden home. But then again, having weather might be impossible in someplace like Bellisaria. I like the weather so much I may end up having to buy some land somewhere.
  13. Weird squiggly letters that I can't read. Honestly, it doesn't get my blood boiling but I tend to avoid such people only because I have no idea how to communicate with them. My assumption is that some different social cohort than my own deals with them more fluidly than I do. Sapiosexual: Yeah, I have an astronomically high IQ and I'm big into romance. That word in your profile is a guarantee that I'll give you a pass even for casual chat. I often wonder if other high IQ people laugh at that the way I do. I see it as the tool of people who themselves are not that bright trying to be snooty about it. I do get a lot of good jokes out of it though so there is that. Profiles wrapped in barbed wire: Yeah, I get it that someone, somewhere, did you wrong. Grow up. Move on. Try to see what mistakes YOU made to get you in that situation. Blaming the entire world around you for your own choices is not a good look. Bonus points if you have 30 profile picks whining about the behavior of others and you are surprised when someone thinks that's off-putting.
  14. You wouldn't cause render issues for me. You just wouldn't be rendered at all. I typically set the cutoff around 150. Even on my serious desktop computer, I really don't want to deal with the 450k avatars every time I go to some club somewhere. So if it looks good to you, keep it. Just be aware that for a fair number of users you're going to be rendered in cardboard cutout mode. You won't look good to them.
  15. When I swapped over from my system body/head to mesh, I just went ahead and used the gianni shape as a starting point and then edited the heck out of it to make it look the way I want. Then I did the same thing with the Catwa head. For some reason, the way my sliders were set for my system body/head produced weird and hard to fix problems much like what you're showing. I'm sure there is SOME specific answer to why your face is so long but it's likely a combination of sliders not a single one and at least for me, it turned out easier to start at a known "good" shape then modify as required.
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