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  1. Insofar as I was able, my avatar is me. There were issues with the Gianni body because even at 0 settings, it's WAY too muscular. Heck, at 0 settings, it still looks like a professional body builder. But ignoring the shape of the body, the hair, beard, and wardrobe are all pretty similar. Heh, in the case of the hair and beard, I liked them so much in SL that I grew the beard then went to a high-end barber to get the haircut and beard shaping of my avatar. I took some liberties with the face and gave myself a nose job. My steady dance partner does the same thing. Her avatar is basi
  2. Heh, I readily admit I have no idea how to get an unprocessed, usable photo out of firestorm. I can handle everything else I need in-game. But the gamma is invariably WAY too dark. the actual in-world scene is quite a bit brighter than the captured photo. This is so common that I have a typical adjustment layer I pop on... exposure: +0.5, Gamma: 1.2.
  3. OK, I must be having some sort of brain freeze here but I've found ways to make it play a variety of sounds... but all in-world. what's the function to make a simple client-side beep?
  4. Now that this project is done, I wouldn't mind putting a free mesh body on my alt. But it doesn't appear the LucyBody is available anymore. Do you have a place to get it? If not, anyone got any other suggestions?
  5. No, what I meant was that I'd like mesh that doesn't break down with LOD issues. One major body creator clearly failed totally with LOD and it shows every time someone wearing it appears. I'd like any mesh I get her to be "solid" as opposed to collapsing into triangles at a distance.
  6. I’ll have to ask, oddly it didn’t show up in my list my what is she wearing hud. I don’t think it’s made any more... not sure the maker even exists.
  7. I'd really like to thank you all again. I managed to pickup the Lara body and a quick pass through the sliders tells me it'll be able to match her slim-hipped, B-cup figure nicely. Insofar as the "mesh wars", there isn't really any aesthetic issue here. The only aesthetic judgement is hers and the only acceptable answer is "the same as she looks now". Whatever body can do that with the best selection of TOP quality clothing is the winner. What I like... you like... or someone else likes isn't really a part of the equation. The real problem is going to be the face, not the body.
  8. Thank you all for the help. If Maitreya is still in business that’s where I’ll go largely due to brands like erratic. insofar as “solid mesh” next time I’m at Muddy’s I’ll just find out which major body maker has failed so utterly with their LOD and avoid that one. Regarding shape, my contribution to this is to try to use the Freya head and some body to exactly duplicate her existing mesh head and classic body. So I will know right away if a given body works or not. it sounds like my picks, in order of fashion availability (which is the entire purpose of this upgrade any
  9. Hello everyone. I'm trying to setup a friend's avatar and I picked up the free catwa head and I went to get a Lara body to go with it and... Maitreya is closed? I went to the sim and it appears abandoned. Am I missing something? If not and Maitreya is really out of business, then what I need is a recommendation on bodies. The primary consideration here is access to a wide variety of clothing. As secondary considerations... BOM capable... ideally with the onion skin layers detachable and without using any sort of relay hud. Solid mesh... I don't know which female body it
  10. Not a snob but perhaps a bit unknowledgeable. The quality of someone's look doesn't have much or anything to do with whether they use a mesh body. It has a lot more to do with their design skills as they put together the avatar. Every single day I see hundreds of full mesh avatars that look hideous. It's more rare, but I find plenty of classic avatars looking very well put together. Insofar as your preferences for mesh avatars, everyone's entitled to their preferences.
  11. "We all"???? I'm running an I7-4790k and Nvidia GTX 1060 3gb. At that, I have to keep my complexity slider at about 125k or so and shadows cannot be rendered at all in any sim with more than a handful of avatars. i've often wondered what sort of system one needs to have to just go ahead and max out the settings and maintain a reasonable framerate anywhere other than home. I, for one, would appreciate more reasonable (or any sort actually) calculations for avatar render weight. I agree on the LI. That ship has sailed.... sadly. They needed to do something about that when th
  12. Because the way they calculate cost right now is utterly insane yet they decided to go forward with it anyway when they introduced mesh. In theory, there is the Arctan project which is going to redo how LI costs are calculated but that will do nothing for worn items. I'd LOVE to know what was going through their heads when they introduced mesh with no even remotely adequate way to measure it's impact on the grid and the viewer. By the way, I don't think they need to limit creators. I just think the proper render weight for a mesh object needs to be calculated and figured in. Then what
  13. Let's see... I have a 1/4 sim parcel. There are only 3 neighbors. I figure being there is "an obvious violation of my personal space". More, why on earth do I care what "a person" encounters when they are trespassing on the land I pay for? They have no good reason for being there and lots of really bad reasons. I got a steady stream of "visitors" including one gent who convinced a young lady that my house was his in order to get some sex. Yeah, you know what I think of the rights of trespassers? I think they don't have any beyond what LL dictates. After that, *poof* they're g
  14. Neither one is "my type" but I don't approach women based on visuals anyway. I'd have to be able see both profiles to see if either would get a "Hello" out of me. I do go cruising for dance partners pretty regularly.... or I used to anyway but my current dance partner and I seem to be going steady. When I'm looking I ask a fair number of women wherever I happen to find one who's profile intrigues me. For me, it's all about the profile and I have an awful lot of "red flags" that make a profile a no-fly zone for me. I like to think that's why my contacts with women are so routinely positive
  15. I agree... most of the tip jars i see show who tipped last but not the amount. I'm fine with that. And honestly, if I tip jar does offend me in some way I can and do just tip the performer directly. I have never understood the point of tip jars and I certainly don't need one to give some money to another resident.
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