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  1. I've been trying to reproduce this bug for the last couple of weeks. For a while, it was failing reliably for me, but it wasn't when I started, and isn't now. All of the crashes I've seen have been with that same stack trace. It's trying to free something that's already been freed in the very last stages of Firestorm shutdown. It's not going to break anything, just be a nuisance. I suspect it's scene-related, or something like that. For those of you who are having it regularly, are you always in the same sim when you log out? Better yet, at the same location, facing the same way?
  2. His standard for giving the bear out was always "you have to teach me something". I keep offering to teach him all about RLV, but he never takes me up on it.
  3. Thank you for being there, for advocating for open source, and for understanding even when we didn't agree. Best of luck wherever you go next, even if it's just a chair by your pond.
  4. Yeah, you're right: either this is incorrect (should be midnight) or else not morning (if they meant noon).
  5. Am I the only one who giggles every time she sees the term Grid Poking Bot?
  6. I expect that the viewer will switch to Vulkan, as the only cross-platform graphics rendering toolkit these days. Oz won't say that's what they're doing, but they're going to have to get off of OpenGL, since Apple has deprecated it. (I'm personally surprised that Apple Silicon versions of macOS still have it, myself.) Going to PBR is a bit bigger lift, since just adding materials took far more work than simply adding it to the render pipeline. Going to a game engine, even more so. (Have you looked at SineSpace? Developing content for it is very different from developing it for SL. Not eve
  7. I run VSCode on all of my computers: my office Mac and Linux systems, my System76 Linux laptop, and my work Windows machine. It works great across all of those platforms and, more importantly, works the same across them all (plus or minus the Mac's command key vs. Windows and Linux's control key). I looked at Sublime Text once...it didn't look good enough to justify the purchase price. VSCode is free, as are its extensions. Be sure to install the extensions for the languages you use. They bring a lot of the power out where you can get at it.
  8. I use Visual Studio Code with Dal Ghost's LSL-FP extension to do scripting via the "Edit" button Zi mentioned. It has all of the features that VSCode brings to other languages, and is completely cross-platform. Why should we reinvent that wheel?
  9. Yup...am currently wearing her June hair, but while it's nice and close, it's not quite what I'm looking for.
  10. I'm looking for a hairstyle to match this picture I commissioned...and finding hair is something I know little about. Anyone got any suggestions?
  11. How about instead of refraining from posting information, filing bug reports so we can actually get the bugs fixed?
  12. OptimoMaximo and Klytyna, Get a room, you two. This endless back and forth of name-calling and chest-thumping is getting in the way of those of us who are trying to use and understand this feature. Frankly, the level of invective is high enough that I'm surprised the Lindens haven't told you to knock it off. And if either of you actually understand the SL render engine, how about sticking to how that works? (Although I'm still convinced that only five people on the planet understand the SL renderer, and two of them work for LL.)
  13. I'm sorry to say that getting the UUID of the texture of any wearable isn't quite trivially easy, but it's not difficult if yo know where to look...it's let me make Maitreya appliers for myself for los of system clothing I've purchased over the years. This sucks for skin creators in particular, but there's no good way around it. Disabling HUD display of a baked texture is probably something that should be done - I can see no valid use case for it - but don't delude yourselves that it'll stop copybotting in any real sense.
  14. The avatar maker would need to add the ability to set the layer to use one of the bake slots. I would expect that would be a button on the avatar's controlling HUD.
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