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  1. I'd like to pu that in perspective using an analogy: Imagine, every week Toronto had one deadly crash of an average airplane. Every week. In Berlin we got to one plane a day!
  2. Hello fellow Business-Residents, I am recently playing with the idea, to set up Franchise stores inworld. Not sure which brand yet. Does anybody have experience with this? Good or bad.
  3. Vista Comes with the AO Esther.
  4. Just recently I created a new account / character on low budget: Head: Logo 1 L$ promotion Skin & Shape : Logo 300 L$ Mesh Body: Sweet Ruth 2.0: 1 L$ Hair: A new release from Argrace 300 L$ P***y: VAW 800 L$ AO: Vista 1.800 Other: It's not mine hud 900 L$ Cloth: Several pretty outfits each either Group gifts or 1 L$ Total : max 4.200 L$ So far that is.
  5. Of course you are entitled to have and voice an opinion. It is just a little weird to me, that you disapprove of something being published, which has absolutely nothing to do with you at all, whilst at the same time the people involved did approve it, including the actual sim owner. In fact, the guys actually enjoyed to be the protagonists. It just happen to happen at a club you are a member off as well. That's all.
  6. My colleague Cathy Palen published a story about Maui in her "testet for you" series. The two other protagonists of the story did consent to this being published, including explicit photos. Everybody involved was fine with that, including the region owner. They even knew before, that Cathy is a blogger and does write for SLA Media. But a few forum members here, who were not part of the story at all and had absolutely nothing to do with it, disagree with such stories being published. P.S.: No. Cathy is not an ALT of me. Just in case somebody was wondering.
  7. There is actually a group called 40+ already.
  8. Jordan, I personally asked the owners of the place if it is ok to publish stuff from Maui as long as we have explicit consent from all participants. It is!!
  9. I have yet to see a pic of adult nature in this thread. Where are those?
  10. here an older one, in my home at Saratoga Springs a few years ago (2016).
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