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  1. Just joking. I understand now what it is, more or less. In Europe we call those: Americans. 🙂
  2. Yes, I am all with you on that. But a "severe turn off" ?
  3. I know. All participants know about this, and I have chat logs to confirm it. They actually love the idea.
  4. Hello, you where wondering what it is like to be an escort on Second Life? I am streaming now some of my encounters (and saved as videos for later viewing). Here my latest adventure: [NSFW] https://goohshi.com/streams/view/1319/caroline-s-sex-adventures-in-second-life
  5. Ok, is this the latest branding trick to miss spell your own location twice? Or is this a Redneck thing?
  6. I can show you places. It would be helpful if you could specify what places you want to explore. Second Life consists of over 23.000 different regions. It takes a life to explore them all. I can show you places which are about: Adult entertainment, sailing regions, flying planes, music clubs ...mainly.
  7. Angel, we constantly hire escorts. No experience needed as full training is provided.
  8. Sounds cool. Do I get a copy of the pics? I will IM you.
  9. This? Funnel: "A tube or pipe that is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, used for guiding liquid or powder into a small opening." /me giggles insanely
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