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  1. I have not bought any of them either, but used them all.
  2. Good idea. I might as well emballish on that.
  3. Exactly this. There is just no point doing business meetings in SL, unless it is a business related to SL (I do that all the time). Otherwise I use Zoom. Just did a workshop with 20 Attendees last week without any hazzles. Maybe SL as part of gamification? Some start-ups over here (Berlin) love the concept. But that is more playing than serious business.
  4. Second. Life. Your world, your imagination! Nuff said.
  5. Aeros, looks most realistic and your partner can get access to the hud. Also some beds do the "auto-in" when using animations.
  6. One needs to start somewhere...
  7. "Caroline's Secret Hideaway" The Island that can not be found other by those.....
  8. I found a few, still looking though. Anybody?
  9. We'd rather not have G-rated tourists on Zindra. Zindrians are an elite crowd and we prefer to stay amongst ourselves. We have our standards, ya know.
  10. It is for me, because too many people know how I look like 🙂 Ok, I could simply change my look, but I just don't want to.
  11. Friday 9.04.2021, starting midnight SLT. I will be there too, but using another account. This one is too easy to identify.
  12. Are you the snuff queen from next door ?
  13. My noob me: "You did not do this, did you? You dared to turn my little innocent blog into a friggin porn business? I mean really?"
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