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  1. Thanks to everyone who helped. Now y'all can let this thread sleep for another 8 years
  2. Thanks. I got confused because that seemed to apply to inworld stuff, but if that's also on the MP, makes sense.
  3. I'm not looking for Forum support. Try reading my question, so that at least your useless remarks are accurate, since it's crucial to you to waste your time and mine with them.
  4. Hum... I could try to use "Harmful or Disruptive Content" or "Gaming Policy". Thank you very much!
  5. I'm aware, but I have searched all through the Marketplace info pages, and Flag is all I can find. All the instructions about filing an Abuse Report refer to inworld witnessed activity, not Marketplace items. If you know something that I don't, please keep in mind that I come to a forum seeking information, and a link or a direction would be more helpful than snark.
  6. How can I do this? All I get is "Listing violations", and none of the options allow me to specify why I'm flagging it. It's not because it's incorrectly listed, it's because of its content.
  7. Oh come onnnnnn... the character may well bee 900 years old, but if it really really looks like a child in a sexualized situation, it still plays with the idea that childish may still look sexy. And that is the whole issue. I've seen plenty of rather questionable ads for Kawaii, Anime, etc., which really nail (no pun intended) that concept in ways that can be gross. Obviously pre-teen wide-eyed faces, grabbing a Teddy bear and a lollypop, lean small bodies (with boobs sometimes), with a band-aid on a knee, piggy tails... and BDSM outfits. I don't care if you swear the character is 18+ for the sake of LL, it looks bad.
  8. I have the same problem. The weird thing is that I didn't have this problem a few days ago. I did several pictures before, no alpha showing, but a couple of days ago, the nasty alpha "appeared" in front of my eyes. I thought of hiding them inside my head, but even with eye depth zero AND lash length zero, they show. But if you already contacted LOGO and that's what they told you, I guess there is no solution for me... What puzzles me is that I never had this issue before, and I've been using my LOGO head for photography and blogging, without any problem. NOTE: you won't see it if you turn off the Advanced Lighting Mode... but then of course, things don't look so pretty and you can't play wiht depth of field or shadows... I've been banging my head against the keyboard, so now I'm ready to give up.
  9. I believe it's a matter of LL ToS more than the sim owners' whim. Even though the original stories -and TV adaptation- have children, it's clearly adult content. LL forbids children in environments classified as Adult and anything remotely seeming ageplay, and several of the things that the children from these stories went through are specifically against these terms of service. Daenerys was married off at age 13 and Sansa between 13 and 14, but trying to RP anything close to that in SL could even get you banned. Some of what Arya witnessed/heard is also against LL ToS for children to be present. I understand what you mean, but allowing children to participate in Adult roleplay would only get the owners/admins in trouble. The only other option would be for you to find a sim where these stories are seriously watered down, removing all the adult content from them, for you to be able to play an underage character. That wouldn't be realistic for these particular stories either (and I'm not sure it exists), but good luck on your search!
  10. Hello. I'm desperately trying to find the Wall, Castle Black, or anything very North. There is a notecard offering a tour, but when I hit the LM for Castle Black, I fall and fall, and then I fall some more, to a forest. Can anyone please point me into the right direction? Thank you!
  11. This is naturally true, but I don't believe Pussycat was talking about fantasy sims in general. The kind she mentioned are often quite misogynistic. The whole idea is degrading. What you said about straight men and lesbian women comes strongly from RL, too. Anyone who has seen "regular" porn knows that lesbian scenes are arousing for the so called male gaze, while gay men is not. I would anwer something to Drake, but it would be a waste of typing. His last reply was about nothing I said, and his intended burn about borderline ageplay was downright creepy, so... Not going there.
  12. "Does that also mean that SL is sexist as there are 6 times the amount of womens clothing, 3 tomes the womens skins and 4 time the womens hairs as there are mens?" Indeed yes and very much yes, a large part of SL is also sexist as hell, athough not in the ridiculous "oh poor white men" way you intend it to imply. There is a huge market for objectification and over sexualization of women -and much MUCH less for men- and, for all that they claim ageplay is against ToS, there are a lot of things out there that are hitting the borderline and they know it, and that is largely addressed to female avatars, not male. Want to RP an airline? You have male pilots and female flight attendants. Want to go medieval? Sweet lady and fierce male warrior. Female warrior? Sure, as long as the outfit is sexy and revealing, comic book style. I would advice you not to go deep into U.S. actuality, especially if you're going to try to defend white males. You won't come out of that one looking good and it's not the point of this discussion. SL is not U.S. It may surprise you to find out that there is a wide world outside of the U.S.
  13. I believe that is kind of the point. You are seen as "exotic" with a dark skin, meaning "white is the normal". Sorry to say, that is intrinsecally a racist thinking. Back to my point when I commented, for every good black skin you find (like, really made for a dark race, not a white one recolored), there are hundreds of the classic caucasian, from whiter than Scandinavians to tanned. In SL, white is considered the "normal" and everything else -not only black- is rare to find and exotic.
  14. I had the same problem! What should be the new attachment point? I miss all my belly jewelry! :-D
  15. Ah, the alpha cuts, of course! Maitreya also recently updated the body. Now both Maitreya and Slink have even more alpha cuts than before, and they also offer saving slots for alpha patterns. By the way, Maitreya is also compatible with Slink hands and feet, which was a BIG yes yes toward Belleza and Maitreya, because by then most people had already bought hands and feet. Interesting what you mention about Omega for the Belleza body! One of my favorite designers makes separate appliers for Omega and Belleza. Does it need a bridge, like the Maitreya body?
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