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  1. Thank you for your detailed reply Wulfie 😄
  2. Hi everyone, Is Marvellous Designer or Blender a better software to create clothes for Second Life? I've seen a lot of people using Marvellous Designer, so I'm just wondering, is it easier? Does Marvellous Designer help to create higher quality clothing? Thank you!!
  3. Hi! Since coming back to Second Life, I have found it so difficult to find anybody who wants to purely just be friends. I am 20 years old and live in the UK, a GMT timezone or something close would be perfect but I wouldn't mind having friends in other timezones too. I enjoy photography, interior design and on and off learning blender. (and ofc having a shopping addiction ..) IM me inworld Lola Heartsong
  4. Hi everyone! I'm currently looking for somebody to explore the family RP side of SL with 😄 I don't mind at all whether you're a girl or guy, the idea of creating a cosy little home together and adopting some lil' ones sounds lovely to me! I live in the UK, so time zones are a little tricky but HMU and we can always have a go and see if it works out! Lola Heartsong inworld (I'll also answer any questions you might have, didn't put too much in here to give us something to talk about inworld heh!)
  5. I've been exploring editors picks and oh my goodness! People make some fricking gorgeous sims I never knew about! I've even met some new people to talk to ❤️
  6. Hi everyone! I'm finding myself getting into the cycle of logging in, taking a photo, logging out. It's sad to see my SL get that way as there are so many amazing things I could be out there doing, so .. let me know what you do for entertainment!
  7. Thank you for your all of your help! ❤️ i've finally managed to create a BoM tattoo ;*
  8. Thank you so much Sean! I've managed to make the tattoo and uploaded it, now for the difficult part of applying it 😧
  9. Hi, I am currently trying to make a custom tattoo for my legacy female body and was wondering how to find the UV maps to do this? I've opened the create a style folder and the tattoo folder but I haven't found UV maps in there, I've only found templates. This is my first time trying to create something of my own to bring into Second Life so any tips and tricks are much appreciated! Thank you x
  10. hie everybody! i'm just looking for some friends to hangout with in world, maybe a family or a clan i could join? i'm from the uk and am usually on evenings on weekdays and random times throughout the weekend cc: i'm all up for keeping in touch off of sl too! ❤️ if you're interested send me an IM thankies! mooniemocha - inworld ! dis me
  11. Hai everyone! I have just recently joined Second Life a few days ago, I've been exploring, getting to know the controls and stuff but now I'm finding it pretty hard to find any friends to talk to c: I'm from the UK and I'm on pretty much all weekend, in the weekdays i'm on whenever my real life job will allow me to be. I'd love to get to know some more people and create a ton of friendships! :D <3
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