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  1. I'm feeling like a shadow of my normal self today...
  2. In some shops and other locations, they use the same trick to make the floors look reflective/extremely shiny - the floor is semitransparent, with the whole shop replicated upside down/mirrored under the floor... Take a look at this shop if you want to see an example of this: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Penumbra Republic/133/132/501 Much work for quite a suttle effect...
  3. I was tempted to say "It's all smoke and mirrors", which it kind of is, but not involving either mirrors or smoke It is just a "window" in a wall with everything that would be visible in the mirror duplicated on the other side of the wall... I'll edit this with pic to better illustrate in a sec...
  4. Looks like Scylla and I have the same taste when it comes to bathroom styling
  5. I'm a slow learner, so it lasted like 5 years before I figured out how to take photos. Here are the earliest I can find, from about 2015: Looking sooo young and innocent - and were mostly a redhead back then... And not happy with not escaping the glasses in SL either... But I tried my best to be cool anyways 😎
  6. While others discuss consumerism & capitalism or bears the risks of sounding like pompous prats, I guess I'm more like kinda going for the *ehem* Blonde Bimbo approach ? My intent with this is just to show what you can get out of 1 hour and Zero - 0 - Lindens spent at an ongoing event : Everything worn here, and even some of the poses, were free gifts. Guess you can say I got a free Uberhaul
  7. A quick change (and a haircut) - I have heard that there is a decent chance for a good meal in this city!
  8. Shopping, sightseeing, shopping, posing - no rest for the wicked 😎
  9. Red hot - I know which one I prefer Loooove this one!
  10. Oh - love that shirt!! AND the sunglasses! (and I think I have seen that motorbike before )
  11. Bought this building 4 years ago, and have moved it with me all the time since... Dumped in a small corner of one of my plots for the time beeing, but I stil call it home
  12. Nah - I might as well post it now And rather post a better one in september
  13. Well, actually I could post it any date in september - guess I mixed up dates with prices - lol - but this is why:
  14. What about Mondrian ? Jokes aside - I love this, both outfit and composition! I too have a pic of this dress, but I will not post that until sept. 14
  15. IsoMotion: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jaffee/38/220/1259 was the one of the other brands I was thinking about (just remembered that I can view my inventory in MetaChat on my mobile) They have some of their walks in short, shorter and shortest versions for limited leg movements...
  16. There are plenty of walks, turns & poses specially made to not interfere with long dresses/gowns at the posemakers that specialize in model poses as opposed to photo poses, like walks with limited leg movements, arms bit more out from body to not interfere with hips/wide dresses etc... Not at home at the moment, so cannot check up on brands, but i know one of them is called something like posesion, the best one I cannot remember the name of... I have a lot of those sitting around from my brief stint as a runway model, will check names, send you LM’s when I return from vacation Edit: Quick check on MP - PosESion seems to only have static model poses, although with many designed not to interfere with dresses/gowns. It’s the other brands I cannot remember that have the good walks...
  17. Sone of us use the Lelutka Axis HUD to finetune the facial expressions... Works on other heads than Lelutka too, and can do more than smiles
  18. I can see the picture, and I think I even can spot the cat
  19. This one better then? I like them both EQUALLY much
  20. Referring to the color? That's because we are going for imPEACHment
  21. Well, well - have your fun At least we have the better looking clothes... AND the tequila
  22. Nah, change clothes and go hang out with some cooler guys...
  23. "4 o'clock he said... Hah, I know pidgeons more precise than that!!!!!"
  24. I got absolutely no clue whatsoever what you guys are talking about... (No matter what I buy or how much time I spend tweaking, I end up looking just the same )
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