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  1. Here's my little dirty trick : I download the Belleza demo body (well, I actually have the "real deal" - but I suspect that my alt just got the demo, typically her...), and get these four items. With the "right-click-on-avatar"-hoverheight set so my bare flat feet touches the ground (around 0), I add the one corresponding with the height of the heels/shoe I wear, and saves that in the outfit. Voila, hoverheight basically corresponds with my shoes everytime I change outfits... (I sometimes find that a hoverheight that is perfect in one sim, might be a bit off in another, but that is easily adjusted via the right-click or QuickPrefs. Seems like some floors or skyboxes at some altitudes migh have something to say?)
  2. Hey, I look like the archtypical «Budeie» (thats something for you guys to google 😜 ) at a good old «Seter»
  3. Oh, and I meet this moonlight fairy earlier - was something strangely familiar about her...
  4. I guess the reason why you don’t get an immediate answer to this is because there is no easy answer. Why different 3D model textures ends up having different behaviour in different light settings is a mystery even to the creators, it looks like... Since I do not create content for SL, I cannot give you a list of the material properties involved, but from my experience with other 3D created stuff I would guess it comes down to refraction/reflection values etc...given/set for the individual meshes... In other words, tech stuff I and most users here don’t have a clue about, sorrry
  5. Horsing around... Thank you very much - I don't know really, guess I thought there were enough cowgirl photos there...
  6. Last autumn picture of the year - feels like winter is close... (Taken at :oxygen: using Satomi's 2018 Autumn Sunset WL)
  7. Escaping the cold reality was made even easier when I got hold of the land next to my beach hideaway...
  8. Well, guess I kind of WISH I was dead after being caught doing this...
  9. "How does your avatar look today? Well, she looks crosseyed at her finger..."
  10. Looks like our stylists are taking their inspiration from the same source...
  11. To bad I could not help to solve the issue BTW - if i turn off "Enable Ambient Occlusion (Depth Perception)" (checkbox in same tab), the shadow sliders stop working and the edges turns jagged again?
  12. Oh, this was on the default Ultra settings. My laptop and the latest FS responds nicely to the sliders in the Phototool's Light tab.
  13. @AnyaJurelle: I did this comparison just now - Right part Satomi's Morning Selfie - left part region default WL with time of day and eastern angle of sun set to the same as the Morning Selfie. All other settings untouched, crops from 5000x2600px screenshots, camera in same position, shadows from the same palms . Looks to me as the choice of WL might have an effect here...
  14. Paint Dot Net have have a decent amount of effects built in, and many more plugins available for download....
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