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  1. Well, well - have your fun At least we have the better looking clothes... AND the tequila
  2. Nah, change clothes and go hang out with some cooler guys...
  3. "4 o'clock he said... Hah, I know pidgeons more precise than that!!!!!"
  4. I got absolutely no clue whatsoever what you guys are talking about... (No matter what I buy or how much time I spend tweaking, I end up looking just the same )
  5. Luckily these light fabric shirts dry up fast... But the real nice thing is that they fit really well over all kinds of pants and skirts - kudos to Gabriel for making a good looking shirt that I can combine with a lot of pants and skirts from other designers without any clipping! And that even in many poses that might cause clipping all by themselves...
  6. Gabriel, at Kustom9 (I think, sure of the brand, not so sure about the event...)
  7. HEEEY GUYS, WATCH OUT! I am kind of starting to suspect that the boys next door not always accidentally loses control over the garden hose each time I walk by...
  8. I'm such a Hair Wh...athever, this is #208 in the collection
  9. My initial thought was «an attempt at Maddie-proofing the appartment?»
  10. Trying to "stay on fleek" (that's a bit 2014 to say, I know - but that was what the pose was called 🤔)
  11. Well, then I had to try it too: Not so sure about that one, but at least it knows better than SL what my drunken smile looks like...
  12. You never stop to amaze me ! Did you see a "NO EXIT" sign and got inspired? Or thought of that quote, and went looking for a sign? Whatever the process, pure genius ( and I'm envious )!!! And that was just the idea, then you execute it so elegantly with the pose, the light, the expression, the colors to underline and illustrate the quote... I guess Jean-Paul would approve ! (If this sounds like massive fangirling, it is just because I am one )
  13. I like most things sweet, life included - but not to get my expensive dress wet 😎
  14. "Me? IN that fountain? I'm NOT Swedish, and it is NOT THAT fountain - There is more than one fountain in Rome, you know that, RIGHT? And YES, we are in Rome, we are NOT in Spain - just because the... AHHH, forget it!!!"
  15. Guess you know where you find it now Just remember to be a good Lara, or otherwise I find you (I choose my avatar name Angelina after I saw the first Tomb Rider-movie, one of the first movies I saw with a badass girl hero, and I wanted to be one too )
  16. Come on, sing along: »She’s got the whoooole world, in her hands, she’s got the whoole world, in her hands ... « LOL - suddenly got reminded of my days in the girls scouts 🤣🤓😂 I did get a good tan from my days in Miami though, and Sara somehow always make be better looking that I really am!
  17. "Does this mean that I can do all kinds of stuff without anyone recognizing me?" "Your name is written over your head, silly!" I had to take the "new look" out for a photo before she is mothballed and I am back to my normal self
  18. Well, viskelær over in my place Had to check out the AK Cleo L$1 head (since I already was a member of the AK group...) - combined with a red hair (LB Alias) I got from a lucky letter at Little Bones and some minutes of tweaking the slider, the result became this: Must say that I'm VERY impressed with the skins included with the head (Body appliers were also included...)! Not that I ever going to change my IW look, but IF I were to, this might be one of the better alternatives I've found so far...
  19. I sooo miss the old Argrace hairstyles, luckily I got the memo when the store closed down to be redone and was able to get at least some of my faves before closing.Luckily it seems like the selection of hairstyles in the new store is steadily growing, both with completely new hair and remakes/new versions of older styles (got a version II of my CHIZURU for instance...) Here is the current Argrace fave of mine:
  20. ... in that quiet earth And with Emily on the wall - brilliant! (Should not that book on the bed be open at the last page - hah, guess I found a flaw in this perfect picture after all )
  21. One from California and the other from Europe, there's one obvious place to meet...
  22. I've been using nothing other than The Skinnery in Champagne and Honey since I started posting here, and I cannot say that I've paid any attention to the neck until now I've always thought of that darker color under the skin as a baked in shadow like on other parts of the body/head - in general I think the body skin matches my head very well, the overall tone and the shadowing as well...
  23. The Skinnery on Maitreya/Lelutka - and now you made me notice it
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