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  1. Oh - I’m not sure if I’m able to commit to this right now I’m living with having to meet deadlines in RL, and the next 4 months are the worst of the year... I will of course offer my assistance when I’m “available” - but I cannot commit to more deadlines now - I probably end up delaying the whole ting...
  2. Oh - blame yourself, but now you got me started - lol A suggestion: Everybody is given the possibility to submit two pictures, one that might have a background of any kind to be used as the full page picture in the individual articles (optional), and one on a black/white background for the poster (mandatory, this will then be used as the main article photo if it is the only pic submitted). Same/similar poses on both pics, perhaps?
  3. Then my few cents/small change when it comes to the magazine as such - to be worthy of being called a magazine, it should at least have a cover (how else should we poor contributors have our chance to become cover-girls...). My suggestion is to hire a guest designer for each issue to do the front cover, and do a "collage ala Sara" as the back cover, OR perhaps even better - a/THE poster should be a double page spread on the center pages... A proper masthead for the magazine cover should also be designed of course - so it gets the look of a real mag and we get some consistency going...
  4. Just one thing Orwar - I think you are skipping very lightly over this point. Without @Saravendi using her creativity to come up with (and taking her time to make) her bunny-poster, this whole thing would have been yet another standard forum issue of one asking for details about a certain outfit, getting the answer, and then some of us chime in later with a "hey-look-I -got-something-similar-too" posts. Only THEN, after the bunny-wall/bunny poster had been running/been expanded for a while and had become a thing by itself, the idea surfaced to take this further... So I think a bit more respect for Saras' "ownership" to this thing would be in place, just sayin'... What this magazine at least needs is an editorial in the first issue describing the origin of this whole thing, credit put where credits are due... (and perhaps even a short mentioning of the origin/background in the colophon of each further issue) I might (very well) be a bit thin-skinned and overreacting a bit here, but that's how I've become after being an (often) lone female in a male-dominated creative business (and I would have been as eager to put things straight even it if was a guy who came up with the original idea ) So, that was me getting this off my chest, no more party-spoiling, sour grapes or ranting from me Carry on carrying on, guys
  5. ...but I do a mean unicorn, right Orwar?
  6. Not sure if I got this bunnygirl-thing I've heard about lately completely right though...
  7. "Us spectacled chicks have got to stick together, right girls?"
  8. ...and hearing about all the sisters showing up here lately, my sister finally found some time to get over for a visit - say hi to Taisiya
  9. And then some wine until its time to find the way home
  10. First, and most important - love this photo Sara!! Talli - for special dramatic poses it is worth checking out PosESioN https://marketplace.secondlife.com/store or eves/132752?id=132752 (but inworld where you can test and buy single poses. These are model poses with lots of variations not to interfere with clothing and other body parts etc...
  11. You can turn off automatic delivery in the HUD - near top on settings tab
  12. I totally agree with this - my look is so different even after hours of trying to get things right that I still use 3.0 at least for closeups... Ears are different, brows and jawline are differently shaped and that effects eyes and mouth...
  13. Wow, just WOW! All the tech - DoF, tint, composition etc. - spot on, but that's not the point... The pose, the expression, the ambience, the... Man, wow - just WOW!
  14. Hat, dress and gloves/bangles are gachas from Meva called Audrey (of course), necklace/earrings from CentoPallini. Bought what I could find of the gachas on MP... SAS - Synergie Black Dress bought on MP - comes with Omega gloves and a hat I didn't like that much, in addition to the matching purse...
  15. ... says the woman that a while back had this wonderful picture of her wearing a sheer top and a hat (like on the profile pic?), which were one of the real eyeopeners for me regarding how elegant it was possible to be in SL (and really got me into hats :D) ...
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