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  1. Should come as no surprise to the ones who knows me... This is about 1/4 of what I took home from HF19
  2. I know that, I know that, I know that Its "Mavis 2" from D!va (or possible just "Mavis") At least I thought that, but now I'm not 100% anymore (could not find it in the main store) - LOL
  3. Walking around one of my favorite parts of SL... Checking out the property price level
  4. Sara and I had some difficulties on deciding "the look of the day" today : We ended up going shopping looking like this :
  5. I think I'll stick with Alexandre Vauthier for this Fall/Winter as well https://www.numero.com/en/fashionweek/alexandre-vauthier-couture-fall-winter-2019-2020-grand-palais-paris-fashion-week-swarovski
  6. New hair AND new clothes (well at least a new shorts - lol) Contemplating if I dare to join the other surfers out there 🤔
  7. I do think that girl with the "head purse" was from the Gucci Fall 2018 runway in Milan? Jared Leto made "fun" of it at the Met Gala earlier in May this year...
  8. Old clothes, new hair (surprise, surprise )
  9. Looking for Aegle, Hesperia or Erythia? I've been to some performances over in the church building before - but now it is restored to... well, a church.
  10. When your choice of venue is solely based on the color of your outfit...
  11. A tiny selection of the free gifts at Uber this month, everything I wear here - except the glasses, but included the hair (and a couple of the poses)
  12. Yay, a new doctor already Looking good, very good indeed!
  13. Looks like someone is planning how to get some good photos out of this Here's my best take at it - us catching the last bit of sun before night...
  14. To avoid the 10L$ upload fee - with Firestorm (don't know in other viewers) you do not have to upload the picture to SL, you can use the "Local" function when you select textures and add files from your local drive - works fine for a temporary texture that only needs to be there for a photo. Saves me a lot of Lindens and/or logins to the betagrid when i'm playing around with textures - works fine as long as only you need to see the texture, others around you will of course not see the local texture...
  15. Awww, thank you!! Comparing this photo and the other one should give you a good clue on that text It's some kind of "urban slang" describing my affection for hair/hairstyles and the frequent changes thereof - lol
  16. Posing with my newlymade hoodie (well, technically just textured) in the"G"-rated version. The correctly branded version contains a word that might not pass moderation so the picture of the "real" thing went on Flickr
  17. I'm feeling like a shadow of my normal self today...
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