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  1. "OH - look over there, that must be that Canadian model everybody is talking about...!"
  2. Does this mean you got the gig for the September ‘65 Vouge Paris cover? Congrats, I knew that Brigitte Bauer would not have a chance if you went for it Watch out for that David-guy who takes the pics though, I’ve heard he’s known for flirting with the models -
  3. "Now if you lose your one and only There's always room here for the lonely To watch your broken dreams Dance in and out of the beams of a neon moon" --> THIS VERSION <--
  4. Love your style! I'm a bit envious of both the suit and the boots, and not to mention the hair BTW, I had the pants from earlier, so I HAD to get that top
  5. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery "You should consider that Imitation is the most acceptable part of Worship, and that the Gods had much rather Mankind should Resemble, than Flatter them." Jeremy Collier and André Dacier - Emperor Marcus Antoninus his conversation with himself, 1708
  6. Tokyo street, but not THE Tokyo Street
  7. Aww - thank you, Roxy!!! I was just trying to get some use out of the skybox I decorated earlier, and kept on to the "Kacey-theme"
  8. " I'm just a dime store cowgirl That's all I'm ever gonna be You can take me out of the country But you can't take the country out of me, no Cause I'm still the girl from Golden Had to get away so I could grow But it don't matter where I'm goin' I'll still call my hometown home" ~Kacey Musgraves
  9. Awww - shut up Just a lucky shot (...the girls were beautiful though)!
  10. "Hey, those girls over there look familiar..."
  11. Are you REALLY sure that you enjoy shopping with me ?
  12. This is soooo lovely, Scylla!!! Thank you for showing me from a new side! Guess you have to call it "Interior with Young Woman Seen from the Side" or perhaps "Interior with (a bit more than) an Easel, (insert street address here)" Thank you again - and now I really feel the pressure of coming up with something "different" (Did I say really say different ?)
  13. Looks like Kacey and I got some new neighbors today - got to have a chat with them when they show up!
  14. @BelindaN, I must be doing something wrong, still no guys hitting on me
  15. Love your expression here! Oh, and now I know who you remind me of - Ewa Fröling (here in Fanny & Alexander, a movie they used to show on TV every Christmas ) Something about the eyes and eyebrows - and the first name of course
  16. Oh, I just HAVE to join in on this red dress thing - lol - feeling a bit dramatic today!
  17. /me takes a deep bow - Thank you!!! Oh - so much easier now with mesh, guess yours was every bit as good! Oh, please - shut up - It started with a jedi robe, a full perm bandana and a pearl earring... And grrrr, I always post my pictures prematurely - the finished picture (with some added postprocessing are <HERE> on my Flickr...)
  18. Inspired by @Skell Dagger & @Saravendi (...and Vermeer )
  19. Oh, we’re just posers In true movie tradition, it was only apple juice in the bottles and glass... And the hand - he was just being a gentleman trying to prevent my dress to slide up during my posing
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