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  1. I've never really understood those Germans either But I love their moves
  2. ...staring at the stars, contemplating life - completly ALONE, and I have the pictures to prove it
  3. Somehow I started my day in a bikini on a beach - and then ended up like this: (No edit, just a lucky shot through the side drapes of a canopy bed or four poster or whatever those kind of beds are called...)
  4. MOVE Animations Cologne - best I've found so far... Love that some of the dances even have cool hand and finger moves http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MOVE Animations Cologne/134/64/27
  5. Waiting for @Saravendi to return from her holiday
  6. Naughty or Nice... (Went out shopping and found those matching outfits from Neve, and could not resist posting this one...)
  7. These That "Kvikk Lunsj" (Fast Lunch) is a Kit Kat Copy Cat Story goes that the son of a manufacturer tasted Kit Kat in London back in 1935, and then launched his version in Norway in 1937. Going for a hike in the woods/mountains or a cross country ski outing, it's mandatory to bring a good supply of these (they sometimes comes with suggestions for hike destinations on the inside of the wrapper...)
  8. Hanging out with some guy trying to get a grip on that *scary* thing going on this month...
  9. Today? Just like yesterday (totally inappropriate beach wear, I know...) (Straight outta BD, not even a crop this time either...)
  10. (Straight outta BD - no external processing, not even a crop )
  11. I have seen mesh dresses advertising this (moving in the wind etc) - I even think I bought some of them, have to dig them out and test Arcane Spellcaster... They SAY their stuff moves with the wind at least, will test later https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/bag-Dress-Serena-BENTO-WCH-Arcane-Spellcaster-Ak-Creations/15127925 (First one I found on the MP, quite sure it is another one from the same designer I’ve got...)
  12. Oh, and I have to correct a mistake I made the other day - the correct guitar to go with this outfit is of course a '58 Goldtop
  13. Awww - thank you !! Blame it on Desert Sunset Windlight, Amiable Waist Corset Dress, Focus Poses Pumpkin Patch and Stealthic Sultry hair And yes, Black Dragon - playing with all it got
  14. LOL , and you both are sure that you not been sampling stuff from the guys in the van? Well, that song really has to be written
  15. Sitting by the camp fire, trying to come up with a song about cowboys and hippies - lol PS: The photo is taken here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tholtfinger/191/128/3102 Feel free to visit if you need a desert style backdrop or just have a look around - beware of rattlesnakes and coyotes PS2: I do not in any way, form, or shape endorse what they might or might not sell out of that VW bus
  16. Teskedsgumman? (Sorry, only "funny" for those who know one or more scandinavian languages ) On another note - be careful to not burn/boil your bum!!!
  17. Trying to stay as classy as one should, wearing a skirt named "Grace" and a top called "Kelly"
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