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  1. It is the "Christmas Snow Dream Gown" in red from ApoTHEOSes
  2. Talking about Chrissie - this one is one of my absolute favourites: (With Sheryl Crow as one of the backing vocalists )
  3. Well, this is what I get for trying to be helpful and highlighting what I find positive about this product? Where do you find me saying this is a bad thing? I clearly state that this is one of the easiest bodies to get hold of a dev kit for... If anything, I would very much like Maitreya and Belezza to apply the same policy - give their dev kit out to EVERYBODY, ony condition being that they know to whom they are giving it! With Legacy, you only have to identify yourself as opposed to if you were to get a Maitreya kit, you'd have to document that you have a well established shop, experience in 3D modelling, sign over your soul and your firstborn child and whatnot... And where have I said that I’m not willing to give my RL ID to Legacy? As a not so interesting fact, I have already done so! What’s in my MP listings is completely irrelevant btw, have you heard of the concept of working for other companies for instance? I use the MP listings solely to get rid of the surplus gachas I gather when the temptations gets me - oh, and there is the one shape I made for the AK Cleo head, just for the fun of it. Nothing else... Not a single mesh I've made in that place. I can actually promise you that you will never find a shop with my name on it selling my mesh products - if that makes you feel any better! Another thing I do not do, is to speculate in what motives people might have - even though it is very tempting at times... Just so that you do not have to speculate - my post was intended as a counterweight and clarification to the earlier post claiming that Legacy dev kits was hard to get hold of! And to make it clear, all questions in this post are retorical - I don’t expect or want answers...
  4. Absolutely correct A cool updo is essential when wearing hoodies - lol But what I really want now is a “messy ponytail’, you know like when you put your ponytail back in the hairband kind of and makes it shorter (argh, hard to explain in a foreign language...) so I can have a casual look without hair poking through hoods and backpacks and whatnot...
  5. Actually one of the easiest bodies to get a full development kit for, you only have to give them your RL identity:
  6. Lutz City - The street just down from the hotel leading up to the outdoor music venue...
  7. Ok, we'll agree on white, black and brown then? Aaand smile... (yeah, I'm trying - believe me!!!) (My post #500 on page 1000 - all by coincidence of course )
  8. I walk around - clockwise - and I'm totally OK shopping with others, I just might be a bit upset when they start waking around in the wrong direction - lol I only cam if the lag is toooo bad, and I prefer inworld shopping over shopping at the MP
  9. The X-mas Edition (Not sure if I'm ever going to wear it thou )
  10. ^^^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^^ This is soooo cool, love the pose, and the EXPRESSION!!! Especially yours, Belinda - although I'm a bit worried over the devious plans you seems to be making
  11. I’ll join in on this - bought the body out of curiosity at the sales. Cannot get rid of the neck seam no regard what head/skin combo I use. Catwa/Lelutka/Genus heads combined with Session/The Skinners/Clef de Peau & more skins in both applier and BoM variants... Using the neck fix thing in the HUD on the body and adding the neck fix mesh almost does it, but then you can see the feathered edges of the mesh fix at certain angles This in combination with the quirks in the HUD is detracting strongly from a anotherwise good body in my opinion...
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