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  1. ...and then we went dancing And I have now become soo cool that I wear shades indoors, even at the cinema... Lost the big knife though!
  2. I am now so cool that I wear shades in the rain! I also brought the big knife
  3. Just as fun and useful as in all the other viewers I totally depend on them, especially when doing studioshots and as fill lights on location... 3 of them in use in this, to get details in the dress to pop and as general fill/highlights:
  4. Thank you - since I always take my pics in the same resolution, I now know where to start looking! And also where to avoid placing hard-to-photoshop details when composing the shot! I made a template with a 1920x1001 in PS, so I and my poor eyesight can find the tiling : Or I could use BD of course ! Thank you for your assistance!
  5. Luckily this very rarely shows in most of my pics - I take all my pics at 5000x2607 with all the bells & whistes activated - Ambient Occlusion included. My viewer render resolution is at 1920x1001 so I should be experiencing that tiling all the time... But I have only been able to see it 2-3 times when I use a specific windlight... I use glasses, so it might be that I do not have the eyesight to see them So here's todays challenge - show me the tiling on this unedited, straight from FS image so I know where to look in the future :
  6. ...and then you got Black Dragon-ized I sneakeded in on you and tooked thiz one - no need for a dark corner if you ask me!!!
  7. Well, I'm quite sure that I'm going for a new first name at least, Taya String sounds good, doesn't it Change of last name depends on what there is to choose from, but Taya will be my official first name as soon as possible! And from what I have heard and read, as LittleMe told you it earlier - The name you buy stays if you cancel your premium! Can not find the source here and now, but this was answered and verified by a Linden.
  8. Technically still NOT clipping through the body - what you see there is hair clipping through a mesh jacket I have spent hours running around naked, and I could not make my braid even touch my back for a tiny tickle - with clothes on, completly different story
  9. And I now feel obligated to post something on topic! What then could be more fun than to play with two of my favourites, Audrey and BD @NiranV Dean, you rock !
  10. First of all - thank you for making this fantastic viewer! Then - please please accept my sincere apologies for misunderstanding the shadow thing!!! I now love the BD more than ever!
  11. Fixed in two steps: 1. Make sure letter keys are ticked off to "Move Me" Then 2: Use "Add" in "Keybindings" to bind function "turn_right" "turn_left" to A etc... This is done independently for First Person, Third Person, Editing, Apperarence and Sitting so you can assign keys to different depending on what you are doing. EDIT: Well, the cat is out of the bag, it is now official - I do not know the difference between right and left (I have always believed that it was the difference between right and WRONG I had difficulties with but no...)
  12. AVX Version is for modern CPU's starting at AMD FX 6000 Series and Intel equivalents. Non-AVX Version is for older-than-above CPU's before 2011/12.
  13. Have had it for like a week or so - fun, but as mentioned above, a bit limited since you are stuck with a specific preloaded AO while wearing it... So, this one is for special occations only!
  14. So, for some reason I ended up looking like this... Black Dragon, very not un-postprocessed (still looks a bit like me though)! Cropped, cross processed and added light-leaks in the free version of PhotoScape X, recommended by a friend...
  15. The world's bestest Angelina (and it does not hurt that she is covering Lana Del Rey either )
  16. Black Dragon, unedited Someone (me ) insisted that I posted a picture trying to look somewhat normal, not the total lunatic (that I am...)
  17. If he can come up with a rational reason for doing this, I would be very interested to hear it - it kind of ruins the realism to have to choose between shadow from the sun OR shadows from projectors when taking a photo - I want both! Which is not a problem to do in FS or other viewers, so WHYYY? If its because of some programming issues where he have to leave this out to have some other function included, it would be interesting to know... But as he says, it is his viewer, and ifhe choose not to include it because he does not see the use for it or it takes down other functions he need more, thats his priviledge! I still love it, and now I'm going to start it just to watch the opening movie and listen to the music (or perhaps I just listen to it on YT )
  18. I have a real love/hate relationship with Black Dragon. I LOVE the introvideo and especially the intromusic - I spend minutes longer on logging in just beacuse of that... I hate the default key layout for controlling the avatar and for controlling the camera - had to spend major time and do some minor hacking to get it to my liking. Love the machinima-panel, and the ability to add lensflare and vignetting directly when taking a picture. Love the DoF control and the realistic DoF Settings, but hate that you have to choose between shadows from the sun/moon OR projectors (WHYYY?). Love that you can have motionblur and take BW pics, but hate that there is no Favourite Attachments or built in AO. AND the Poser!! A level of control that nothing else can give you, and you can save the poses for later use - but no one exept you can see your pose, so it is useable for photos only... But when you get all settings right - the quality of the rendering is absolutely superb! And it is well worth taking the time to get over that initial (huge, i know) struggle to learn how things work, the possibilities that lies before you is well worth it!!!
  19. Yes - of course And... awww, thank you!! And I'm wearing Zoey
  20. @manoji Yachvili I quite like Nanika (lots of good stuff for almost free on the MP), Amitie and Foxcity and all of the above mentioned... ...but most of all I like to play with myself in Black Dragon Oh, and Chrysanthemum (spelling) have two cool multipose HUDs at the current eBento event - where you have multiple positions for left/right arm &hand, head and stand etc which you choose and combine via the HUD.
  21. ๐ŸŽท๐ŸŽบ๐ŸŽน๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ "It's a new dress It's a new hair It's a new life For me And I'm feeling good" ๐ŸŽท๐ŸŽบ๐ŸŽน๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ And comfortable shoes are essential for shopping - function over fashion!!!
  22. In my experience, there are big differences in how well different hair brands fit different head brands. Some combinations are perfect, many not so much. Some of my Doux hair come in 3 sizes (S,M,L), if yours is one of those I presume you are using the smallest one? Otherwise it might be that the rigging of that hair is not suitable for your head, which is quite common. I have plenty of hair that demand thoroughly thought through camera angles o not show a gap between head and hair in photos. Seems like most hairs are rigged for Catwa, the one I have had most trouble finding perfect fit hair for is Akeruka, and to a certain extent Genus actually... What brand of head are you wearing BTW? What would be really strange, and something I have no idea of why might happen, is if they've fitted perfect earlier, and now suddenly do not without you having changed the head... You mention BoM, some head brands I know of uses two different versions of their head - one for BoM, and one for appliers. The BoM version might have a slightly different shape to make it match the standard SL UV map better...
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