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  1. I walk around - clockwise - and I'm totally OK shopping with others, I just might be a bit upset when they start waking around in the wrong direction - lol I only cam if the lag is toooo bad, and I prefer inworld shopping over shopping at the MP
  2. The X-mas Edition (Not sure if I'm ever going to wear it thou )
  3. ^^^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^^ This is soooo cool, love the pose, and the EXPRESSION!!! Especially yours, Belinda - although I'm a bit worried over the devious plans you seems to be making
  4. I’ll join in on this - bought the body out of curiosity at the sales. Cannot get rid of the neck seam no regard what head/skin combo I use. Catwa/Lelutka/Genus heads combined with Session/The Skinners/Clef de Peau & more skins in both applier and BoM variants... Using the neck fix thing in the HUD on the body and adding the neck fix mesh almost does it, but then you can see the feathered edges of the mesh fix at certain angles This in combination with the quirks in the HUD is detracting strongly from a anotherwise good body in my opinion...
  5. No interesting story here Big fan of Angelina Jolie back in the day, and String was the first last name where Angelina were not taken... I have an alt which name differs with only one letter to my RL name though
  6. Miss and Mr SL is very well alive and kicking, despite the look and state of their website! Bad website, very professionally driven events - that would be my conclusion after my brief stint there A combination of live themed runway shows, alternated with photo challenges sounded like good fun, and I’ve probably had enjoyed it had it not been for a complete focus on a caricatured runway model body stereotype. It was all about being 2.5 meters high with telephone pole legs... A bit sad really, the styling challenges, the photo shoots and the catwalk events with rehearsals and all was very creative and interesting, and TOTALLY professional arranged (despite of the look of the website). Sometimes I actually regret that I did not stay the whole run, , insisting on being my tiny self all the way to the end, but it was too tiring putting in all that effort just to be told that I would have been sooo much better off with a different body shape everyyyyy time... A bit silly from my side I guess - me focusing to much on my avatar being me, and not being willing to change... Could probably be good fun for someone into fashion and photos with a healthy distance to their SL body shape and will to conform (bodywise)...
  7. Looks good on you, Eva - more so the hair than the shirt... We have a saying here in Norway that goes alonng the lines “Anyting suits a beautiful lady”, and that’s what saves the tee here Not my best work that one, but it gets the message through at least
  8. Wouldn’t that be “Pride and Prejudice” from 2005 with Matthew Macfadyen as her Mr. Darcy?
  9. I am soooo sure Skell (and Matty and Matt and the rest of the guys in here) totally agree with you on this one
  10. (Ah, Steak Tartare - served every sunday dinner at my parents, yum!) Meat Market
  11. "If I can make it there - I'll make it anywhere..."
  12. Schneider Gallery (which shows the work of many amazing photographers from around the world!)
  13. I actually like the LAQ animations quite well - I think my alt Cara have a much cuter smile than my main And after having demoed most of the available skins (and bought quite a few) out there, I must confess that I still prefer one of LAQ's own (Evelyn...)
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