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  1. Admiring myself. Alas, my stomach bothers me, but I'm trying to hide the pain.
  2. The sea, monsieur, I can foresee the glory of France beyond the sea!
  3. It's in French. That's why the spelling is different. It's actually me. I kept getting banned in the first one, so I had to make the second one to prove to the owners of the rooms that I didn't deserve the ban. I finally convinced them. Oh, I didn't hire anyone. I don't have the money to do that.
  4. Ok, I did. I don't know how to check the rules? How do you check them without trying to find a physical sign in the room?
  5. Ok, then I won't wear the sword. I didn't put the sword on because I found other accessories that fit better with my outfit. Also, I was thinking of finding better swords, but I didn't know that many places ban weapons. I didn't wear weapons to random places because I have no purpose to wear them. Now that I know that almost every place ban weapons, I won't buy a sword or find any free weapons.
  6. Now since you have reminded me of Blücher's arrival, I shall make sure he will never defeat me this time! Blücher and Wellington are down for good!
  7. Ok, merci beaucoup! I never go to Gmail every day. I thought the switch was for having this website's bell icon to inform me that a person has replied, which I actually want. I only want this website's bell to inform me, but not to spam me with messages that a person posted something that has nothing to do with me.
  8. Ahem! I am not going back to Elba and St Helena, monsieur. You may bully me as much as your heart's desire, but I am not letting your disgraceful words get to me. The chances that I will become depressed and commit suicide is super low.
  9. There are Linden games?! I didn't know that there are Linden games. Where are they at? Can someone show me the link to the games? I'm a new player here.
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