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  1. SpinAcces

    Flop my Second Life !

    Ooww... >.< that hurts x:
  2. SpinAcces

    How did you meet your Partner ?

    Since there is so many sad romantic stories around the Grid (and in RL too unfortunately...), it feels good to hear about those HAPPY ending Stories ( : So who the pastor presiding was ? x:
  3. SpinAcces

    How did you meet your Partner ?

    How romantic ! i love it : D Thank you for sharing !
  4. SpinAcces

    💙 A s i a n - P o w e r 💙 💚 💜

    Oh yeah those two groups are cool ! by Flow my favorite are : Re member and Hero and by SCANDAL: Shunkan Sentimental Asian kung fu generation & Nico touches the wall are two other "groups" that i recomend ! : D Oh we should make a topic about J-rock songs !
  5. SpinAcces

    Flop my Second Life !

    I know the feeling Comrade...
  6. SpinAcces

    Linden Lab to put millions of US$ into SL

    I would LOVE that !
  7. Hello Everyone ! So here's an idea that i got. do you know this random everyday RL stories website : http://www.fmylife.com/ ? So let's make a SL version where we tell our everyday stories that happened in our adventures in the grid : D Here's an example: Today, as i was exploring around in a shopping sim, there is this shop that i really wanted to enter in to. but oddly i just couldn't find the door, i could see the inside of the store since the walls were all transparent, so transparent that i didn't realize that this space to the side is the entrance not an other transparent wall...Flop my SL ! #TrueStory
  8. SpinAcces

    Linden Lab to put millions of US$ into SL

    haaaa such good news ! but a bad news for the cure of my SL addiction... lol
  9. Well that depends... i can't see wrttings at long range without my beloved glasses... things looks blurry, as blurry as the texture in SL when they take time to load... lol
  10. Hello Everyone ! i don't know you, but i love romantic stories. some are so cute and beautiful. For those who want to share about it, How did you met your Special someone ? (:
  11. So my eyes are fine ? : D Akasha> Don't give up Comrade, the SL world is full of friendly people. it May take time to find them but, usually it pays to keep looking.
  12. There is a few Dating Agency inworld too. try in the SL search the keyword "Dating" How do i know ? oh... eum just curiosity >.>
  13. SpinAcces

    Decency ? Modesty ?

    I reeeeally didn't have the motivation to go through such a long reading. Hm though if it's like "50 shades of Flop", it's probably not gonna be of my liking. Brrr... sounds like Troubles haha
  14. SpinAcces

    💙 A s i a n - P o w e r 💙 💚 💜

    Hello there. I can recomend you the Kawai Anime group, there is a lot of anime fans in there. and for places i would recomend this place called AMH - Annie May Haven. There is a lot of Anime Avatars there.