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  1. Yes I have a friend that showed me that one today. But it says : Don't panic Should I believe that? If it's unknown....Why does it have one 10 digits code?
  2. Ty for the replies... ...well I guess I will have to go to their Jira ticket thingie after all ...... I have done that now And only thing I can do now is to wait and hope for something good Hugs Sara
  3. I use Firestorm and after latest up date I crash hysterically much. Especially after changing outfits to another saved outfit, but even when removing things and less often but it happens as I teleport or scroll back and forward to rez a little faster. This is the message I receive each time I crash: https://gyazo.com/43c9124c6ac6443a84044ab883e60321 I have no clue if this has to do with 2nd Life or Firestorm or both? Thank you in advance for helping me out here. Best Regards Sara
  4. Ty so much for the answer Raihannah What you wrote here seems to be exactly what it seems to be.....A greifing tool. Hugs/`Sara
  5. I read a lot about it here at the Forums. Probably nothing to get worried about at all...but, Today I met a girl and she offered a hug and I accepted...(Just a normal hug) She offered one more (Just a normal hug again)...and I accepted again....... Then it said, (at the same time as she poooofs) -->>> ********************* has offered you the power of a Lycan warrior. This will register you with The Bloodlines system, and you'll get a FREE Lycan wound attachment. Say Yes to accept! (of course I declined it) Then it said: You've just been attacked by a Bloodlin
  6. Ty for all the nice good tips Skell I was lucky and now have all back into my inventory!
  7. Fixed! Weeeeeeeeee ♥♥♥ Very strange......I made a clear cache AFTER I re installed Firestorm again... after a CLEAN INSTALL (which wasn't enough)
  8. Now I have un installed Firestorm and installed it again. Still same thing. This is utterly bad
  9. all my folders with Landmarks... & all my folders with saved Outfits are empty. Tonight I see that so most of my folders are. Some few have an arrow one step or so further down but main folders are all showing empty. It was so over 1 hour after I crashed yesterday and is the same today as I now logged back in... like 16 hours later? How do I do to get it back to normal? I use Firestorms latest viewer. Thanks in advance for any tip that can solve this irritating and annoying thing Best Regards Sara
  10. Yes I know....It sounds morbid? Now for 2 months plus.... Even before the latest update, it started. What then? Well I could not upload my pictures to my "homepage" here. It works lovely most days till about round 5 pm, then it's hopeless impossible and I will get a message saying: Failed to upload picture to your P (I guess page) So question is when that will start to work again? Btw, I am at Central European Timezone One male friend of mine just said: """ I guess servers can't handle USA waking up""" That could be close to the truth maybe?
  11. I been using the bodies of Brazilia last 3 years. And since my body never got developed to get mesh clothes, I tried a few other brands and found Hourglass to be if not close to Brazilia Doll bodies, at least "pretty" close. I seen like 1 or 2 Hourglass creations at the Marketplace, that also provide one extra add for tango adds (to fit other breasts than just Hourglass own ones). How come, creators not provide the top add for breasts like SN ~ Venus Breasts FIORE, Nifty Bits, : V : Eclipse Implants, Mused, SKING:.BOOP! BOMB / BOING, vString etc, etc, etc? Hugs/Sara
  12. I say thank you to you as well. It is such a difference between this and Brazilia that i have been into for last almost 3½ years. I take a step each day and will learn the way of saving outfits these days bc way way way more complicated than I ever experienced it. One head and one body for each outfit i save.... On the other hand that is what i do for my slink feet since years back. Hugs/Sara
  13. It is fixed YAY ...Ty for the tip....I never had to do like this before so bc of that, I was completely lost there for a while...
  14. Thank you so much for the tip there. I will go and see if that works and then write here again. Hugs/Sara
  15. Or is it just to buy a new body? I mean first of all "who" can ever have known of that when you click on apply, to texturing your breasts, then you also color your arms and full upper body with arms, hands . Not head though. I then click on my skin appliers and add back the correct tone for my hands and take a look at bottom and all looks just good. But the top is totally ruined and I get this message: https://gyazo.com/b1867bccebf426634df356fdebaea741 And seen from back my body looks like this now: https://gyazo.com/7e72a077b6a03adcbaf6154b4aab4ace I made a new copy of the skin i bo
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