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  1. This includes a head and body, both of which can be provided to you alongside of a reference of what I want done. It WILL be a furry avatar and I would prefer her being anatomically correct, if you're not comfortable with that please do not message me. If you can have this done, please message me inworld or drop me a notecard. Thank you!
  2. Took this while shopping for new hairs. Was just a demo but it was so pretty I couldn't resist taking a picture of it.
  3. So recently, like the fully functioning and responsible adult that I am, I lost my debit card at a buddy's house. This isn't an issue for me as I often keep spare cash and have a Paypal. Now, my paypal isn't linked to my card or bank and I normally use my Paypal balance and it's worked fine for other online purchases, however every time I try to link my Paypal to buy lindens it prompts me to enter a card. Is it not possible to pay via Paypal balance or am I missing something?
  4. It's all about appeal. Some people do it to fit in (which is odd, especially for SL) some people to impress others, and some do it just for themselves.
  5. I mostly meet people on the forums!
  6. You can add me inworld if you'd like!
  7. Feel free to add me! <3
  8. Feel free to add me in world! I'd love to show you around a bit. I can get a bit chatty, though!
  9. Feel free to add me in world! I get a bitty chatty, though.
  10. It is not against the rules so long as you're well described as an of age avatar.
  11. I think in SL you are whoever you are and it shouldn't have to matter who you are in the real world. For example, I am an Opossum in secondlife. It should be no concern to anyone else that I may not be in real life.
  12. I didn't read many of the comments (or any really) but I'm just going to put it out there that the whole reason some people (not all) use SL is because they don't have the ability or social skills to interact in the real world. SL is a lot like the real world without DIRE consequences, so people will express this mostly antisocial or 'unstable' behavior when confronted with social situations with other players... I don't know... an observation.
  13. You can call me Clem, or Clementine depending on how fancy you like to make yourself up to be. I'm nothing but a slacker metalhead possum. Now, I'm not neccassarily as glamourous or inspirational as I could be but that's what makes me human.. or possum. My point here is that I consider myself realistic and down to earth. Even when I screw with stangers and act almost as obnoxious and vulgar as possible, I do it in a way that seems totally plausible in the real world. Basically, what I'm trying to say here is that I'm looking for company that can take a joke and throw back one just as good, company to enjoy time with whether we be naming fictional goth rock band names or summoning an incubus or laughing at people in trees. You can feel free to message me at CanisMercy Resident
  14. I've always just been able to touch my collar and the menu came up.
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