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  1. I mean, so long as it's not specified as not allowed or really bothering people around you then I don't really see the issue.
  2. Sure, you could lie in RP as long as it doesn't carry over to RL, though if you weren't being honest I think it would be better off to specify this to your RP partner, either by suggesting it in RP or telling them OOC. Just know that lying has its consequences, even in a fictional sense. Lying to an RP partner about something like 'I love you' could turn out pretty bad in the case that they may express their feelings through RP, something I've encountered before.
  3. Talk to him with an open mind, and bring up what you already know (so he can't deny anything that you already know exists.) I suggest telling him what you told us, and letting him know how this makes you feel.
  4. I'd be more shocked to find a person who hasn't been ghosted at least once in their life.
  5. This includes a head and body, both of which can be provided to you alongside of a reference of what I want done. It WILL be a furry avatar and I would prefer her being anatomically correct, if you're not comfortable with that please do not message me. If you can have this done, please message me inworld or drop me a notecard. Thank you!
  6. Nothing quite brings out the zest for life in a person like the thought of a new experience. Some people just can't appreciate what it is that they have in the moment.
  7. "WHERE THE ***** ARE THE FRILLY BRAS?" -an actual IM I received from a guy trying to get a nice gift for his girlfriend.
  8. Took this while shopping for new hairs. Was just a demo but it was so pretty I couldn't resist taking a picture of it.
  9. I've never really used SL for roleplay or anything like that and I've absolutely never had an SL boyfriend/girlfriend (I'm partnered to my best friend haha!) but if I were to guess, I think most SL-only relationships are fun games more so than made with malicious intent or with the intention on lying to someone. I imagine it a lot like playing a sims game, but someone else is controlling the other sim. They're just characters and they're adding depth to those character's lives.
  10. So recently, like the fully functioning and responsible adult that I am, I lost my debit card at a buddy's house. This isn't an issue for me as I often keep spare cash and have a Paypal. Now, my paypal isn't linked to my card or bank and I normally use my Paypal balance and it's worked fine for other online purchases, however every time I try to link my Paypal to buy lindens it prompts me to enter a card. Is it not possible to pay via Paypal balance or am I missing something?
  11. It's all about appeal. Some people do it to fit in (which is odd, especially for SL) some people to impress others, and some do it just for themselves.
  12. I mostly meet people on the forums!
  13. You can add me inworld if you'd like!
  14. Feel free to add me! <3
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