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About Me

  1. I recently joined and I want to find some furries to rp and talk to, we can talk and do wholesome stuff. Please reply if you know of any world and if you wanna hang out uwu
  2. I am a 16 year old gay furry. I'm closeted here in the real world, and I've really been looking for someone to talk to. Someone like myself who I can get to know, spend time with, and maybe go out on a date with. The only issue, is that teenagers do not seem to be found in the furry community very often, if at all. And I certainly haven't been able to find someone like myself who's open to a relationship. I've been looking for furry dating apps that I could join, but all that I've found are 18+. So, I went looking for teenage dating sites, but they were either overrun with pedophiles, or I see
  3. POUNCE is the #1 most active, community-based, furry club in Second Life! You'll find live music, great DJs, hosts, dancers, and more. This club offers a pool, dance and music floor, many events, event hosting, and job opportunities. They also have a beautiful nature area to explore on the ground level. Open to everyone no matter the species, humans included. GENERAL STAFF DJs, Hosts, Security, Dancers, VIP Reps Training provided, no experience necessary but a bases on the Department your applying for is required. MANAGEMENT 2-3 DJ Managers, Need a Morning and Primetime M
  4. Looking for something more than just a job? Need a family? Wanna work and hang out in a cool space setting? Look no further! Here at the Astra furry club you are not just an employee. You are family and we care for you. Even tho we are a furry club you do not need to have a furry avi, everyone are welcome! We are currently looking to extend our family with more LIVE DJ's and Hosts! If you have some experience it's great, but if not we will offer to train you. We wish that you are reliable, dedicated and friendly. We strictly want NO DRAMA in our club. It's a safe place where e
  5. Are there any good furry specific spots that aren't heavy on object load and won't cause me to lag like I'm on a stock windows XP system trying to play crisis 3 on max settings? I just need a place where I can try to meet people, despite having group anxiety (which I'm trying to break it's hold over me with this) Adult lands are preferred mostly due to language used (I tend to swear a lot, old habits die hard) and avi outfits, just looking for a place to chill and meet some other fuzzbutts, and if you feel inclined, dm me and we can discuss this further ^~^ I run firestorm on an
  6. IYC is always open for staff employment. We want Djs, hosts and security. There is always room at IYC and we'd love to have you. IYC isn't just a furry place. Everyone is welcome to come here and we have both human and furry staff. We got apps at the entrance and down on the dance floor. Come and chill at the friendliest venue in SL!
  7. Hello; I am a 24 YO woman looking for a male submissive. Age doesn't matter as long as you're +18 and male IRL too. CST timezone. I am not super sexual, in fact sex in SL does very little for me so don't count on it. I am mostly looking for someone who wants to serve, so no brats. My rules are strict and I am controlling: I might want to change your name, the way you look (I still like to respect the species you identify as), you won't be able to sit whenever you want when you're with me, to put some examples. Some have thought of those to be too much, others are completely okay with
  8. Hi! Looking for an inworld job that has good pay (Preferably over 50L an hour, but I guess beggars can't be choosers!) Some info about me for any interested employers: 1. 100% English only speaker-American/British 2. I've been active on SL for over 6 years now with occasional hiatus, so I do have basic understanding of how SL works. 3. I own non-Human avatars only. Fursonas/Nekos. 4. Understanding of modding/editing. 5. Happy to voice verify/cam verify. 6. Happy to do texting, calling, camming/NSFW work. 7. Can dedicate at LEAST 5-7hrs a day if not more.
  9. Anthropomorphism, the attribution of human traits, emotions, and cognitive abilities to non-human entities, has appeared in art and storytelling in various cultures throughout history. As a vehicle for the expression of self in three-dimensional form, it comes as no surprise that Second Life has established itself as the most diverse universe for Anthropomorphic Residents to congregate and celebrate their diversity. Luskwood, a popular treehouse-themed region founded by Eltee Statosky, was one of the first places to become an Anthro hotspot and has inspired many others, as we
  10. Does anyone here know a good underwater themed place for furries?
  11. In search of a photographer who can take some extremely well angled and framed photos of my avatars in multiple settings, poses and outfits for personal, non-profit use. Must be comfortable working with non-human avatars. Must be comfortable taking NSFW/nude photos as well as SFW. You can suggest places with unique and detailed lighting and backgrounds, as well as help with posing and outfit ideas. If you think you can work with me please get in contact ASAP and we can discuss details and work out arrangements with payment and the likes! Thank you. ❤️
  12. In search of a photographer who can take some extremely well angled and framed photos of my avatars in multiple settings, poses and outfits for personal, non-profit use. Must be comfortable working with non-human avatars. Must be comfortable taking NSFW/nude photos as well as SFW. You can suggest places with unique and detailed lighting and backgrounds, as well as help with posing and outfit ideas. If you think you can work with me please get in contact ASAP and we can discuss details and work out arrangements with payment and the likes! Thank you. ❤️
  13. Hello! I've been searching this cat avatar for soo long and I can't find it anywhere inworld or on the marketplace, I just found gachas but I'm afraid that the mod that I'm wanting to use doesn't work with the gacha ones. It's something like this-
  14. hello my name is ThePhionixX third time looking for a creator for a Maitreya custom furry skin. payment is in lindens 6k to 14k and you can contact me here or my email mgpjokers@gmail.com. will give more details and a ref sheet for the skin in email or in message on SL and I´m fine with 50/50 payment or 25/75 payments.
  15. TELEPORT LANDMARK http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mountain Lion/75/128/2002 VIEW US ON SL DESTINATION GUIDE http://secondlife.com/destination/mountain-lion-night-club-amusement-park CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK GROUP https://www.facebook.com/groups/1894546247450880/ ● MELLOW MONDAY MUSIC ~ NOON - 2 PM DJ SUNSET Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park is quite simply breathtaking. Featuring an Amusement Park, Club and Shopping Mall on a full family-friendly moderate sim. A different breath taking view of Mo
  16. Heya, am new to SL so forgive me for any mistakes or misunderstandings here. I'm looking for a designer/creator/whatever the term is who can help me make some custom clothing/mesh for my avatar. The main reason is that, while I use the Kuroo body for most of my avatar, I have the Dazzle Bat legs and feet, which means that any clothing on my legs simply will not fit, and I do not have the experiences necessary to create anything custom or modify anything existing to fit. I'm hoping to get some thigh high socks/stockings made for my avatar, and possibly some matching arm warmers as well, whic
  17. Hey all! I'm Aldo, and I'm a gay submissive English dragon fella. I'd love to chat with new people on here to help stop me from going stir crazy given the whole quarantine situation! However, I'm especially interesting in meeting/getting to know some dominant gay male furries out there who might be interested in this little derg. Please do shoot me a message, I'd love to get chatting with you and get to know you a little more! I'm Aldo Raine (typingfaces) in-game. Stay safe, and I look forward to hearing from you!
  18. Hello, I am relatively new to SL employment in the sense of getting paid, But I do have a decent amount of experience in more security fields. I currently work Real life security, have been for a few years now, along with some customer service. In second life I have worked more unpaid/volunteer jobs as security for 2 clubs and an Estate Admin for a Furry Sim, most of them are furry based but I do have both PG/safe for work human and furry avatars (Mostly mesh/updated)depending on the need of the job. I'm usually on SL almost 24/7 (Save for a few hours here or there when I am sleeping and need
  19. I just started SL and already made a few decent outfits.I don't really know how to get linden other than spending money on it. I thought I'd ask here.if anyone is willing to hire me so I can make linden let me know.
  20. Hi I’m looking for a Female feral dog who can live with me, my man and my dog. You will be his mate, If you are a female dog and would like to be owned and have a house and companion please do IM Djsophie2205
  21. :NOTICE: I am unable to go to places with a ton of objects that require rendering (tested a couple destinations, wasn't good) so most public spaces are out of the question for meeting up or meeting in general. With that said, also note that I am extremely shy and non-social, so you might only get a few words out of me, or you might get a lot, it really depends Now that's been said, I'm looking to meet and make friends on this, preferably other furs, I haven't really been very successful thus far with my anxiety and the limitations on where my laptop can handle rendering the ar
  22. I have a custom species I designed and I am looking to have a male and female head made for.them. Preferably unrigged, but with talkjaw capability and some expressions if possible. I am even open to animesh as I would love to see them brought into the 21st century. I don't need texture work done, just an AO map so I can texture them myself. Attached is a screenshot of the female head I need made. The male would be the same but with a straight slope from the forehead to the snout. Im willing to pay whatever the artist feels is fair within reason!
  23. New hangout for everyone! A Tropical Beach Hangout, relaxing place to meet and greet friends. Wear anything but beach wear preferred. Open SL waters. You can rez with group. Perfect place for furries, humans, elf's and any other races you can think of! Kid's or child like avatars are not allowed on the beach as its adult! Rules are to respect each other, keep the drama in IM or at home rather. We come to the beach to chill and have a good time! Come take a look, bring your friends. Any suggestions? Please contact the o
  24. Furzona - The Home of Bass is truly one of the best of the best clubs in SL within the furry community. Furzona has been around for many years, with having a hiatus and coming back within the past few months of 2020! We have been gaining many furs, humans, and all sorts of fun, amazing people that come to FZ as patrons and enjoy our atmosphere. Feel free to stop by and check us out! "The original & best furry dance club. We offer a unique SL clubbing experience found no where else." We pride ourselves in our exclusive content, DJs, music, and atmosphere! Stop by sometime. Ch
  25. If I've put this in the wrong place, feel free to either move it or redirect me to where to put this. Hello. I'd hate to ask, but I would like some assistance in picking out a good avatar when I cannot find an appropriate one. I am looking for a large version of this guy, but with claws. Can be bipedal. I don't mind if even it's a little small, I'm just having trouble finding an accurate representation of the big green right here. I could use some pointers, so if anyone has an idea or two, feel free to hit me up, please. If I have to custom make it, so be it. Thank you.
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