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  1. Uh oh??? Do we know each other tho? The "attitude" similar to someoneI used to know
  2. lol girl me and you both but spoiler alert, there is no sugar daddies in SL atm
  3. Hello ❤ I Had a conversation with one of the guy friend in world, about how hard is it to fine Friends :c specially if you are shy & awkward. so he suggested that I write a post here. So I am looking for "girl" Friends, and guys are welcome too.. tho I seem to notice they never keep it PG :c I usually spend my time jumping from a sim to another, Gacha Hunting, Shopping or recently I am practicing taking Pictures. I am always open to try new thing ofc ❤ .. I am Arab In RL ( the reason I mention that, because some people have problem with this + English isn't my Fi
  4. Try open collar , Or a D/s Groups .. you will find more Replies there
  5. Hello , I took a long break from SL due to RL Issues , and now I am just trying to find myself and 99% of my SL Friends aren't active any more so I am looking to find a friend , Male or female doesn't matter I am very open minded & I tend to be very chatty, love exploring new sims , Dancing.. I also spend most of my time at Frank's ( I just love the people there ) Also I enjoy shopping too <3 , and I been told that I am very awkward & play too much , I have to admit I tend to over share .. hope that doesn't annoy anyone added me if you are interested
  6. Hi , I also like to go to club & love dancing , I love shopping and exploring new places Feel free to added me ^^
  7. Hi , feel free to add me I also enjoy shopping & going to the beach and dancing ^^ and I like to explore too!
  8. هلا ياحلوين كنت اضيف الليندين عن طريق رسائل الجوال والان اعتقد منعوها ! ف مامعاي كردت كارد ندي حساب عادي ببطاقه الراجحي فهل في اي طريقه اقدر اشتري ليندين ببطاقه الراجحي ؟
  9. ...............................................
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