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  1. Yea, not responded since he started asking me how it would make me feel if my father was abusing me when I was a child, not responded to any of his alts either, I didn't even report the original, was too weird, since then its just block/report as my morning routine.
  2. Not a popular opinion I know but I find the "its not cheating if the person is a different gender to my partner" thing... bizarre. Male, Female, Unknown, Goat... its all the same. if your other half is fine with it cool, if they ain't, its cheating.
  3. k, thank you, guess I'll go with the blocking everyone for now thing, irritating but tired of the filth.
  4. idk what happened, posted basically the same thing as Claireschen did 21 hours before me but I didn't see it on the page before posting...
  5. I just rely on security with a few mins timer and a polite warning these days, it used to be fully open with no active security, just passive, since I'm mainland road and waterside protected I left a hundred prim or so and made my own unofficial rez zone sign, figured it would be nice for people that crash their cars etc into houses all around me with the police tape since I know how much that sucks, specially if they have the send home thing enabled. Anyhoo, why did I change it? Because for every one person like the OP who would use it respectfully there are one thousand douches wai
  6. I take it the only way to actually prevent constant IM's from a paedophile that makes new alts every few days is to enable "Only friends or groups can call or IM me." Just, after reporting the last dozen+ names it certainly appears LL is incapable of doing anything about it. So, is this the only option, feel bad having to ignore anyone I haven't met yet but not willing to put up with paedophile crap unlike LL.
  7. A fair amount seem to be standing in mesh body/head shops, either afk or talking loudly/eating and/or screaming at offspring on mic by accident cause they either don't realise or don't care they have voice on as well as skype/discord whatever their other half is using. As for things to do, I've searched a bit and it seems to come up quite often, things I've seen suggested and found for myself. #1, Explore, pick a mainland area and go a wandering, this is what I'm doing mostly at the moment, got myself a nice low scripts bike and pick a direction. Planning to get a boat some time too
  8. Thank you Lillith, will check those out asap.
  9. I really don't know where to ask this but, I've been looking at Kittycats, my friend has them and they are cute n all but... I'm the kitty in my household thank you very much so... Dogs, with the same sort of system? Has anyone got recommendations for a decent system with variety like Kittycats but for dogs, with different breeds etc? I'm not really into the purse dog/rat hybrids, just want a regular fun family dog really like a boxer or something that has the same sort of functions, can stay at home or come with me if I attach (scripts permitting), can choose to age, feed 'n' breed or
  10. Yes, I went off on a tangent, my original point was just that, despite it being advertised and sold as Gianni only it worked for his slink for the most part so may work in the same way for Adam or any others that support omega.
  11. Can only speak for myself, cheating is cheating, be it SL or RL or whatever, and if I'm honest I'm not just blaming men, sure, you get scumbags out there but I have way to dammed many girlfriends that only see it as cheating when its their dude, they are fine with spreading it about otherwise which is just sad. As for myself, sure, I'm married IRL and mess around in SL, but I admit, it is unfaithful and disrespectful. Thankfully my RL hubby has his reasons for letting me do it presuming I'm discreet about it.
  12. My friends husband went with Stray Dog recently for body/face when he got a Catwa Daniel head, I have to admit, he looks dammed good. We were hanging out together at the time and he did have some issues first, it was just the signature Gianni they make it for, supposedly they are going to do the other bodies but last I heard next up is Belleza male and, who knows when they will come. Now, he has slink but it worked with omega with his slink body, only issue was the feet looked really off with the slink feet, same issue I get on the Belleza female, I only demoed it but my friend unf
  13. Catfishing... it has its own term? You learn something new every day, it's not exactly a new or slight thing, most of my female friends... How should I word this... are... opaque and or... inventive... yes, that's a good way to say it when it comes to their RL online, hell, some of them aren't women in RL. I keep it painfully simple, tell the truth and watch them run far far away cause, the wrong half of my thirties, married, with a 4yo, is a turn off.
  14. Funny, I did this just the other day, it was a boat, rezzed it then for some inexplicable reason I right clicked and wore it...
  15. Also, if selling it sure, its a nasty issue but, if someone uploads a nice painting image for personal use, most people don't really care.
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