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Found 22 results

  1. I really think we should be allowed to edit posts after the 24 hour mark, even if the old post was still visible. There are a few occasions where the forum seems to be forced into relisting threads rather than just maintaining one thread. (Rental Forums for example people post nearly the same thread every day rather than maintain an active thread for their listings) I do see how allowing editing may be prone to some issues such as people changing what they may have said, but if that was the concern perhaps allow users to see edit history. If that is not the concern then why not allow posts to be edited? Bare minimum I think the First post in the thread should be editable indefinitely so the user can maintain and update the thread. Should we allow post edits,delete,etc. by the user? If so how should this be implemented, otherwise please specify reasons why it should remain the same
  2. When I try to 'Edit' something, the long menu that pops up [General, Object, Feature . . .] is so long it extends below the bottom edge of my screen (in the SL viewer) so that I can't see anything lower down than 'Anyone>Move' and 'Next Owner>Modify'. Can the size of the Edit pop-up menu be adjusted?
  3. Hey there! I am Kiyoko Yasuko, owner of Kiyoko's Yokai Studio. I am new photographer, but I love taking pictures of awesome people I do have a flickr with all the pictures I have done if you wish to see my work »About Kiyoko Yasuko | Flickr« If you wish for an appointment with me please feel free to message me, or please take this application and I will be with you shortly ^^ »Kiyoko's Yokai Studio Application (google.com)«
  4. Freelancer - Looking to create your dream garden for you -(includes outdoor furniture) very afford able rates available. Please have a look at my portfoilo here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmN9ypAo - feel free to message me here - but for a quicker reply - send a note card to julieare resident in world. Hope you have a great week /weekend. Regards julieare
  5. Hoping for some understanding of how/when viewers dis/connect to the internet. Not a complaint or an issue, and Firestorm is mentioned only because that is the viewer I use and saw this in. Today: So-when I am logged out unexpectedly using Firestorm viewer, we/I am asked if I want to view IM and CHAT first before quitting. I usually say no what the hey right, and I log back in whatever. Today I just happened to be typing in what I *thought* was a viewer-managed "browser" window in an avatar profile in the "Notes" section - you know the window: the browser that we cannot drag "outside" the viewer, when this surprise-disconnect of the FS viewer happened. K so what I see when the viewer disconnects on me unexpectedly: The FS viewer top right X turns to a red background indicating (my words) a weak internet connection for 2-8 seconds or so > I see viewer visuals go generally grey-overcast like usual > I see tiny pop-up window offering to see IM and CHAT or just go straight to QUIT, and I still have that viewer-browser window open with half text still there but not yet saved... So I thought oh man do not make me type that again and in the profile in the viewer browser window I take my chances and click the [Save} button, and shock-of-shocks it works! Works = after the FS viewer tells me I have disconnected, I can both view nearby chat and also type text entries into the profiles form box and click save on the web profiles page, over and over, and it saves successfully (on the live internet page). I mean, either I am disconnected or I am not was my guess, but that seems not to be the case. Surmise: I am not "disconnected" from the internet "please check my connection" - I am instead disconnecting from something else in between... Noting that in this state I realize/cannot travel to another web page profile I can only edit in the one that was showing when the viewer froze/disconnected from something... but that still indicates something in the viewer is still very connected to the internet enough to allow me to edit and edit and resave again and again.. Not expected, but this is not my expertise, and I am now intrigued how the viewer can disconnect from the internet, but not disconnect the browser it seems to rule. Adding if the Firestorm > Developer > Show Info > Show Time (fps) means anything, then fps is not the trigger for what cuts me out. Though I recall the ICK days of 20 fps average sighhhh, on this pc generally/today I am 100-140+ fps easy. Until something triggers a surprise disconnect. So after all that blah blah, the question: If I am being disconnected from FS viewer=SL because I have lost a connection to the internet, and the FS viewer internal browser window is controlled by the FS viewer, then why would I be connected *in the internal browser* enough to keep typing and keep saving new info typed, when the viewer managing the browser has said I have lost connection to the internet... Is the viewer's internal browser managed by other-than-the-FS-viewer (so it has a stream of its own maybe, but the viewer graphics do not)? Is the timeout span on the FS/SL/viewers shorter/cuts out quicker, than the separate stream/timeout on the internal viewer-managed browser and its contents (including my accessing the web-based profiles)? Initial raw guess would lead me to ask - if I have edited the default viewer PORT in the viewer, would these two run across two ports and maybe one port is struggling when the other (internal browser) is not? Grateful for anyone who might offer a short perspective, of why one could stay internet-connected enough to still edit/add text, but the viewer otherwise has frozen is not functioning and seems like it has already logged me out of SL.
  6. For some reason I am unable to edit my clothes or move my furniture. Has been going on for about 2 months. I use Firestorm Thanks Petal
  7. ok ,so I was tryng edit a script as I always did for omega hud clothing,and now it constantly say: Unable to upload xxxxx.xxxx.xxx(texture) due to the following reason:Service unreachable Help please!!!
  8. My built house on purchased land has all-sorts of items in it, such as TV, sofa, bed, shower, sink, & air conditioner--the list goes on. Can house inventory "link" together to edit a (move) together on the sim, without re-position of items in the house?
  9. I bought a bracelet that i like the look of from sl market, but whenever i add it it just spews out particles. How do i turn them off (Not just for my view but for everyone, properly off permanently so it's just a bracelet) i've been all over Sl help site, forums, google and youtube. I can't find a clear answer (I suspect i need to put text into a new script, if that's the case can someone please give me what to copy/paste into it. Thanks)
  10. After editing a post I can't do it again if I need to update something about it weeks later, ( especially when it's been replied to ). Why is updating a post only allowed 1 time / after it's been replied.?
  11. I always love seeing other people's work as well as sharing my own for other people to see. So I thought I'd start this thread for people to share their work and get critique and tips (if wanted/asked for). Share your latest masterpieces whether it be a simple snapshot, an edit, a repaint, a morph, anything Second Life related. I'll start it off....
  12. SEARCHING FOR EXPERIENCED VIDEOGRAPHER Hello, I am Dakota Spellings and I am searching for an experienced Videographer to make a video trailer for social medias. I can pay per hour and require posts of previous projects done so I can see what your can do and what the quality is. Feel free to reply or message me Inworld @ Painbrain Resident
  13. Recently, on Firestorm 6.0.1, I've noticed that when I use the Rotate tool on the Edit tab of an object, there are no degree marks on any of the three axis controls. Therefore I can't align objects as precisely as I'd like. I don't know what has changed, but I'm wondering if there is a setting associated with seeing the degree marks that somehow was turned off. Any ideas?
  14. I am sure many have asked this question... so here it goes. I just got a MeadowBrook home with a little pool in the front. I started decorating it, but I unlinked a two piece object before moving the object out of the water, so now I have one of the objects under water and can't get to it bc I either can't or don't know how to move the water that is part of the house. And I know I can't edit the house bc it's not allowed. So please help, my OCD is about to explode. It's that white square under the water that I can't get to.
  15. I create logos and graphics such as flyers for events, blogger searches ect. Those Logos can also be meshed. Please complete this form if you want a graphic from me. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScABgH7u47vVquVeSe-9261L77N789AKAG2yhHtGwnFfD4B0A/viewform Some of my Works (not real logos/graphics, for showcase only) Thank you ✨
  16. Hi, Back on my very first avatar, I had a lot of trouble adjusting shapes and I sought out a friend of a friend who helped me by having me stand on a pose stand and he told me what areas to adjust and what numbers to put in the slider area. Now my questions are: 1. How did he do this? 2. Was he using a special software program? 3. Is there written instructions somewhere? I have searched and searched. I have read Penny's blog, Catnap Kitty's information, Strawberry's blog, the Golden Rule on SL wiki, and watched videos. I am still, even after 4 years, confused as to how to alter my shape so it is more realistic looking. Thanks in advance for any and all help. Krickett
  17. Hello, if this has been asked somewhere before with results please let me know. It was a bit hard to try narrow down the search to exactly what I wanted help with. I have a skin (Female Fantasy Skin) I really like, but it has a white covering on the boobs and lower area, which is not ideal when I want to be nude. It seems there are textures involved (see photo for further detail) which are the cause of these white coverings, so is there a way to edit them myself and how? Or would it be better to get someone who knows how to do this? The face I am happy with and won't change that, it's just that I want boobs ;-; Sorry. Thank you!
  18. I got a rug and placed it on the 2nd floor of my apartment. I was able to edit and move it. Now I can't select it to edit or delete. Not sure if it's slightly too low on the floor. Any thoughts on how I can move or delete it?
  19. Hi! I'm here looking for people who are in need of edited photos. I am a photographer however my experience with SL photography is still in a learning state, therefore i would rather just edit photos until i improve my skill. I edit pretty much anything, from scenery to portraits(which i like most), i draw over the photos etc. My commissions start from 500L, Every heavy edit costs extra 70L. I am willing to do photography as well, you can check examples below or on my flickr of photos taken by me. Here are some examples of my work: https://www.flickr.com/photos/meyharulee/ http://itsoceansecret.tumblr.com/tagged/mysims http://itsoceansecret.tumblr.com/tagged/myedits For overdrawn/ drawn portraits i charge 700 and up. http://ghastly-chimera.deviantart.com/gallery/ I hope we can work together! Message me either here, on tumblr or in game @Norchadens.
  20. Hello there, The name's Dannina Resident and I'm an SL photographer, that's recently gotten back from an RL break. I am freelancing atm and you can see examples of my work here https://www.flickr.com/photos/131208736@N02/ Feel free to contact me with any questions about rates or anything else inworld (Dannina Resident) or by e-mail daninnaeuw@gmail.com
  21. MailboxMaGee

    editing issues

    I've tried switching avis, but every time I do this happens, my head will no go back into place. Furthermore, any time I equip a premade outfit, I get results like the other picture. I don't know what's going on, why it's happening or how, and I'm absolutely clueless as how to fix this issue, any and all help is appreciated.
  22. Hello there, The name's Dannina Resident and I'm an SL photographer, that's recently gotten back from an RL break. I am freelancing atm and you can see examples of my work here https://www.flickr.com/photos/131208736@N02/ Feel free to contact me with any questions inworld (Dannina Resident) or by e-mail daninnaeuw@gmail.com
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