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  1. I have neither the energy or inclination to argue with you, Ms Tennyson. Suffice it to say, thank you for your hostile garbage, and now please ***** off with your smug arrogance, envy and spite directed against those of us who, unlike yourself, have had the guts to salute the people we care about in the forums, rather than sit in a snug SL ballroom and sneer. Yes, full permission. And yes I am happy about that. One of the few but precious things in my life at the moment about which I have every right to be happy. Sorry to disappoint you by still being alive.
  2. The sheer jealousy on this thread is telling. Guess some of you can't stand seeing someone happy. Like some of you can't stand people being happy FULL STOP Enjoy kissing your pillows tonight...
  3. How about you PM your address and we take it from there. Cowardly calf πŸ‘Š
  4. To all the sick twisted haters who've tried to make my life miserable on SL since 2010... I have a hot girlfriend and you CAN'T knock me down. Where's your (laughs) girlfriend, o keyboard warrior...?? LOO-ZERS!! RFLMAO
  5. Your precious, gliberal LEA grant has GONE... You can be rude to me, but that must sting you 😊😊. So, on behalf of the other 98% of SL who are tired of your whining.,.. LOL!! ☺️
  6. If this is true...and LL really is withdrawing LEA funding...I say... GOOD RIDDANCE πŸ‘ The LEA charlatans and poseurs have NEVER given one damn about the SL dispossessed...the homeless sandbox dwellers...the civil rights advocates, fighting a mounting tide of nazi filth on these forums...the residents who turned to griefing because insane 'creators' jacked up their prices by 50%+ in their greed-fuelled fantasies of wealth and stardom (huh huh, Beavis...mesh...meshhhh...sounds like huh huh...'poo willy brain'...huh huh huh...) No, DAMN you 'artists' and your worthless garbage...how does it feel, now the boot's on the other foot, SLIME..?? Enjoying yr discomfort SOOOO much. The chickens have well and truly come home to roost... As I said to Torley Linden in 2014 (when ALL of you VEGHEADS were griefing...we see you), art is a commodity that soothes the inadequate. You artists are the enemy of noobs. The disgusting vision of SL you've thrust upon us has stifled all genuine creativity, communication and compassion. Bury your galleries yourselves...we'll not partake in the clean-up effort. We've gone without grants since day one. Now, damn you for complaining about receiving the same treatment. This is what you wanted instead of socialism.
  7. May I just say... As one of SL's most loyal users...and yet one who has had to weather constant, vicious bullying from the 'forum cartel' (including PMs telling me to drink bleach and kill myself, and abuse so bad I had to log off with a migraine for several days)...9+ years of sandbox griefing (mostly the alts of 'respected' creators and landowners)...total disinterest from LL (it should come as no surprise that they consider basic accounts 'second class': nor should you expect them to clear up the filthy, foul 'CANZ I PLAY AS ANOTHER RACE DUHH LOLOL DROOL" nazi threads that still continue to pollute this forum like the excrement caking the sidewalks in San Francisco...) I can't deny a sense of schadenfreude at seeing some of my tormentors now crushed by the very juggernaut they stubbornly toiled to create 🀣 As I mentioned before...this is what you wanted instead of fairness. Now live with it.
  8. The chickens have well and truly come home to roost... This is what you wanted instead of a fair SL with welfare for noobs. Live with it.
  9. Makes me sick to my stomach to agree with the OP (I remember him well from Goguen Sandbox...a 'virtuous griefer', the worst of ALL possible worlds...) but he is right. Security orbs MUST be banned if SL is going to even attempt to claw its way back to relevance... (But in this current hypnagogic game of 'huh huh huh duh, let's play dress up dolly', does anyone even CARE about 'relevance' or meaning anymore...?) They are griefing tools, plain and simple.The fact that the owners (griefers) pay LL monthly for the privilege of activating them shouldn't delay their permabans from SL for violation of TOS...at least sandbox griefers with pee-pee guns don't claim such risible victimhood...
  10. But there IS a SL2...(or so it should be called, to avoid confusion)... It's the 'SL' of mesh, sordid fashion blogs, style over substance...aka 'Poser World'...! Creativity? Education? Adventure? No...get a Cat Wah head and stuff it with junk...SL1 died in 2014... "Make YT videos exploring the ruins of World.com!" they say "Why bother when you can set your home to Korea3?" I say.
  11. I've said it before and I'll say it again... If Vaporwave can die, so can Second Life.
  12. * First name / last name selection ability for ALL players, fee-free and regardless of membership type * Land discounts for merchants who offer trivia machines, money trees, pay-per-votebox facilities, etc, on their land - assist newbies. * A ban on ALL banline systems that offer less than 100 seconds to leave the area - and punishment for those who set them for quicker ejection periods. Disabled people use SL too! * Utilisation of abandoned land for independent/unfunded educational and arts-related projects.
  13. Well let me see... * Set up my own resell business just three weeks after joining and made over 300,000 Linden dollars inworld * Helped to clear Public Sandbox Island of griefers, almost single handedly - there isn't a griefing tool that wasn't used against me! * Have been a tireless advocate of justice for insolvent residents; incentives for business owners who help new residents with money trees, free sandboxes inside their stores, donations, etc; 'Fair Wages for SL Work' (pay DJs what you owe them!!); and permabanning of racists * Once completed a walk across the entire mainland. ...pretty interesting, overall!
  14. No, this question is wrong...we are IN the hell that is Second Life 2.0... We need to return to Second Life 1.0. Roll back the clock to late 2009 and celebrate the grid, instead of trying to be what is not... I thought that the system was stacked against newcomers 9 years ago, when I suggested my 'welfare for noobs' scheme (let's not set off a troll alert again on that score! 'Forum Cartel' - RIP and good riddance). But looking at how things are now, I'd say they were good times. Get back to what you know, not what you think you know.
  15. OP's is an argument with which I am very familiar...one I have been making for eight years, to be exact. Seems pretty indisputable that if LL had simply listened to me then, SL wouldn't be in the trough it is now. The landowner/creator mafia groups will, one day, have to take responsibility for their actions. As will the racists and rape culture advocates who have warped SL into an unrecognisable MMORPG of sadness and depravity... Should've listened when you had the chance?? Or was your precious mesh worth this ruin...
  16. And yet you (and other posters) have done their damndest to run players who use 'undetailed' system avatars off the grid, in your mesh-induced trip? (nods to Ebbe Linden over a trench of slaughtered 'noob corpses': "I lurve the smell of hypocrisy in the morning!!")
  17. LL should FORCE greedy landowners to reduce rent! It's the only way to ensure SL's survival. Imagine how glorious it would be if all SL renters hit refund and then refused to pay...they could put these wannabe Trumps out of business in hours...how satisfying it would be to see the landowners come crawling back with timid apologies and reducing their fees...why not make it happen, today?
  18. I have an excellent suggestion for LL. Create a new forum which will serve as a GoFundMe for SL, where residents who need some financial help can ask, and receive L$ payments inworld.
  19. And... Ren Toxx comes the closest to a cookie (availability subject to Marketplace seller greed...) for articulating the bare truth..! Yes, you could have asked me: since 2010, I've been telling you straight - newcomers are THE most discriminated against group. Like the other n-word, NOOB speaks volumes in the sheer hatred of the tone in which it's delivered on SL... (Perhaps you recall how my proposal for 'welfare for noobs' was attacked in a forum pile-on so cantankerous that even Rod Linden had to get involved and delete the thread..? Mustn't upset the 'creator' applecart...) After all, what can go wrong? Isolate newcomers in sandboxes / underpay them (thus breaking US and European labour laws) for two-hour shifts as DJs, hostesses, bum-cleaners (oh, I thought SL wasn't 'only a game?' - YE HYPOCRITES) / mock and belittle them / attack them with your sick 'ban lines'...and then wonder how griefers are born? Yes, the griefers at your door are of YOUR making. They are your children. And the endless discrimination goes on...just check out the sickening "disincentives for free accounts" thread...
  20. As with the repulsive 'CAN I BLACK UP AND RP ETHNIC MINORITIES' thread, this odious twaddle is only beneficial in giving Linden Lab a sure list of targets to PERMA-BAN for such sickening, reactionary views... "Huh huh, Beavis...can I play black man on the grid? Can I? CAN I?" "Shuddup Butthead...I'm busy rapin' teh womenzzz!" But sadly LL WON'T take any action, so all you "Blackface? Kewllll...Rape? KEWLLLLL!" maniacs have just created another perverted thread to stink out these forums until the next monstrosity comes along... And you wonder why membership is on the decline...
  21. I am an atheist and proud of the fact... However, Joe has kept his cool and behaved admirably against the phalange of shameful troll specimens who've attacked him on this thread - and for that, he has my respect.
  22. I know of many people who have been driven mental BY SL. Imagine someone running an honest transfer-enabled reseller vendor. Then a bunch of disgusting trolls attack that person, accusing them of unspeakable crimes. Imagine the vitriol shared by SL's worst griefers - the prigs, the primheads, the pedants. YES, I CAN SELL A BEATLES CD ON EBAY WITHOUT FEAR OF BEING IMPLICATED AS MESSRS MCCARTNEY, LENNON, HARRISON OR STARR!!! SIMPLE CONCEPT CALLED RESELL, DON'T YOU KNOW!!!? Reselling is NOT A CRIME: consult TOS for further clarification!! Those responsible for AR parties should be banned and mocked in this forum, IMO.
  23. Welcome to my world. Since 2010 I have been assaulted, griefed and harrassed - both inworld and on this toxic forum - for daring to dissent from the sheeple who have turned SL into a ZX Spectrum version of Playstation Home. My first ever post in this sick forum - a modest proposal to grant noobs 'welfare' Linden dollars so that they could participate in the game and prepare themselves for work (and NOT find themselves joining sandbox griefer gangs, to extract revenge on the platform that denied them easy access to decent clothes, skins and shapes!!!) - was met with a torrential outpouring of abuse so vile that Rodvik Linden himself wisely deleted the whole thread. I have had abuse from griefers and from landowners; from 'noobs' and from the sickening 'Forum Cartel' (rot in pieces! RIP) These people fear me; there is no other explanation. I tell the truth, and this they despise. Just look at the bile vented at me for having the ***AUDACITY*** to stand up for POC and to oppose blackface ("B...buh...buh...racism's part of our fun on SL, boy!!!" - an irrelevant 'PN' from 2009). My advice: be strong, do not buckle. Let these trolls wither and die. Thou SHALT survive!!
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