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  1. I would like some white free standing book type shelves with stuff already on the shelf. I like dust bunny, half deer, apple falls type style. Can anyone tell me about where to locate some white shelves?
  2. I have the free body from legacy... Its the classic legacy tmp one. For anyone interested... To remove a tattoo that was used with a legacy applier: - go to the tab called STYLE - at the bottom of the STYLE window there is a small ERASER - press the small ERASER icon and a small word that says TATTOO will pop up. - press tab that says TATTOO and tattoo put on with legacy applier will be removed.
  3. i figured out it was a button on the bom hud by the hairbases that can be hidden or not. the problem is actually the hud is so small. and the writing on the buttons is even smaller. i could not see it. but now its fixed.
  4. I checked again... I switched my head to BOM. i don't have any alphas on. With the AK head im using the head BOM HUD and i am only using the HAIRBASE from the head BOM HUD. thats all i got on right now. nothing else.
  5. I'm trying to figure out why my entire back of my head is not there. It seemed at first there was a volume issue with the hairbase which is tried to fix in the BROWS section under APPEARANCE. but now the entire back of the head is not there. head base not there. any suggestions?
  6. if i remember right... the customer service rep of Genus made an official statement saying there is a difference between the free Genus head and the one that was for sale in store. I don't recall what the customer service rep said the difference was.
  7. I agree with LyricalBookworm about the 'entitlement'... i feel that is the word i was looking for earlier. And I do agree the Genus free head is a beautiful head and I'm using it as my main one as of now. I also agree with kiramanell no company should feel obligated to give free product away. I recall a person pushing very hard in the group chat about why a specific head company has not given a free head away. Not every company wishes to give one away and they totally do not have to ever.
  8. I do agree with u. I think the reason I even wrote this post is because the way some people act at times when wanting free product can be quite aggressive. Its all been quite eye opening from the demanding, to the working into a rant if they can't get on a sim for a free product, pushing to know exactly when free heads for example will be available again. And even yesterday and individual threw a fit about a hud for a free head not working in their opinion. And when the mod tried to be patient and assist the customer he was unwilling to listen, was snappy and rude.
  9. Cindy Evanier I honestly didn't know if i should add it to that thread. ooo well
  10. Is there a way to find out when GOR has talks/ lectures? I heard of them having one on a utube video I saw. And I'm interested in attending one. I'm also interested in finding out when any bdsm sim may have a lecture/ talk/ class. I'm interested in general. And I like listening to people speak about GOR or bdsm related subjects.
  11. I don't even know how to begin this. So, I will just throw it out there. I've noticed a many people on sl sliding into group chats. And these people will start kinda demanding free stuff. These people will push the customer service, designers, etc in these chats to provide free things, why can't they provide free gifts, when can they provide free gifts. And these people will state things like, 'Genus provided a free head so why can't u?' Or, 'Legacy is giving away a free body so why can't this XYZ company give away a free body also? They need to give one because I don't have any mo
  12. I have the free classic body offered by legacy. And i have found I like the fit of TMP shoes best. But, I'm not finding a lot out there. Does anyone have any favorites I should look for?
  13. Sorry if this has been asked already... I am now today using the LEGACY CLASSIC FREE body they are giving away free. I'm using BOM on entire body. I have 2 questions. 1. Is there a free or cheaper BOM skin that will fit this free body and bom GENUS head? 2. I'm using a BOM skin right now I love. Its perfect. But... Didn't I hear that is a fix for the BOM skin on the fingers and toes? The fingers and toes are white. Thank you u all ahead of time. Be safe
  14. Any recommendations for a FREE rlv collar that works 'well' or is more 'up to date?'
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