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  1. Lindenlabs are secretly" marxists" and have an inner party of favourite oldbie members that are going to "ruin everything for everyone by making things open source" ) BOM was a plot to "make SL ugly forever and raise prices" --- from an infohub user that was convinced it meant SL was retiring mesh objects. "It won't last a year, SL has stopped caring and this is a special signal that they're shutting us down" every time there is a slightest tweak.
  2. She has the knack to bring in the young people. She has a lot of initial sponsorships, I'd be interested to see a "low lindens challenge" from her to give the "No designer friends, no rich friend, no 19K lindens to start with total 100% newb" people an idea of what's out there. (Note: this isn't a bash at all, I'd genuinely be interested to see someone with not much to start with that isn't just going in to make ugly things and troll. It's rare on youtube.)
  3. Variations on a theme http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Calintreau/45/33/24
  4. Wunderlich and Grim bros, both have some items still up at marketplace, but no long in world sadly)
  5. This may sound obvious but make sure you aren't too aggressive with trying to sell the make over before being sure someone is all in. There's a huge amount of drama potential. If your social skills aren't 100% you run the risk of calling someone ugly and then expecting them to pay you to fix it after you've insulted them. You must have a clear notion in your mind that what you like and what a potential client likes could be vastly different to each other. In any creative field where you are working for clients, it's standard that your ideas won't line up exactly. The clients ideas almost always get "right of way". If someone pays you to make them into a glittery punk rock drag queen and you hate punk, glitter, and drag queens and think they're ugly, you still have to deliver the product even if it's soul crushing. It's a business. With that in mind, I'd say ask for a small down payment for any fee above 1k payable up front, so if it turns into a nightmare and the client walks away you still get something.
  6. Look at the world around you- would your club goers REALLY want to stick their hands back into the scorpion when the scorpion pit is probably what they've hoped to get away from by logging in?
  7. If you want people to stop making dumb, hostile responses to you then stop making dumb, hostile threads.
  8. A pet peeve: *Gestures at everything happening above this post*
  9. Is anyone else having issues with the official release with bakes on mesh crashing on login? I can't get it to work at all, I did a clean reinstall and even tweaked some things on my computer and it just refuses to work.. I hope I don't have to wait for the third party viewers to catch up!
  10. I am in a script enabled Linden Premium Sandbox. This is odd.
  11. I've made this script to play a sound from an objects inventory when a user types "one" on channel 23. It should work, it shows up green "script is okay" symbol on the top right corner of the script text box, but it doesn't work, no matter what I do. Help? Here is the script. It's not my sound as that works, and its not the sound files I';ve chosen as those all play fine independently.
  12. Its not just newbies though, there's a lot of happily system people out there and just focusing so much on that single trait seems like a big red flag for anyone looking at their panel.
  13. I have never understood "We can't be friends unless you're all mesh and wear all mesh". I understand human beings are visual creatures but considering how often mesh in sl has unnecessarily high triangle counts among other issues it really does betray a sense of "All style and no substance". People are also extremely picky about brands ("He has to be catwa to be seen with me"), as though spending 5000K lindens is an actual reflection of morals. Human beings are baffling.
  14. Dozens of high quality goods are available at Glitter & Doom, benefitting the American Cancer Society. Why fit in when you can stand out? Come and see unique Christmas finds at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Let It Snow/202/55/23 Search glitter & doom on Facebook, Instagram and Flickr! Search us on the marketplace!
  15. Before I came on SL I had very little friends, very little family, and skills without employment. Now I have friends, family, a partner, and enough money to sink into a real life house which is more then I could have imagined possible. When SL goes, I'll be a virtual world citizen for life.
  16. It is 100% possible to edit existing breedable scripts to make a kind of ecosystem, just by making the food prim "grow" on a tree or plant instead of behind paywall. For the things that eat the food , they themselves can be scripted as food for bigger animals, and so on and so forth. The only thing that might stop it is script lag on a simulator, considering the amount of scripted items you would need. Realistic complexity in an ecosystem would require multiple "herbivores" eating their food, multiple "Carnivores" eating the herbivores, and scripted static objects. There are free breedable scripts out there to play with; it's just a matter of land and script resources.
  17. Since this isn't really "a game" I'm not sure if there could be a sequel, but lower land tier, easier developer tools like auto rig, and maybe hyper grid capability.
  18. I think he'd do better in the adult section of the forums to find what he's looking for. But, ""whore"" has a really hateful aura around it especially on the forums for an online community known for its openness in these matters. If everyone consents and is happy, who are we to throw stones?
  19. Advanced lighting adds so much depth and beauty that it hurts to turn it off in crowded places. But, it's on otherwise. If you CAN have it on, definitely do.
  20. The new site is already up, running, busy as usual. Both this forum and SLau- now VV have their perks. Evidently SLU has stricter moderation and a different culture as per the trumping in this thread, but I don't think the admin has time for any wild conspiracy/"leftist sycophant" activities especially with a new forum software to unpack! I wish them well.
  21. ON SALE! Unfurnished properties all for ONLY 900L a week. Residential or Commercial. NEW LISTINGS! ARE YOU TIRED OF BORING, DULL, SUBURBAN SIMS OWNED BY MILLIONARE LAND BARONS? SICK OF LIVING IN PLACES THAT HAVE NO REAL COMMUNITY? GET SOME COLOUR IN YOUR SECONDLIFE! Moonstruck Village has what the big guys never will! We offer cozy, affordable, low-prim community living in a G rated sim with regular visitors. Sim has ZERO lag! Lots are spacious. Homes are brightly coloured cottages, like the homes in Edward Scissorhands. Homes can be residential, or light commercial. Perfect for furries, goths, steampunk people, or anyone looking for something different. CONTACT PROLETARIANGOTHIC RESIDENT FOR INQUIRIES. HIT THE LNIK BELOW TO TELEPORT TO THE REGION: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Area/46/136/21 Houses by COLOUR :
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