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  1. trying to make my binky move up and down on my mouth, like the child avatars do for a full perm binky
  2. i know how to remove the background but the lines on the map is there still. but thanks anywas:(
  3. I don't what to paint over everything.
  4. trying to remove the lines in the dev kit mapping, in gimp.
  5. Looking for something to made me a full perm script for a pacifier I would like it to move with the binky/ mouth lips and make a baby sucking sound.
  6. I use maitreya, belleza freya, belleza Jake a Ebody curvy. ebody and belleza freya is under rated sadly
  7. creators need to make free demos and stop doing 1 linden demos also. I like demo stuff because it looks different on people’s shape
  8. Aww I want you. Your adorable 😍
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