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  1. SLUniverse, the biggest private fan site dedicated to our world is closing up shop, they are not going away, they are just creating a new forum devoted to all virtual worlds instead. (Unable to link but google search is your friend)
  2. Dear Ebbe, Welcome & Congrats While as a long term resident i offer no business advice on how to restructure second life but would ask you to do a set of things, Please! Opensim is a parasite that eats at the fabric of our lives here. I am sure you are a smart man & i can see you are the guy who will bring the needed change. if you can please try to cut viewer support to opensim & any licenses that you can withdrawal. I could try to list the million things wrong opensim has done against us. but for the love of god i hope their is a way you can end this disease. that takes every new feature you give us and they get it too without cost then badmouth LL in the process while trying to lure your customers over their. There is nothing to lose cutting support. they are a parasite that gives nothing back. Good intentions was the labs intent in making the viewer free to use. but years later the costs to our world have been enormous. Good luck to you & you will be the one who makes things right. We believe in you:matte-motes-big-grin:
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