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  1. Comes to mind when I see @Ayeleeon post his snaps in What is your avatar doing or what it looks like today Threads lol
  2. @Sam1 Bellisserian before or after the 5lb increase?
  3. lol I've afked in a store for I'd like to say a few hours.. maybe it was a little more and not a single person not one, offered me a seat or bounced me for that matter ... I'm still tending to my swollen ankles to this day lol
  4. MMOs yes have 100s .. thousands even but sitting across many different servers put a hundred in combat at one time on your screen and there will be someone if not half the lobby with lag I guarantee it .. fornite is no exception to this lol .. that's pvp.. ever played a high round zombie game in cod then wipe the train with a wonder weapon bets are you're going to lose your connection .. that's pve .... there are so many other factors to consider with lag. What hardware you have.. is it up to date ... your ISP... and so on .. SL I'm sorry, is a bit more then standing at a hub looking through a inventory js ..
  5. 🙄 Just because you can play it doesn't mean its playable or there's no lag .. i can pull up many games I play and all with different results ... what is good for you doesn't mean it good for someone else ... If I get into a lobby full of Americans I know damn well I'm screwed.. not because of skill lol but I'm going to ping all over the place ... likewise if they jump into a game I manage to pull host on
  6. Happy 2nd Lockdown to me... Happy 2nd Lockdown 2 me... Happy 2nd Lockdown too meeeeeee Happy... argh who am I kidding where's my wine!
  7. No game can handle 100+ people in combat ... Well not ones I play. Take COD some days I struggle to even move. Pc hardware has a big part in this, as well as where in the world you are. Ping/latency, sighs my forever headache living way down south Is sex content keeping SL alive? erm part of it maybe but as a whole I doubt.
  8. lol don't we all ... any way you do it ... its your avi and you are the one it ultimately has to look perfect for
  9. To add the affect of looking bigger without moving sliders I added cellulite and chubby tummy layers ... gives a little texture to the ultra smooth skin look. If you dont want to do that. I'd add body fat as suggested above. I think my avi sits on 10.
  10. I just made a male alt and went with Akeruka advanced bento head.. its only L$1800 and you can put LeL made skins tattoos and hairbases .. thats all ive tried on him atm ... hes a work in progress ..
  11. Try mmmmmmmm seems to be all they understand .. Oh ooh and .. spank (slap slap) 🤭
  12. Because 18-30 year olds have so much class and sexual stamina?? ... I'd have wit, charm and a proper conversation over a sex educated from phub, mmmmmmmm spamming, gesturebating millennial any day. But hey, each to their own. Maybe try Roblox or minecraft 🙄
  13. If it wasn't a New Zealand call then what does the 'NZ' in NZ Weightlifting Federation stand for? Just wondering. I stand by what I said. Was and did represent New Zealand. He may have as cindy said it "followed the rules' but does that make it fair?(competition wise).
  14. Was and did represent, NEW ZEALAND!!! I can read wiki ... doesn't make the whole saga right. Don't get me wrong I'm all for someone competing but on a fair stage...like I suggested... mix grades .
  15. When competing in sport then YES! If they are going to allow such crap to happen then make a mixed grade up. NZ being NZ, racing to be world trend setters again 🙄 doh!
  16. Totally agree! and I'm from NZ 🤦‍♀️
  17. A Good Riming Ensures Ecstasy 😂 >KAPOW
  18. General Anxiety Manifested By Losing > LOSER
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