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  1. Is it not happening now? I've had hit after hit after hit ... all traditional homes. So either someone's giving up houses or the next batch has been released. 17mins ago i started getting hits.
  2. When I saw the lady I said the same but in my head, though I did ask her not squash me while I rode passed her on my horse. 😂
  3. I just tried to tp into there and got dumped in the sea lol
  4. SSPE106 and Fofita for me. If they announced those areas I would coffee up and pull a all nighter
  5. Patch coming into the forums so early in his morning confused me enough to wonder if there will be a sneaky early early morning release lol ... or maybe hes just a super early riser..
  6. Its random no set times and no official statements that Ive seen or heard. They will be released any time during LL working hours. Added patch reply
  7. Tbh I have no idea. I look at what looks finished lol .... if they wont give a time of release a name of zone would be all we need. It might be a area some might not like so they sit the race out until the area they want comes up.
  8. I was just looking at the pics people have posted up trying to guess which zone will be next so I can decide whether or not to play the lottery today.
  9. Land of the giants! That would be a good sight to see. I've only ever come across one lady giant, similar to the one at SL16B. She however was nowhere as tall as Bentley.
  10. Goes back into her corner for quiet time. Lol. Thanks though. It's been 6 months since I've seen so on PC. You forget things fast when not using them. Lumiya is great to keep in touch with people and see a few thing but not for anything else ...
  11. I am just taking a guess but I'd say the Moles will have quite the fan club in the morning for their meet up...
  12. Like how much included? I pay for my alts to be premium so I guess that's me including those accounts in premium perks
  13. Lol my reasoning for wanting this would be to thwart the trolls from entering not basic accounts in general. Since we dreaming, Id love a option to set payment for teleport before entering a area (door fee) Teleporting to this location will cost L$10 if you accept, L$10 will be deducted from you L$ balance. ✅❌ Something like that. Clubs, specialty regions and event organizers can claw back some funds and pay their employees from the door sales. People can still tip if they like but your door fee should cover it. Set it too high and bye bye customers set it too low and workers will still spam up my screen from gesturbating
  14. @Jo Yardley "Another idea I have is a bit of an ego related one. How about we make it visible in people’s profile that they’re premium members! Lots of people like this, perhaps as a bit of a status symbol. (I dont like it personally) Followed by... "Ok this is a mean one… how about we add ‘Allow only premium members’ to region settings… People could start clubs and sims that only premium members would have access to" How would the basics see a shiny badge if they are restricted from a premium area using the allow premium members only option. (I'd be keen for a option to click on land tab though for premium accounts only entry. Bye trolls lol). "It would be a wonderful perk if premium members could upload textures for free or got a discount. "Pay for your tier and premium fees with Lindens." Yes please, for both of these! ✅💯 I can't comment on the land options or family tabs profile thingies as I have neither. The group thing doesnt really appeal to me either but I can see that RPers, store owners and land owners would probably like this. I wouldnt mind a lump sum bonus stipend separate from the L$300 if you renew your membership annually or held it for a year and continue to renew for the monthly and quarterly people. Every year it could increase x amount. I'd like to see a super duper premium aaccount that offers a extra 512sqm of free land and the ability to hold 2 Linden homes lol superdupers could have a house/boat and a trailer. Still hanging in there for Name changes as well.
  15. Are you high? Of course it's the same picture on the claim screen. Theres no reason to have a photo of each house as they can be swapped out using the house controller.
  16. Death! the one guarantee in this world. You tell them?
  17. Are you serious? Lol I'm in NZ we get the ***** end of most things in second life because of our time zone. Major events happen during our morning routines and work and at our night the rest of the world is either sleeping or just starting their day. We deal with the hand were dealt because that's what WE do! Plus as long as we got beer, wine (rum for me), food, a good convo and some tunes were a happy bunch lol.
  18. You have a last name so you wouldnt have to pay unless you wanted to change your name. This name change thing appeals mostly Resident last name holders and Sandy8163838282 type usernames. I want this! it's no secret this out of all the changes this one I want the most and yes I'll happily pay for it. I want a capital A at the start of my darn name that is all .. the last name is a bonus.
  19. Scream loud enough and apparently the Lab hear your voices and do things.. ie: the winter cabins, the group thing and whatever chouchou is...
  20. I've had 4 hot for traditional homes in the last minutes for those of you wanting a house ... I'm holding out for a boat so not caring about the homes anymore
  21. I take that back I have the option to still get quarterly on my account page ...
  22. @Tiara Majestic were you on a qautartly plan before the 24th? If not then no you wont be able to do it.
  23. I think the group chat announcement was a bad judgement call and as I've read this morning yet more people arent happy about it. If your not going to update the forum thread on times of release then fairs fair, dont release times in group chats as well. I have a home and my eyes were jammed shut at the time these went live but I kinda feel for the ones who arent in world and rely on forum updates. There wouldnt even need to be a huge post something like "next release in xx mins" as a update like there was in group chat.
  24. @PrudenceAnton Bellisseria only shows up for me if one is avaliable.
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