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  1. I have a character from way back 17 years ago that has a first and last name. No decimals. I have seen some names on the radar/nearby list that also have a first and last name. No spaces. But when you click on their name and go to their profile it looks like this: FirstName"decimalhere"LastName I guess my question is why is that? And what's the difference? I also will be getting a new name if they ever add the last name I am after.. so I hope I don't have a decimal in there...
  2. Received an email 6 months ago from LL saying Last Names would be returning. Haven't heard anything since. Did a google search and not finding anything on it either. Anyone have any more info?
  3. SL has gotten boring for me so I don't get on much like I used to.. Now, even Ambrosia is dead. DEAD. Hardly anyone there even peak hours. I've searched in world and bounced around but not really finding any good clubs/hangouts. My music preference is Rap/Hip Hop/Top 40/Dance but I'm not really picky at this point. Would be nice just to go somewhere and there actually be people there. Recommendations anyone?
  4. Ok so this is going to be hard to explain so I'll do my best.. I'm trying to put a notecard in the bio on my profile. So when people read my profile they can click the notecard link directly from my profile and open it and get more info like events, schedules, etc etc. Surely this is possible becaue you can link groups and profiles in your profiles bio Example: secondlife:///app/group/Group_UUID_HERE/about (makes a group into a clickable link secondlife:///app/agent/PROFILE_UUID_HERE/about (links your profile So I'm trying to figure out what I need to type in bold to get a notecard clickable.. notecards have UUID's also so this should work.. but not sure what I need to type after app/ Also, is there a list somewhere that shows all of the things you can type after app/ ? I know there's ones for Teleport and Grid. Surely there's more out there.. would like to know/learn them all. Could be useful. Thanks
  5. I'm a half console half PC gamer but mainly console as it's just more conveniant and social. I generally only do MMOs on PC and have played TONS of them. EQ, EQ2, WoW, Matrix Online, LoTRO, CoH/CoV, SWTOR, SWG, GW2.. I think that's it lol there might be more but that's just what comes to mind. I recently played Day Z (online zombie survival game) It's freakin awesome lol I'm not a big zombie nerd or anything and don't care for things like the walking dead etc but its awesome. For console I started out from N64 to PS2 then from there I've been souly on the Xbox. Got the X1 as well. That's where my FPS games come in and Racing genres. GTA is also in there So ya hit me up in SL if anyone needs any gaming friends
  6. Looking for someone to design a logo for my business. IM me in world what you charge PS the company is adult themed
  7. WoodyHickey wrote: Are you looking for a good paying job we pay you to work at are club pulse you get 70% of yor tips no club will ever pay you as much as we do IM me for an app or jump on this train http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropea/198/96/3501 Funny, most clubs pay more than 70%...
  8. Don't mean to sound rude but shouldn't label your club as a ''Freelance'' club A true Freelance club doesn't have to go through the application process (just look at Escort Oasis) Just my 2 cents. Good luck
  9. I'm mainly needing a female to do voice recordings that I can use to advertise my company in world. You will be paid (negotiable) Message me in world 24/7 as I can also respond to offline messages from cell. Thanks, DjWhiteBoi
  10. I've been using their dance hud for a few months now.. I'm very disappointed with them. About 2 weeks ago my dance hud quit working all together. I would click the button to choose a playlist.. but the playlists menu wouldn't pop up so I could actually choose a playlist. I figured it was just lag or something but it did this for a whole week so I just said screw it and went with a hud from someone else. Good luck.
  11. I saw someone at a club in SL the other night and he was doing the animation where you ''brush your shoulders off'' I didn't think to ask him where he got it.. figured one of the places where I buy my animations from had it but I can't seem to find it :( Anyone know whose got it?
  12. I'm mainly needing a female to do voice recordings that I can use to advertise my company in world. You will be paid (negotiable) Message me in world 24/7 as I can also respond to offline messages from cell. Thanks, DjWhiteBoi
  13. I'm looking for some cool fun and possibly silly Air Guitar Animations that I can rock out to on the dance floor at the clubs. Doesn't seem like there are a lot out there unless I'm not looking good enough. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks :)
  14. I browsed the MP for a good 30+ minutes looking for an authentic looking Christmas Elf outfit and couldn't seem to find anything. 90% of the ones I saw were half Tarzan half elf looking naughty elf style and the other 10% weren't that good in quality (no offence) I'm looking for the whole 9 yards.. green pointy shoes.. green hat.. tights.. etc etc. Anyone know a good one out there on the Grid?
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