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  1. also Destiny and Modern Warfare Big games either got rid of lootboxes or made them so you could see what was inside and what rates items were obtained.
  2. A friend just skyped me to ask about what was happening he is in France. He saw posts while scrolling 'news' on his phone. So I just googled and sure enough a few websites have posted about the changes as well. https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/386104/Second_Life_developer_Linden_Lab_will_ban_gacha_mechanics_later_this_month.php https://www.pcgamer.com/second-life-is-banning-gacha-style-transactions-next-month/ https://modemworld.me/2021/08/02/lab-announces-the-ending-of-gacha-machines-in-second-life/ This isnt a bad idea and if not already done maybe a notice on the load screens.
  3. I want that rare .... I NEED that RARE .. PLEASE PLEASE give me the RARE .. oh doh .... underwear AGAIN AGAIN I want that rare ... I NEED that RARE ... PLEASE PLEASE give me the RARE .. oh doh same underwear in blue I'd say that person lost?
  4. No need to worry second life will be around well after gachas go byebye ... The Creators can still earn money for their creations. The resellers however, will run out of stock and will no be able to earn anymore money unless they themselves start creating.
  5. I'd say let it go. I mean if you cant even remember the email attached to it ... how is anyone going to help you? Doing so would open up anyone taking over someone elses account just by saying I forgot the email or I no longer have the email.
  6. @Blue Conover Sounds like the only ones who are going to eventually find themselves on the out are the resellers and the creators will pocket all of their works takings? correct me if I am wrong.
  7. no just gachas are going... you can still resell what you have though.
  8. So the people who do play these are losing only monopoly money? I have used a gacha machine maybe 5 times in SL if i want a item i go straight to the MP and buy it ...
  9. why not ask the store or go on the mp and see if you can find it under shapes and skins?
  10. Play gacha and you will probably pay the same price as a fatpack trying to get what you want! js
  11. The one to change the house is the post with the light on it by your front door. To change interior our exterior paint jobs it should be by the front door just on the wall. If neither are there I suggest to submit a ticket.
  12. I'm releasing the first trad I snapped up when its region was released. I have had it for 2 years. Will miss it but I'm not renewing my premium this time around. Will let it go once I have picked everything up. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Santa Louisa/146/197/25
  13. I'm attempting to create a Male avatar using as little funds as I can but still have him looking decent. Where are some places I can shop that have good choices for clothing. I have a legacy body (the free one) for now. Also, how do I make it like I still have a butt while wearing men's pants? it goes pancake like once he's clothed. Maybe I should put women's pants on him cos they add butt lol
  14. It's Saturday morning and all of my neighbours have a symphony going
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