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  1. @Cahtias if it were a better option to have a waiting list then it would have been implemented already. You get the same information as everyone else. Noone is more special then the next. If you cant stay at your PC all day then dont, wait till there is enough to go around. @Frankief why? When we can try to get the better position faster. The unwanted homes go back into the pool so there is no difference.
  2. Click here on your dashboard. If you claimed a home you can tp from the next page. If you dont have a home the option to claim one will be there.
  3. Hmm I mean I could be totally wrong but I dont think this has anything to do with how secure her method is. The question asked was, how it will show up on her CC statement that is sent in the mail... I'd say tell your better half you are in SL spending money and dont try to hide it. Lol.. I mean that's how I'm seeing the question. Anyone else?
  4. My guess is you used best buy. It does take some time to fill these depending on the exchange rate you have requested ie; L$300/US$100 < this rate I already know will never likely be filled. Use the instant buy method and pay for it with your USDbalance. You will pay too higher fees to cash out a miniscule amount and it's just not worth it.
  5. Always for Thursdays! ...... um..... and Friday and Saturdays and sometimes Sundays. Monday to Wednesday only when needed. 😂🍻
  6. If that's where I get a houseboat I'd be ok with that lol
  7. I felt kinda stink cos I have a house in a nice area that sits empty and is used as somewhere for me to park and chat. I dont have a PC atm so I'm on lumiya. I was going to give it up but I've found it's actually a great spot plus I've decorated it already, in my head... lol I wont feel guilty when I get my houseboat either, even though that will sit empty like the house. There have been many times I could have claimed another house but I've chosen not to do so as I dont want another traditional house just yet. Id like a houseboat first. After that, I'm probably going to make a couple of more alts premium to see if I can get better spots. It's all about location!
  8. The refresh game ... not sl as a game..🙄 Maybe my comment was directed at your numerous 2009 inserts and the time you were on being 4hrs behind SL since 2009. 🤔
  9. Theres plenty of feedback on the many threads about missing out on a Linden home. Check there. I'll say this though, it doesnt matter your time zone, how old your account is, how long you've been premium, you gender, sexuality, height, weight, or financial status.. there are plenty of premium accounts in the same boat as your are. Suck it up and get in the game!
  10. I wonder because of his size if he had the time get out of eject zone before being ejected. I'd like to see a giant fly lol
  11. Practice clicking the tiniest terms box thingy there is.. it's that little box that will stuff ya up
  12. Hope's the Moles had a good rest. If the homes are going this fast, the moles will have to work at superman speed to get peoples in homes before the stock runs dry.
  13. Seems like my time zone will have to stay awake till 3am if we want a house. Shrugs .. that's gona suck during our weekdays.
  14. If someone's alt picked one up then you could get one from them abandoning.
  15. 2 regions? I know Jamesborough went live what was the other one please.
  16. It's not @Quartz Mole who has to worry .. I think I'll stay clear of him for the sake of keep my head lol
  17. Is there a timer on because I got the first hit 17mins before my last.. I have a 2 second timer when it hits, if its not a houseboat, I change the timer to 5 second intervals and restart so the page resets and I dont keep hitting the same house. I switch it back to 2 sec intervals after 15 seconds
  18. That took awhile for them to all go then. People must still be waking up or asleep. Bring on the houseboats, pleeeeeeeease!
  19. @Marianne Little all traditional homes so I'm out of that run also. I have a home I'm not going to bother switching location until there is a big batch released.
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