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  1. @kiramanell there was a space between apart I swear it lol 🤦‍♀️
  2. I remember hearing about the name change could be a premium perk plus/or a fee but they were still working on it and hadnt decided. They still havent decided lol. The fee I can get on board with but having premium as a requirement I cannot. What happens when the premium isnt renewed, would you get to keep the last name, or would you lose it?
  3. Awwww poop! Back to the guessing board....
  4. Have you ever played dodge the restarting region while with your friends, on a speed boat, racing around the Blake sea? I have. The region on the map turns red during a restart. It was just another option for those waiting not a must do. I saw someone else mention they saw St Louisa restart right before they went live. On another note did you premium issue get sorted?
  5. From 3pm-ish slt or round about. After Patch finished his meet up.
  6. I'm in NZ its Wednesday already. Soooooo @Patch Linden when are the homes being release today being a NZ Wednesday or on a NZ Thursday which for you late arrivers is a Wednesday? Please remember we are +19hrs ahead, come release times.🇳🇿
  7. I'm in nz @RaeLeeH and the same was popping up for me. I got a total of 17 hits when St Louisa went live. I managed to get a house in the end.
  8. Are you sure about having to wait 30 days to visit places? I see new accounts at adult places all the time. New as in 0 days old. Some places have stipulations like having payment on file and setting age restrictions on their clubs.
  9. To prepay you pay before the fact. I prepaid my acc, my premium wasnt up for renewal until August. I chose to prepay another year and they charged me $72 there and then. Likewise my alt. New to premium, paid one year then paid a second year at $72. Both occassions I was charged and billed at the same time. Were you billed $72 when you initially switched to annual? Did you check your premium account page at any time during the last 3 weeks? If so was the option to prepay waiting for you? The reason your alt was fine was because his renewal was up while the prices were still at $72. If you read the post on changes to premium, it does say you had to the end of the day 24th before the offer expired. Techniqally you should have been fine to upgrade at $72. That all depends on what the end of the day meant to LL though. I'd class it as midnight. If you have any trouble accessing the website, please note that it may be due to an increase in traffic and that the option will be available until the end of the day on June 24th.
  10. @Leora Jacobus you did that before the the offer was active? June 4th is when you could prepay if I'm not mistaken not before. That offer finished. I'm sure customer support can help you. If you prepaid the $72 then all is well and you will get some cash back ..
  11. Wise words. Btw.. stolen for my profile lol
  12. Any time they choose. Keep a eye on the map, forums and everywhere else for clues. I know it doesnt help but we all have the same 'no time' information as you.
  13. The price changed has been active as if today for me 24th. It now says $99. If you prepaid you would have paid that $72 at the time of upgrading. That is how it worked for me. I paid a year then prepaid another year. Such a shame this has happened. I'm guessing you are not the only one who is going to get that surprise. Did you check your account page after you renewed? You would have seen on your account page when you were paid up till.
  14. Exactly @Kyrah Abattoir. The thing with petitions on change.org is you dont even have to be a resident to sign, because of that reason I cannot take those 3000 signatures seriously. People will sign anything why, because people want to say they were apart of something.
  15. What I'd like to know more about is the Linden commercial property. Will that be in Bellisseria and if so will there be rules on how one presents the shop to keep in tasteful and in theme. We are a swanky new community lol we need swanky shop displays not a shop filled with vendor boards. I missed the convo on it and caught the end. So anyone with more Info please feel free to chime on in.
  16. What do you mean by open, @Sweetpea Braveheart. If you mean released then no, if you mean open homes then yes. Wednesday is the next batch release. There are no set times. From what I read and this is a guess, if you watch the map, just before they release the next batch of homes that region will be restarted. Dont quote me on that but that is what seemed to happen today before St Louisa was opened for the taking.
  17. But but @CoffeeDujour if live help becomes avaliable. The forums would "die" 😂😂😂 I guess they could always send em on back to us here.
  18. I dont like that this petition is done anonymously. I also dont like that the link is posted by a 2day old account. If you wanted change why not do it on your account instead of hiding on a throw away alt? Yes I'm talking to you @SLcontentcreators
  19. Whos your favourite I'll happily never buy from them again
  20. Mesh creators STILL put extra ass and some boob into their clothes WHY! I have a bum I want to show it off not to have it twice the size because of the clothes. I bought the item below (creator hidden) I'm not slandering here. I got it for the jacket mainly the back part on my bum makes my ass look twice the size. This could be a way to be able to layer clothing perhaps.
  21. Yes this. I was lucky this release happened during my day time hours. For anyone on my side of the world the last release happened at my 2am. I got teenagers and a young one to scream at in the morning to get ready for school. how was I going to do that if I would have been still asleep lol I chose to sit the last release out for rl priorities ... So I vote for this, scattered batch releases please.
  22. Maybe @Blush Bravin, @Chic Aeon or @CoffeeDujour has some addon options for back to front homes???? (homes with front doors facing the water and back decks and so on facing the road) Even, and I'm reaching here.. @Zoya McDonnagh what does your build look like is it for sale 😂😂😜
  23. True that, everyone will be more worried about setting up their homes lol ... on lumiya I can touch the mail box but the menu is not working for me I get no options to change house. There were addons I wanted and had visualized what I'd do, then I got a back to front house 🤦‍♀️😂
  24. Which a sand plot or the ones that seem back to front for me lol If I can see it on a PC I may be able to do some thing but until then my house will just sit, sorry to my neighbours lol
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