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  1. Potential lawsuits are expensive. And losing your store and account are potential consequences. I've seen items based on Disney movies, like Snow White or Belle, but they're generally altered. Not that I'm overly familiar with copyrights laws, when and where it applies, an how licensing works. I'm just a Marvel dumpster desperate to e-cosplay their faves. 😔
  2. Doesn't Disney pretty much own everything? But yeah, it is. I did forget that Copyrights would kick in. Specially if it looks too similar to the actual outfit.
  3. If there's one thing about me everyone should know, it's how obsessed I am with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I've been looking for the outfit / uniform worn by Captain Marvel in the movie, but to no avail. Does anyone know any store or creator who has it? Or if Pepper Potts 'Rescue' suit, the Wasp's suit, or any of the MCU girls' outfits are available? Preferably from canon, rather than overly sexualized. I would sell my kidney for any of that. Thank you!
  4. A friend of mine recently acquired the Signature Gianni and paired it with the Lelutka head. He is mostly satisified with it, but he is wondering if there's anyway to hide or tone down the muscle definition. It is overly... fit and not the look he wanted. Is there any good skins, preferably with different skin tones, that hide the muscle definition and help give it a more realistic and regular look? Thank you.
  5. A lot of it is the anonymity the internet provides - I have never ran into that problem in the real life BDSM community, because actions have consequences and abusers end up banned. When I was still new to the community, I used to post personals on FetLife and I've met the worst of the worst through that; it's why now I only use it to learn and find events, which is satisfying enough for me. I've seen manipulative and toxic subs as well, demanding and draining, but the abuse of dominants is hard for me to talk about since I've rarely dominated and also because a lot of times it's more... subtle? But yeah, people use BDSM to disguise their abuse and it's absolutely disgusting. The community is based on trust, responsibility, communication, risk-awareness, safety and consent. A lot of times people who claim to be into BDSM don't know anything about BDSM, or realize 'Master' and 'Dom' are titles you earn. You are not a dom, you are dominant if even that. I've met this 'master' who bragged about never having a mentor or being educated in BDSM - which, in real life, can have dire consequences.
  6. I mean, SL has its appeal. And if they want to spend their money on a pretty little thing, you can't stop them. It's their money and they're adults. 🤷‍♀️ Besides, it satisfies different kinks. I don't know. I am not really a sugar daddy, but I do love spending money on people I adore. And the sugar world is one I've been curious about, particularly because it falls within some of my kinks and because I have an odd relationship with receiving money that I need to work on. It's to the point where, I'd do a job for someone and they'd go to pay me, and I'd feel obliged to decline. SL helped me with that, to some extent.
  7. Oh, I am more than aware. I've been on the internet for the majority of my life and I've grown so much over the years. I used to be that trusting, doe-eyed person who saw good in everyone. I was too... nice and at the expense of my own well-being. After turning 18 and getting away from my abusive family, I began to recognize that some people don't deserve my time and energy. Slowly, I began to learn to put my well-being first and recognizing abusive behavior for what it is. I've grown so much, even in the months I've been on Second Life. Partially because of Second Life, mostly because I found great mentors and educators in the BDSM community. In a sense, I found myself. The internet is a double-edged sword -- it has great resources, connects you with great people you wouldn't have otherwise met, but also bring harmful people closer as well. It's why I don't mix real life with Second Life and why I don't want to commit and be exclusive with anyone. I know there will be bad experiences, but to quote Arya Stark quoting Syrio Forel: A bruise is a lesson and each lesson makes us better. I appreciate your concern and how kind you've been but I promise, I can take care of myself. ❤️ I have to spend hours upon hours in labs as is. Please, noo. 😧
  8. I was, as my generation say, shook. A lot of those people have SL businesses that do great, though. And were also busy people. I recall someone complaining because their sugar daddy wasn't around for more than 2-3 hours a week.
  9. Mama wants her very own Tony Stark. 😛 I mean, I am down for anything at this point? I wanna experiment and stuff. Expand my experiences.
  10. Haha, that made me laugh. I am not a fan of clubs - too loud, to anxiety inducing - and like I said, I am not looking for a real life relationship. There are things I want to explore here first, within the relative safety of my own home, with stakes that are a lot lower. I have a real life play partner who I adore, friends and all that. And I have RP partners in other platforms but SL has it's own appeal, if it makes sense? It actually isn't! Different people have different experiences, and people need to realize that not everyone is able to do things that are um.. relatively easy for them.
  11. What is worrying, both in real life and in any place really, is how charming abusers can be. They can put on a mask and fool you and it took me years to even begin to recognize it. I have a play partner in real life and she is wonderful. We are taking it slow, too slow for my liking haha, but I do appreciate how thoughtful and sweet she is. She checks in on me a lot, which is good when you're getting to know your sub. I have a lot less reservations in SL and I want to explore things I wouldn't in real life, for whatever reasons, but it is still disheartening to see abusive people hide behind the guise of bdsm. I feel for those people who haven't found good resources or mentors yet.
  12. Awhile ago, I was searching for a sugar daddy and I was also struggling to make ends meet in SL. I was in this group for sugar baby friends and I was the only one there without a sugar daddy, because for so long I felt too awkward around money. Anyway, I was like 10k... is too much, right? So one of them responded with 'A day? no, it's average' and I just lost it. If I do go back to actively searching for a sugar daddy, I am going below the minimum they said I should adhere to, (80k), not because I don't think I'm worth it but because?? I'd rather build up to that? or get to know the person without the guilt.
  13. How much depends a lot on how much they have and are willing to part with. The people I know who have sugar daddies got anywhere between 60k - 100k a week. Which is a lot in my opinion but I also think spending 200 lindens on myself is a lot and feel really guilty about it but would build friends mesh avatars and an entire closet. It's part of the reason I wanted a sugar parent, because of my weird relationship with money and inability to spend it on myself without guilt or worry, and because money kink is hot imo. I work and also I dabble in findom, though I can never go too extreme. Even if the person wants me to 'drain' them, I have to work up to that?
  14. You are an absolute angel. I will consider that! Thank you, so much! (Though, I am not good with classes, I do want to learn and the structure could help)
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