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Found 11 results

  1. I was really happy to recreate one of my favorite anime's character in SL :3 I got a friend who also joined me and dress up as the male character. We made a machinima if you wanna watch it is here: Spy x Family Machinima second Life
  2. Any good mesh heads that either A) already have a similar head shape to the pics below, or B) are malleable enough to squash into the right shape? My partner wants to make a cosplay av of Silco after we binged Arcane and it's a struggle finding something with less... super chiseled and realistic looking. It's also been a struggle finding something that gets the nose shape without contorting things too much. Having a demo is a 100% must to make sure it's something we can work with. For reference, we're looking for something similarly shaped to this dude. Only looking for something that can get the facial structure-- everything else I can figure out myself! (In a similar vein, what head would you guys recommend if I wanted to give my Jinx an upgrade? I usually run around with furry avs so anything human is complete alien territory. I've got a free mesh head on atm but it's super lacking in expressions, and I'm sure I could get a slightly better face shape with something less prone to warping when tweaking certain sliders.)
  3. Hello there~ I'm looking for an artist/rigger to custom make a cosplay for the Legacy or Maitreya body (whichever would be easier!). Please send me an invoice or IM in world for more info. Experienced creators preferred, the outfit in question is very intricate, and I would prefer if I could see your past works too. I will provide many images of the outfit in question, and am available to reach on either Discord or SL, whichever is easier for you! Inworld: Dawn Akari / misakimii Thanks in advance! <3
  4. If there's one thing about me everyone should know, it's how obsessed I am with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I've been looking for the outfit / uniform worn by Captain Marvel in the movie, but to no avail. Does anyone know any store or creator who has it? Or if Pepper Potts 'Rescue' suit, the Wasp's suit, or any of the MCU girls' outfits are available? Preferably from canon, rather than overly sexualized. I would sell my kidney for any of that. Thank you!
  5. is anyone making the nakiri erina from the food wars! cosplay for the busty fitted kemono? if not could anyone do the commercial commission to sl marketplace. http://bit.ly/ACroftCommission
  6. Hello! please help with cosplay! trying to recreate this image. interesting everything from hair to clothes. Anyone can recommend components? Thanks in advance! (for Maitreya mesh body)
  7. Is Anyone could make the Tana From Fire Emblem outfit for the Busty Fitted Kemono Torso? by Blender? You could make the Cosplay for the Busty Fitted Kemono Torso As well. via Blender.
  8. Hey? Anyone can Make the Rumia Tingel,Sistine Fibel Cosplay for the Fitted Kemono Torso and Rei's Chest? It's wonderful cosplay clothing ever on the SL. It's not exist in the SL. only some people's Dream.
  9. I am seeking energetic, reliable, and social people for HOST positions for Club 'O. We are a theme nightclub (light bdsm) which has a daily theme and costume contest. We are family run and love all types to come to the club and welcome everyone. CLUB HOURS - we are open 5pm to 1am daily. Due to a different theme every day of the month the music is of every genre. Shift times: (all SLT) 5pm-8pm - to run the daily costume contest 8pm - 10pm 10pm-1am http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/OHANA FAMILY ISLAND/131/128/999 I encourage my staff to dress in the daily theme or attempt to, but it is not required. As a HOST you are expected to greet guests, announce DJs, encourage people to tip (not spamming). The host is our ring leader to help keep the conversation going and start games such as Truth, Trivia, Scrabble, Word Scramble, Cards Against Humanity, and more. We are a laid back yet pervy crowd that loves to have fun and be silly. This is a paid position plus tips. Please come and apply in person using our automated application process located on the column as you walk into the club or on the wall. Feel free to contact me, SOULY, anytime. I am Club 'O Manager. We can be found flying high above our family sim, Ohana Family Island. I look forward to meeting you! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/OHANA FAMILY ISLAND/131/128/999
  10. I need help with my cat girl. I have been away for some time and now want to re-make my neko. To make a long story short, I am finding very few things that are new and nothing that is really wowing me. Needless to say all of my old favorite stores like Atomic are long gone. Has anyone taken over this niche market yet? Aii looks to be more demon oriented. I couldn't find cat ears but they have some nice fox ears. I tried a pair of ears from Safybelle but they don't look the same on my head as they do in the ad. I am having trouble with the HUD too but that is secondary. The ears I settled on for now are from Free the Ears campaign -- I wish I could remember who made them. They are bento cat ears that tilt up and down on a loop. I Picked up a tail from Sweet.Thing that works for bento but would like to have other options. Across the board I am seeing about a 3.5 on the wow-o-meter due to few options and most are re-purposed non-feline parts. Are there any gat girl hide-a-ways I am missing? Maybe some niche anime store that is not on MP? Help! mew
  11. I'm looking for very long mesh hair that reaches the floor or to my ankles I need super long mesh hair for a anime coplay I'm working on, if anyone knows any good hairs that are super long that reach the floor or to the ankles please let me know Thanks Update: also the hair needs to work with a big chest and chest mods as well <3
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